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Congressman Broun Condemns California Supreme Court's Recognition of Homosexual "Marriage"

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Paul Broun, M.D., today condemned the California Supreme Court's 4-3 decision recognizing the validity of homosexual "marriage." In today's action, the Supreme Court of California overturned a voter initiative known as Proposition 22 which, following its passage in March, 2000, prevented California from recognizing homosexual unions as "marriages". Proposition 22 was enacted with a winning margin of 1.7 million votes.

"By recognizing homosexual unions as ‘marriages', four activist judges on the California Supreme Court not only overturned the will of the people but also took it upon themselves to overturn the traditional definition of marriage," said Broun. "It is not the role of judges to supplant the legitimate actions of voters with their own policy preferences. In 2000, Californians voted overwhelmingly to define marriage as existing only between one-man and one-woman. Today's decision reminds us that too often the cultural institutions that have long sustained our country are undermined by lawyers and judges over the wishes of the voters."

Broun continued, "Fortunately, the people of Georgia have shown the foresight to adopt a Constitutional ban on the recognition of homosexual ‘marriages', no matter where the ‘marriage' takes place. Today's ruling in California shows that it might now be necessary to consider adopting an amendment to the United States Constitution to ensure that the American people will not have to face the prospect of activist federal judges imposing a redefinition of marriage on them in the future."

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