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Funding For Our Troops

Location: Washington, DC

FUNDING FOR OUR TROOPS -- (House of Representatives - January 23, 2007)

Mr. HENSARLING. Madam Speaker, efforts to cut off funding for our troops in harm's way is simply unacceptable. It would be a devastating message to the brave men and women who serve in our Armed Forces, their families and the families of our Nation's fallen heroes. No one knows this better than SAM JOHNSON, a true American hero, and I commend him on introducing H.R. 511.

It is time for the Democrats to say what they mean and mean what they say. They can't have it both ways. To vote to support troops in the field and then vote not to give them the resources needed to win can be deceptive, dangerous, and could put the lives of American servicemen and -women at even greater risk.

If the Democrat majority does not support the President's plan, they are in the majority, they need to put forth their plan that is in the interest of the American people, and they must also reflect upon the cost of failure. They must understand how high the stakes are in Iraq, both in terms of human life and global stability. Our failure in Iraq could cause the nation to become what Afghanistan once was, a breeding ground for terrorists. Let's work together and find freedom and security in Iraq.

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