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Fallen Heroes

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. CANTOR. Mr. Speaker, as our nation mourns the loss of 2nd Lt. Leonard Cowherd, I rise today to honor this fallen son of Virginia. I would like to reflect on his honorable service and sacrifice to the United States of America.

I join his family, wife, and friends who now stand strong as they carry on the memory of his life. I extend a special condolence to his wife Sarah Cerri Cowherd, his parents Lenny and Mary Ann Cowherd of Culpeper, his brother Colby Cowherd, his sister Laura Cowherd, and his twin brother, Charles Cowherd. 2nd Lt. Leonard Cowherd will forever be in our hearts.

2nd Lt. Leonard Cowherd called the Culpeper region home and graduated from the Wakefield Country Day School in Rappahannock County. Always striving to better himself, he applied for and accepted a nomination to the United States Military Academy, graduating in 2003. Upon concluding an excellent academic career, he married the love of his life, Sarah Cerri Cowherd.

Soon after their wedding, 2nd Lt. Leonard Cowherd answered his country's call to defend our flag and took command of a tank platoon assigned to Company C, 1st Battalion, 37th Armor Regiment, 1st Armored Division. In Iraq, 2nd Lt. Leonard Cowherd gave the ultimate sacrifice in the performance of his selfless duty. The life of 2nd Lt. Leonard Cowherd will stand forever as a perfect model for all men and women in uniform. He is a testament to his family, the American Military, and the United States of America.

2nd Lt. Leonard Cowherd possessed the deepest conviction in the freedoms symbolized by the flag of the United States of America. Our flag symbolizes strength and conviction, perseverance and steadfast morals, justice and liberty. Where our flag stands, so stands freedom. The flag of the United States of America stands in the sands of Iraq because of 2nd Lt. Leonard Cowherd and so does freedom.

I join the people of the United States of America, the Commonwealth of Virginia, family and friends, and all those who hold the memory of 2nd Lt. Leonard Cowherd close-that today and everyday following, we honor his sacrifice and celebrate his life.

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