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Congressman Thompson Commends Proposed Stimulus Package


Location: Washington, DC


Today, United States Representative Bennie G. Thompson (D-MS) released the following statement regarding the proposed stimulus package:

"I am pleased that Congress and the President reached an agreement on a stimulus package to immediately jumpstart the slowing economy.

"Our goals are to provide working Americans who are struggling in this difficult economic period with timely, targeted, and temporary relief and to quickly give our economy a shot in the arm. With this agreement we accomplished our goals," said Thompson.

The proposed stimulus package will provide tax relief this spring up to $600 for an individual and up to $1,200 for a married couple, plus $300 per child. A total of 117 million families will receive a check.

"Who really benefits from this stimulus package? The middle class benefits. Two-thirds of the funding will go to middle and lower income. We were able to push the Administration from its original position to include 35 million working families who otherwise would not have been helped. More than 19 million of these are families with children. This package puts money directly into ‘people's hands' immediately."

"The House will move quickly to approve this stimulus initiative that will provide broad-based help to the American people and effectively invigorate the economy. We hope the Senate will do the same."

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