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War Is Ugly But Tyranny Is Uglier

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

WAR IS UGLY BUT TYRANNY IS UGLIER -- (House of Representatives - June 06, 2007)


Ms. FOXX. Mr. Speaker, I want to thank Congressman Wamp for organizing this hour tonight and bringing together a group of folks who have similar feelings to his. I see several of my colleagues have joined us and so I won't take a lot of time. It is always hard to follow such eloquent speakers as Congressman McCotter and Congressman Wamp. They are both eloquent people, and I am pleased to be with them to add my few comments.

As Congressman Wamp has said, I have been reading ``America Alone.'' I want to recommend it. It is written by Mark Steyn, S-T-E-Y-N. It is an excellent book. It is very, very readable, and it is very, very frightening.

As Congressman Wamp said, if you don't do anything but pay attention to the demographics, you will have your attention gotten by this book. As he indicated, the United States of America is the only western country that is replacing itself in terms of population. It takes a birth rate of 2.1 to replace the population. What is happening in Canada, which I wasn't aware of, Canada has a birth rate of about 1.3 right now, 1.4. All of the European countries have birth rates of 1.3, 1.4, 1.2. Their populations are going to be cut in half within 35 years. That is something that has never happened in the history of humanity. Their populations are going to be cut in half; and yet the Muslim populations are growing anywhere from 4.7 percent to over 7 percent which means their populations are going to double in a very short period of time. And fairly soon, all of Europe is going to be predominantly Muslim.

The title of the book, ``America Alone,'' we are going to be the only country in the free world that is increasing our population of people with western ideals, western religions and western thought. That is something we really have to be thinking about.

I have been troubled, and I have spoken about this before, about statements that have been made by Democrats in this body when we talk about the war that we are in. They talk about failure. They talk about it being an impossible situation. Well, I want to try to tie this in to what Congressman McCotter was saying.

When I meet with people and they ask me about the, quote, ``war in Iraq,'' I quickly say to them as kindly and as nicely as I can, we are not in a war in Iraq, we are in a war for the freedom of this country and the freedom of the world. If we lose this war, we are losing to radical jihadists who see that we have only two choices. We either convert to becoming Muslims or we should be killed.

Now as Congressman Wamp says, we believe in pluralism in this country. We believe in inviting people to come to this country, worship as they please, but not to come here and try to impose their idea, their radical idea of the world on us. So I think it is very important that we all do that. We understand this is a war for freedom.

This country is the beacon of freedom in the world, and failure is simply not possible.

I am very troubled again by the talk by Senators in the Democratic party who say the war is lost. It cannot be lost again. If it is, then we will go out of existence as a society and as a culture. We can't do that.

We know that we're fighting against extremists. There's Sunnis, there's Shias and there's al Qaeda and their intent to fortify their influence in the Middle East and expand beyond it.

The Democrats have claimed that a recently declassified National Intelligence Estimate concluded that the war in Iraq has made the war on terror more difficult to win, even though the terrorists see the war in Iraq and the war against terrorists as one and the same. They see it that way. We do not.

But the NIE actually concluded that, should Jihadists be perceived to have failed in their efforts to undermine democracy in Iraq, ``fewer fighters will be inspired to carry on the fight.''

So we have to defeat the terrorists. We have to defeat them not only in Iraq but in Afghanistan, in New York City, in New Jersey, anywhere that we find them. Because that is our mission, and that is what we're here for. If we don't want to see freedom and our way of life destroyed, then it's our responsibility to do that.

And I will tell you that I am not going to allow the brave men and women who are fighting to maintain our freedom to think that all Members of Congress have no backbone and are weak-kneed and look only to political advantage. I want them to know that there's some Members of Congress who appreciate what they're doing, who understand the sacrifice that they're making and understand the consequences of our winning or losing.


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