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Capito: House "Energy" Bill Still Falls Short


Location: Washington, DC

Capito: House "Energy" Bill Still Falls Short

Rep. Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV) released the following statement today after voting to oppose a politically oriented energy bill that falls short of enacting the real solutions necessary to decrease America's dependence on foreign oil and help lower gas prices:

"During a crisis that demands bipartisanship and consensus-building, today we considered a bill that was rushed to the floor without hearings and without any comprehensive discussion," said Capito. "This bill is nothing but a smokescreen and West Virginians deserve more than this politicized vote.

"There's no question that we need to ensure that our leased land produces energy, and it's clear that we have to increase supply. Yet this bill could actually restrict our nation's access to more productive energy reserves both on and offshore by unilaterally picking and choosing where we should drill and where we shouldn't.

"Estimates suggest that potential royalties from expanded offshore exploration alone could total more than $2.5 trillion, yet those areas aren't included in this bill. That's money we could use to invest in conservation, or renewable energy, or clean coal technology.

"Let's move past these political votes and get a real dialogue started about our energy future."

Capito has joined a bipartisan group of her colleagues in the House of Representatives to seek consensus on energy solutions. The group is approximately equally divided between Democrats and Republicans.

She has also introduced the Clean Coal-Derived Fuel for Energy Security Act to expand investment in West Virginia coal.

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