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Pearce: We Can Win With Conservative Principles


Location: Washington, DC

Pearce: We Can Win With Conservative Principles

Leadership is far more than just winning an election. Leadership is understanding the problems of the country, having a vision, knowing where the country should be, understanding what problems are going to face the next generation and the generation beyond that. Leadership is about healing, looking and understanding that Democrats are not the enemy but neither are Republicans the enemy. [It takes] healing words to cause this country to pull back together to solve the problems it faces.

We faced three great struggles today as a nation.

The War on Terror. Part of that is securing the border, but the War on Terror must be fought, and it must be won.

The economic struggle right now is intense. The economic struggle is trying to keep our jobs from going to China and to India, and the next generation depends on us to make the right decisions. And the right decisions require principle. The right decisions require courage.

The third great struggle that we're facing is a cultural struggle, one that's to determine who we are in our heart and soul. The country cannot exist without a moral standard. Our Founding Fathers understood it best that the democracy must have a moral people. We can't have a strong tyrannical government to enforce the law, so we must have laws that are enforced from inside us. That's what they understood.

I proudly tell you that my core values are my faith, my family, service, and freedom.

I gave you a promise when I went to Congress that I would be against taxes. I took the tax pledge saying I will not raise taxes. Today I'm the only New Mexico representative who's at 100 percent on honoring that promise.

I also told you unabashedly that I'm pro life when I went to Congress. Again, I'm the only Republican, the only conservative in New Mexico with 100 percent rating on the life issues. Just yesterday, the Susan B. Anthony Foundation endorsed us. The Susan Anthony Foundation goes nationwide and tries to endorse women candidates who are pro-life candidates. They endorsed me yesterday in this race.

I will tell you that we have 102 days to the primary. At the end of the primary, we must have a candidate that can pull this state back together and pull the Republican Party together, because we only have 256 days to the point where we must win this general election.

We must defeat Tom Udall, and we must elect a president who's a Republican and a conservative. And I can get that job done. It's going to require going back to those Independents who've walked away from the Republican Party. They've walked away because we lost our way.

We were defeated in the general election last year because we lost our way as Republicans in Congress. We got what we deserved in Congress, but you did not get what you deserve here in this country. You did not deserve Nancy Pelosi.

When we conservatives run on principle, we win. When we conservatives support liberty for all, we win.

I'm Steve Pearce. I'm humbly asking for your vote, and I'm asking for your encouragement and for your prayers. God bless you. Thank you very much.

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