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Connecticut Political Parties

Connecticut Communist Party
Post Office Box 1437
New Haven, CT 06506
Phone: 203-624-4254
Web site:

Connecticut Concerned Citizens Party
63 Deepwood Drive
Wolcott, CT 06716
Phone: 203-879-0517

Connecticut Democratic Party
330 Main Street
Hartford, CT 06106
Phone: 860-560-1775
Fax: 860-560-1522
Web site:

Connecticut Justice Party
Phone: 860-263-9090
Web site:

Connecticut Labor Party
Post Office Box 53177
Washington, DC 20009
Phone: 202-234-5190
Fax: 202-234-5266
Web site:

Connecticut Patriot Party
Web site:

Connecticut Republican Party
31 Pratt Street Fourth Floor
Hartford, CT 06103
Phone: 860-422-8211
Fax: 860-422-8175
Web site:

Connecticut Working Families Party
30 Arbor Street Suite Number 210
Hartford, CT 06106
Phone: 860-656-9676
Phone: 978-223-5868
Web site: http://www.ct-workingfamilies....

Green Party of Connecticut
Post Office Box 231214
Hartford, CT 06123
Phone: 888-877-8607
Web site:

Libertarian Party of Connecticut
354 Westminster Road
Canterbury, CT 06331
Phone: 860-546-6366
Phone: 860-546-6671
Web site:

Socialist Labor Party
506 Hunting Hill Ave
Middletown, CT 06457
Phone: 860-347-4003
Web site:

Unity Party of Connecticut
Web site:

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