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Hensarling Outlines Opposition to Senate Amnesty Proposal

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Hensarling Outlines Opposition to Senate Amnesty Proposal

Congressman Jeb Hensarling (TX-05) met with residents of Canton today to discuss the U.S. Senate's recent immigration proposal and his principles for immigration reform. Congressman Hensarling made it clear that he is a staunch opponent of granting amnesty to illegal immigrants living in the United States.

Earlier this month, an immigration proposal was unveiled in the U.S. Senate that would grant amnesty to immigrants who entered this country illegally. According to a recent study, roughly 1.4 million illegal aliens in the United States live in Texas. This overwhelming population of illegal immigrants costs American taxpayers billions of dollars and strains the financial resources of social services and law enforcement agencies. Congressman Hensarling expressed his concern that granting amnesty to illegal immigrants will encourage illegal entry into the United States in the future as it sends the message that breaking the law is acceptable and will be rewarded with citizenship.

"Granting amnesty for illegal immigrants who entered the United States by breaking our laws is absolutely unacceptable. This will only encourage further illegal entry into our nation and is a slap in the face to immigrants who came to America legally and worked hard to earn their citizenship," Hensarling said.

The recently proposed Senate legislation would grant amnesty to the estimated 12 million illegal immigrants living in the United States and would provide them with work visas. In addition, it would not require these immigrants to pay the taxes they owe for the time they lived and worked illegally inside our borders. Congressman Hensarling disagrees with these provisions as it rewards law breakers and discourages people from entering the United States and earning citizenship through legal channels.

Congressman Hensarling also outlined principles for acceptable immigration reform. He supports a border security bill, like the Border Protection, Antiterrorism, and Illegal Immigration Control Act of 2005, that emphasizes a border security first approach to immigration reform. This piece of legislation granted the Secretary of Homeland Security authorization to do everything in his power to maintain the integrity of American borders and improved the verification process for employers to check the legality of their workers.

In addition to border security, Congressman Hensarling said he supports a guest worker program. He said that any guest worker program must ensure that participants are economic assets- not liabilities- to the country and that they should not be able to cut in the citizenship line. According to Congressman Hensarling, legal immigrants play a very important part in America's workforce and culture, but in respect for the rule of law and national security individuals entering the country must do so legally.

"Protecting American citizens is the primary responsibility of the federal government and with porous borders, we can not effectively protect our country. In order to maintain our security and provide continued economic prosperity for all Americans, we must protect our borders, enforce our laws and stop illegal immigration," Hensarling said. "For decades our government has turned a blind eye to the border, allowing millions to enter this country illegally. The 9/11 attacks on our country made clear that it is essential to uphold the law and preserve the integrity of our borders."

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