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Republican Principles on Immigration

Location: Washington, DC


Ms. FOXX. Mr. Speaker, last week, House Republicans outlined five principles that we want included in any immigration reform legislation before it is sent to the President. They are:

Republicans want to put a premium on border security and provide the resources necessary to strengthen our Border Patrol.

Republicans want to strengthen the enforcement of immigration laws and stiffen the penalties for those who break those laws.

Republicans want to hold employers who knowingly hire illegal aliens accountable and strengthen the penalties on them.

Republicans oppose any and all efforts to reward those who break our immigration laws.

And last, Republicans believe that immigrants must come here legally, obey our laws, and assimilate into American society by learning English.

Mr. Speaker, House Republicans passed a bill last December that incorporated these principles. Unfortunately, some of our colleagues in the Senate are pushing for legislation that would actually weaken our borders.

Mr. Speaker, this is neither what the American people need nor want.

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