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Announcement by the Acting Chairman

Location: Washington, DC

ANNOUNCEMENT BY THE ACTING CHAIRMAN -- (House of Representatives - April 06, 2006)


Mr. BISHOP of New York. Mr. Chairman, I rise in opposition to the budget resolution and in support of the Democratic substitute.

The President and the Republican majority like to take credit when there's a better statistic to report about the economy. Those stats might mean something to the fortunate few in the top income bracket.

But middle-class families struggling to keep up with soaring tuition, health care and gas prices don't have much to celebrate. And a budget that builds on a strong economy for all Americans shouldn't be one that allows more pensions to evaporate and tears more holes through the safety net.

Is there any doubt today that this Administration's first priority has been--and continues to be--tax cuts for the wealthiest at the expense of education, health care, scientific research and other middle class priorities, all of which are being cut to pay for these tax cuts?

But my main concern is the hypocrisy of this budget--that extending dividend, capital gains, and tax cuts for millionaires and corporations are like a rising tide that lifts all boats. We've already proved more needs to be done than just hope that sooner or later tax cuts will reach Americans who need our help the most.

Why, for instance, are we saddled with recordbreaking deficits exceeding $400 billion; $3 trillion in new debt since 2001; a debt limit now over $9 trillion; and deep cuts to hospitals, schools, and security? If our tax cuts performed as our friends on the other side of the aisle had promised, an exploding economy would have wiped out this debt.

How can we possibly justify a budget that cuts taxes for millionaires worth more than President Bush requested for the Department of Education and more than twice his budget for the Department of Veterans Affairs?

The answer is that we can't justify the choices made to produce this budget. Under this resolution, Mr. Chairman, those who need our help the most must get in line and hope that the benefits of tax cuts for millionaires and corporations will ultimately trickle down to them.

Mr. Chairman, middle-class Americans deserve much better.


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