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Roskam Votes to Save the Taxpayer Dollar and Halt the Raid on Social Security

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC


Congressman Peter J. Roskam (R-IL) today released this statement following his vote on the motion to instruct conferees on the Democrat 2008 budget. The motion passed the House 364-57.

"Today I voted in favor of a motion encouraging House and Senate conferees to keep American's taxes low and stay out of their Social Security accounts. The 2008 budget being pushed by the Democrat majority could amount to the largest tax increase on the American people in history - nearly $400 billion. The 2001 and 2003 tax cuts that created jobs, spurred investment in the economy and kept more hard-earned money in the pockets of hard-working families will be left to expire.

"Being the minority party, Republicans are limited in the power they have to stop the Democrats from raising taxes. Motions such as these are one of the tools we have to help protect taxpayers from Congress emptying their pockets.

"The U.S. is on track to eliminate the deficit without raising taxes by 2012. The Democrat budget also aims for 2012, but will try to do so by re-imposing the marriage penalty and repealing the child credit. In addition, the budget fails to fix the alternative minimum tax (AMT), which severely hurts middle class families. Democrats need to realize that fostering a strong, growing economy is the best means of raising revenue, not raiding the pocketbooks of Americans.

"The new majority should have taken this opportunity to extend the tax cuts and rein in spending. Instead they are increasing taxes and allowing spending to spiral out of control. This budget is the worst thing this Congress could do to our economy."

* The Heritage Foundations estimates that with this Democrat budget the average tax increase per taxpayer in Illinois' Sixth Congressional District would be $4316, and some 2469 jobs would be lost.

The Republican Motion to Instruct was a simple up-or-down vote directing budget conferees to commit to the following:

- Reject the massive tax increase in the House budget. Conferees are instructed to reject the $392.5 billion tax increase in the revenue levels of the House-passed budget - the largest tax increase in American history. These tax hikes include reimposing the marriage penalty and the death tax, cutting the child tax credit in half, and raising marginal income tax rates.

- Insist on the lowest possible level of taxes. They should adopt the lowest possible revenue level allowed within the scope of the House-passed and Senate-passed Democrat budgets.

- Stop the raid on Social Security. Third, conferees should stop raiding Social Security for the government's operating budget. They should do this by producing a "unified" surplus (including Social Security) of $96 billion, equal to Social Security's cash surplus, in fiscal year 2012.

The rejected Republican budget proved that Congress can both balance the budget - without raising anyone's taxes - and achieve a surplus large enough to ensure the Social Security trust funds would not be raided.

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