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Roskam: Congress Should Not Adjourn Without a Vote to Lower Gas Prices

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Peter J. Roskam (R-IL) today released the following statement as the United States House of Representatives begins its legislative week, four days before Democratic leaders plan on adjourning for August recess:

"This final week before August recess is a defining one. Congress has the opportunity to show the American people that we have heard their cries for lower energy prices. We mustn't let another week pass by without a single substantive vote to lower prices at the pump.

"While Speaker Nancy Pelosi has said the American peoples' call of increased domestic energy production is a "hoax," the majority in Congress, including many Democrats, are ready to take action and lower energy prices immediately.

"I urge House Leaders to simply allow a vote on more American energy."

Congressman Roskam came to Congress in 2007 on a platform of energy independence and has kept that promise.

* Roskam authored the Energy VISION Act to end our dependence on foreign energy in 15 years.
* Roskam helped pass H.R. 6, a bipartisan piece of legislation that raised automobile fuel efficiency standards for the first time in decades while investing in clean and renewable energy resources.
* Roskam offered a discharge petition to force a vote on Democrat Rick Boucher's energy bill.
* Roskam has been a strong advocate of advanced research and development funding for local energy companies, including Des Plaines Gas Technology Institute (GTI).

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