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Issue Position: Education

Issue Position


"I believe that every child deserves a world-class education, from early childhood through college. Education is everything - the key to citizenship, the key to success, the key to competing in today's global economy." - Jim McGovern

Jim's Vision:

With the cost of a higher education spiraling higher and higher, Jim McGovern has been a passionate advocate for making college more affordable.

Jim believes that in order to meet the promises made by the "No Child Left Behind" law, we must provide the necessary funding. It's not enough to demand accountability from our schools. We must also provide the resources. Reform without resources is a massive unfunded federal mandate and a crushing burden on our local schools and our children. Coupled with education cuts in the Massachusetts State Budget, our schools are facing some of their most difficult times financially at the very moment they are being required to achieve higher standards and accountability.

Jim also is a strong supporter of early childhood education and Head Start. He supports more funding for school construction and modernization.

Jim's Record:

* Jim McGovern has consistently worked to increase federal grant assistance for college. In 1998, Congressman McGovern took the lead in establishing the Academic Achievement Incentive Grant program, which increases Pell Grant awards for top students. Congressman McGovern has fought to increase both the maximum award level of the Pell Grant and overall funding for the Pell Grant program, which is the only federal grant program to help financially-needy students fund their college education. He has consistently supported funding for Perkins loans, State Student Incentive Grants and State Employment Opportunity Grants.

* Jim McGovern has consistently voted to provide financial relief for middle-income students and families with children in college through higher education tax credits and deductions. He voted in favor of the 1997 Taxpayer relief Act to establish the HOPE Scholarship tax credit, the Lifetime Learning Tax Credit, tax deductions for the interest on student loans and the consolidation of student loans. He is the principal Democratic sponsor of legislation to expand the Hope Scholarship Tax Credit to include the costs of required fees, books, supplies and equipment, allowing many more low-income students to take advantage of this tax credit. He also supports restoring the tax exemption for graduate student income derived from serving as teaching or research assistants.

* Jim McGovern strongly supports increased funding to improve the quality of education in America's public schools, for increased access to technology, and for modern school facilities so that today's children may successfully lead America in the 21st Century. Congressman McGovern successfully fought for the establishment of the "e-rate," which provided schools and libraries with grants and discounted rates to become wired for Internet and other classroom technologies. This program has benefited nearly every public school and library in the 3rd Congressional District, along with many private schools serving low-income or rural communities. He successfully fought to reduce the ratio between the number of teachers per students by supporting $1.2 billion to put 100,000 new, qualified teachers in our public schools and reduce class size in Grades 1-through-3. He also fought successfully for funding to help modernize and repair public school buildings. Unfortunately, these programs were eliminated under the Bush Administration.

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