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Issue Position: Immigration

Issue Position

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Issue Position: Immigration

No longer is illegal immigration an isolated problem for border states such as Texas and California. For too long illegal immigration has put Georgia in a state of crisis. Our schools are overcrowded, our operating rooms are full, and our social services are being drained like never before, all at a cost to you, the taxpayers. Every time an illegal alien receives benefits from our state one less American citizen will receive the benefits they are permitted to - legally.

Out of the close to 20 million illegal aliens in this country, close to 250,000 call Georgia home - thus, putting Georgia in the top ten of states with illegal alien populations. From day one, I have been a vocal advocate for much-needed immigration reform.

Immigration reform must take an "enforcement first" policy. In order for our nation to be secure, our borders must be secure.

Those who claim that amnesty is a solution to this problem miss the mark. If we don't first secure our borders any immigration reforms we take will be all for not. We must enforce our current laws and do more.

I have joined the Immigration Reform Caucus spearheaded by Congressman Tom Tancredo to call on our government to fix the leaky bucket known as our immigration laws. Together we are working to secure our borders and I am proud to have Congressman Tancredo's endorsement. To read Congressman Tancredo's endorsement please click here.

This bold action recently lead to the adoption of my plan, the "Secure the Outside Perimeter Act" to the Border Protection, Antiterrorism, and Illegal Immigration Control Act, which calls for the Secretary of Homeland Security to prevent all illegal border entries within 18 months. It also grants the Secretary of Homeland Security broad discretion to complete this task as he can use any means he deems necessary in accomplishing this goal.

I voted for the Border Protection bill because it is a much-needed step in the right direction. Also in the bill was legislation called the "CLEAR Act" that removes the handcuffs from local law enforcement officers so that they may apprehend, detain, and remove illegal aliens in the course of their duties. Also in the bill was legislation for a fence to be built along our southern border. The success of the Minutemen Project has shown us crystal clear that border security must encompass steadfast monitoring of our borders. This fence will assist our Border Patrol and provide them with an essential tool to combat illegal immigration.

I am fighting for even stronger legislation. The United States still has an "Anchor Baby" loophole that allows a child born in the United States to be a citizen even if neither of his or her parents are citizens. This must change and I will work to ensure that we adopt this measure. We cannot turn the other way on this problem and reward those who cross our borders illegally with the gift of U.S. citizenship. Becoming a U.S. citizen is a privilege, one that many have worked hard for legally, and a privilege that must be earned.

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