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Mack Statement on Passage of Iraq War Funding


Location: Washington, DC

Mack Statement on Passage of Iraq War Funding

Congressman Connie Mack (FL-14) issued the following statement today after the House passed two separate amendments to the Iraq Supplemental Bill: the first amendment contained billions in domestic pork-barrel spending, which Mack voted against, and the second amendment contained funding for military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, which Mack supported.

Mack said:

"I'm pleased that the House has passed the critical funding for our troops without handcuffing their ability to get the job done. And, as I have said before, when it comes to the war in Iraq, we need to see results and we need to see them soon. This plan includes reasonable benchmarks to help us measure those results.

"It's disappointing that it has taken so long to reach this point. Now it's time to pull together as we support the troops in this vital mission.

"At the same time, it's frustrating that the Democrat majority used an obscure procedural maneuver to load this important legislation with billions of dollars in unrelated pork-barrel spending, and then sent the measure to the Senate without giving the House a chance for a vote on their combined package. That kind of backroom backslapping is just plain wrong.

"Americans want and deserve principled leadership in Washington, not the political gamesmanship that Democratic majority has seemingly mastered."

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