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Economic Stimulus Act of 2008

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Economic Stimulus Act of 2008


Mr. HERGER. Madam Speaker, I wish I could share the enthusiasm of my colleagues about tonight's bill. I truly do. But right now Americans need to know their jobs will be around tomorrow. Regrettably, this evening's bill doesn't have much in the way of tax relief to spur job creation and should have gone much further.

What concerns me more is the expanded redistribution of money through tax rebates that will, I believe, have next to zero positive effect on our economy in the short or long term. And, unfortunately, at more than $100 billion, it can hardly be called ``free money.'' In Congress's hurry to act in reaction to negative economic news, we have truly missed a golden opportunity to enact lasting, pro-growth tax relief. Such relief would benefit all Americans, create new jobs, and drive economic prosperity.

I support tonight's legislation, but I believe we can and must do more as a Congress to foster economic growth.


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