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Gas Prices

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. Speaker, last night, gas prices in New London, Connecticut reached $3.77 a gallon. When George Bush took office, they were $1.52 a gallon. Those prices are 72 cents higher than last year in New London County, 42 cents higher than just last month. Commercial fishermen on Long Island Sound have seen their fuel costs double, truck drivers have seen their diesel prices more than double in the last year.

Dozens of Members of Congress have written to President Bush asking him, with one stroke of the pen, to change the delivery schedule for the Strategic Petroleum Oil Reserve, which is a tried and true practice that he himself exercised in 2005 after Hurricane Katrina which brought down the price of gas by 40 cents at a time when the price per barrel was $75. Today, at $120 per barrel, it is time for President Bush to listen to the people of this country, Members of Congress, who are asking him to exercise his power to bring down the price of gas. And our Congress, the Democratic-led Congress, is going to keep the pressure on the President until he listens to the people of this country and avoids smothering our attempts to bring this country out of recession with the economic stimulus package.

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