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Straight Talk With Sam (Homeland Security)

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Straight Talk With Sam (Homeland Security)

Border security is a critical part of our homeland security efforts, but not the only part, and Congress has worked hard to ensure that all of our nation's homeland security needs are met. In the past five years, Congress has delivered approximately $218 billion for homeland security operations around the country.

In March, the House passed legislation reauthorizing key provisions of the PATRIOT Act, to give our law enforcement and intelligence personnel the tools they need to fight terrorism and protect our nation. Congress and the administration are working together to equip our military and national security personnel with the tools they need to confront the threat of terror.

Since 2001, we've increased defense spending by more than $111 billion. In addition to funding the war on terror, we've focused on modernizing outdated programs, acquiring essential equipment, and developing new weapons systems.

We've also boosted our intelligence budget and worked to improve our human intelligence capabilities by providing increased funding for training and infrastructure and counterintelligence programs and personnel.

Finally, we've worked to take care of the men and women whose courage and vigilance keep us safe from terror - the men and women of the United States military. We've provided billions of dollars for troop protection needs like body armor, body armor enhancements, and up-armored vehicles, and we've worked to improve military pay and benefits.

Though our enemies are no less dangerous or determined, our nation is safer today than it was on Sept. 11th, thanks to the national security legislation we've passed, the hard work of our intelligence community, and above all, the heroism and dedication of our men and women in uniform.

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