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Menendez Vows Opposition to Drilling off Atlantic Coast

Location: Washington, DC

Menendez Vows Opposition to Drilling off Atlantic Coast

Background: In an Interior Department proposal released today outlining the government's offshore oil and gas leasing plans for the next five years, the Bush administration announced that it supports lifting the moratorium on drilling in the mid-Atlantic region of the Outer Continental Shelf in an area off the Virginia coast, along with increased oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.

Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Washington, DC - In response to the Bush administration's announcement, U.S. Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ) made the following statement today:

"The Bush administration's decision to support gas drilling in the mid-Atlantic is an unacceptable threat to New Jersey's coastline. The area that the administration is interested in opening to drilling is less than 100 miles from Cape May, more than close enough for spills to pollute New Jersey's beaches. Furthermore, any drilling in the mid-Atlantic puts us on a slippery slope towards a day when oil rigs dot the view from the Jersey shore. I will oppose this plan and am looking at legislative alternatives to protect our coastline. If this is how the president plans to end the country's addiction to oil, I suggest that he find a new twelve-step program."

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