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Senate All-Nighter

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

SENATE ALL-NIGHTER -- (Extensions of Remarks - July 19, 2007)

* Mr. PITTS. Madam Speaker, I am sure we have all seen the images on the evening news and in this week's papers.

* Cots laid out in the Capitol's hallways to provide for an all-night debate on Iraq. Oh, the plight of the modern day United States Senator.

* What a decision to make. Sleep on a leather couch in a Capitol hideaway, or bunk up in the LBJ Room on a turned-down rollaway. We appreciate these good Senators' tough sacrifice, but how about our troops in the field?

* While Senators are trying to get some shut-eye between rhetorical battles on the Senate floor, our soldiers are getting no sleep while dodging real bullets in combat.

* Consider one 22-year-old Marine's comment to a reporter about life in Iraq--``If I get five minutes to close my eyes, I take it.''

* Another Staff Sgt. said ``The 45-minute cat-nap is worth a million bucks. Getting some is better than none.''

* Let the debate go forward, but spare our troops who are sleeping in the sand and dirt the indignity of this political theater.

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