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Issue Position: Iraq/National Security

Issue Position


Congressman Yarmuth believes war is a last resort, and the best way to keep our troops out of harm's way is for the United States to immediately begin removing its military footprint in Iraq. This means restricting all military personnel to defensive and training roles, and ensuring that no American troops are in harm's way.

The Congressman also believes it is time for the Iraqi people to take control of their own nation and security again. He voted to require the Iraqi people to meet the key security, political and economic benchmarks established by the President, and to redeploy American troops from Iraq if these benchmarks are not met. He called on the House Appropriations Committee to require the Government of Iraq to take more ownership over reconstruction projects and training for security forces rather than continuing to allow the financial burden of these projects to rest solely on the United States, which has already spent over $45 billion on Iraq's reconstruction.

In his continuing commitment to protecting our nation from threats of foreign terrorism, Congressman Yarmuth voted to improve national security by implementing the recommendations of the bipartisan 9/11 commission, which improves homeland security, prevents terrorists from acquiring WMDs, and develops strategies to prevent the spread of terrorism. The Congressman is committed to ensuring that our intelligence community grows, the Department of Homeland Security strengthens, and our local responders are fully supported.

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