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Vitter's View: Defeating Amnesty and Securing on Our Borders

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Vitter's View: Defeating Amnesty and Securing on Our Borders

The U.S. Senate tried to revive the Kennedy immigration bill recently, even though we already defeated it numerous times. Thankfully, the proponents of the bill were again thwarted because of the large outcry and civic activity of concerned Louisianans and Americans across the country.

This bill's defeat is an incredible victory for Louisiana and the American people. The Kennedy immigration bill was flawed and granted amnesty to millions of illegals. Because it tried to achieve comprehensive reform, it tied the security of our borders to the amnesty of the more than 12 million illegals living here in violation of our laws. This legislation would have sent a terrible message that our rule of law is weak and not to be respected. I could not stand for that, and neither could the majority of the country.

For a while, critics of the bill, like me, were made of only a small number of senators - even though we were advocating the position of the majority of Americans. I am thankful that the continued calls and persistent engagement of the American people on this issue paid off. When I spoke to other senators, each one mentioned the large number of calls his office received advocating against the amnesty bill. As the debate progressed, more and more of my colleagues began to join me in the strong stance against the poorly written bill.

Now that the bill has been defeated again, the next step is to immediately push the president to take up his word and enforce security at the border. I am ready to support the work that is needed to accomplish this goal.

We need to truly secure our borders and must continue to enforce the laws - including tracking down and deporting illegal immigrants who have overstayed their temporary visas. And we must get rid of the catch and release practice. Instead of catching illegals coming across the border and then releasing them in the country only days later, our border enforcement must fully implement the letter of the law. I will continue to fight hard to secure our borders and enact strict interior enforcement measures.

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