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Border Protection And Security Now

Location: Washington, DC

BORDER PROTECTION AND SECURITY NOW -- (House of Representatives - September 07, 2006)

(Mrs. CAPITO asked and was given permission to address the House for 1 minute and to revise and extend her remarks.)

Mrs. CAPITO. Mr. Speaker, during the August recess, my constituents saw very clearly the need to increase enforcement along our borders. In early August, an illegal immigrant wanted for murder in Texas was found working in a lumberyard near Elkins, West Virginia.

Last week, another illegal immigrant struck and killed 4-year-old Tyler Evans in a car accident in Boone County, West Virginia. The police report alleges that speed and alcohol were factors in the fatal crash. Both illegal immigrants had falsified immigration papers.

I held a roundtable with law enforcement officers and elected leaders and talked with many constituents throughout August to discuss the House border security bill and the Reid-Kennedy amnesty bill. The response was unanimous: No amnesty and increased enforcement along our borders.

We shouldn't stop there. It is critical that we provide employers the ability to check immigration status of employees and hold them accountable for their workers. Clearly, most people who enter illegally are not security threats, but it is critical to our homeland security that we are able to account for the people who enter this country. We need to pass tough immigration reform now. It is too late for Tyler Evans, but we need to act before it is too late for other Americans.

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