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Berkley Votes to Give NV Families & Businesses Added Tax Relief; Says Yes to Clean Energy Incentives

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC


Protects Sales Tax Deduction for 345,000 NV Taxpayers, Expands Child Tax Credit

Congresswoman Shelley Berkley (D-NV) today voted to protect tax savings for Nevada families and businesses and to extend incentives to encourage the production and use of more renewable energy. As a member of the House Ways and Means Committee, Berkley wielded her power on the panel to help ensure that clean power incentives and an extension of the state sales tax deduction were included in the legislative package passed by the House this afternoon on a vote of 263-160.

"This package provides Nevada families and businesses with added tax relief and extends incentives for the production of more clean renewable energy," said Berkley. "This legislation also ensures that Nevadans can continue deducting state and local sales taxes. More than 345,000 Nevada taxpayers claimed this deduction last year and my vote will mean continued tax savings for small businesses and for families working harder than ever to keep a roof overhead and food on the table."

Included in the bill are incentives to promote the production of solar, wind and geothermal energy.

"Expanding clean energy incentives will spur the development of solar, wind and geothermal resources and help to create new green collar jobs in Nevada. The Silver State is turning green as we continue to focus on harnessing the wind, the sun and natural heat from inside the Earth to power our homes and businesses. Expanding the use of renewable energy will also play a key role in allowing the U.S. to move ahead on addressing global climate change," said Berkley.

The legislation also makes it easier for more Nevadans to claim the child tax credit.

"We have made it easier for parents to qualify for the $1,000 refundable child tax credit," said Berkley. "As a result, 22,000 more Nevada parents will become eligible to receive the child tax credit and more than 90,000 households with children could see increased tax savings that will help cover the cost of this vital care," said Berkley.

Additionally, the package extends deductions for homeowners, for teachers who purchase learning tools and other classroom items and for higher education costs.

"We have included tax relief for homeowners who do not itemize their deductions. Under our bill, they can now deduct up to $700 of property taxes in addition to the standard deduction," said Berkley. "Nevadans attending UNLV or another college or university will also benefit from the higher education tuition deduction included in this package. And we protect the tax credit for teachers who reach into their own pockets to pay for learning tools and other classroom supplies. Last year Nevada educators were able to deduct more than $6 million from their taxes and this extension will enable these hard working men and women to get back a portion of these out-of-pocket dollars," Berkley said.

Tax Relief for Nevada Families and Businesses

* Extends the state sales tax deduction -- utilized by 345,000 Nevadans

* Expands the refundable child tax credit -- benefits 118,000 Nevada kids

* Extends deduction for tuition and other education expenses -- utilized by 32,000 Nevadans

* Extends deduction for out-of-pocket expenses by teachers -- tapped by nearly 24,000 educators in the Silver State

* Extends the R and D tax credit for businesses

* OK's deduction of property taxes for non-itemizers

Expanding Renewable Power, Increasing Energy Independence

* Extends solar energy investment tax credit (ITC)

* Extends the production tax credit (PTC) for wind power and energy derived from geothermal, hydropower, landfill gas, biomass, and solid waste

* Encourages energy efficient products, such as plug-in hybrid cars, and provides incentives for energy conservation in both commercial buildings and residential structures

* Provides incentives for the production of renewable fuels such as biodiesel and cellulosic biofuels

* Authorizes tax credit bonds providing state and local government with funds to make energy conservation investments in public infrastructure and invest in research.

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