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Portsmouth Herald - McCain to Hold Forum on Climate Change

News Article

Location: Portsmouth, NH

Portsmouth Herald - McCain to Hold Forum on Climate Change

By Michael McCord


PORTSMOUTH -- In the sixth of a series of presidential primary candidate forums, Arizona Sen. John McCain will share his proposals for energy security and global climate change on Thursday at Seacoast Media Group.

McCain, who is making his second bid for Republican presidential nomination and has served in the U.S. Senate since 1987, will take questions from Seacoast voters in the forum designed to explore the depth of a candidate's policy on vital issues for the primary and the country.

McCain won the 2000 New Hampshire primary in an upset victory over then Texas Gov. George W. Bush. The former Vietnam War U.S. Navy pilot and POW won in large part due to a large swing of independent voters who can vote in either primary. He has separated himself from his Republican rivals by stating his desire to move quickly on global warming initiatives -- and has personally traveled to both the Arctic and Antarctic regions to see the impact of climate change on the polar ice caps in the past three years.

"Global climate change and energy security are critical challenges facing America and the world, threatening our environment, prosperity and national security," McCain told the Herald Friday about his appearance at the forum. "I am committed to using market-based initiatives to limit greenhouse gas emissions and reduce America's dependence on foreign oil."

Jim O'Brien, executive director of the Granite State Conservation Voters Alliance, said, "Sen. McCain is the best prepared candidate in this race with the courage to call the nation to action on climate change."

O'Brien cited polling that indicates that more than 70 percent of Republican primary voters consider climate change a serious threat -- while 82 percent of Republican primary voters favor immediate action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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