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Chris Koster

Attorney General (MO)
Jason Kander

Secretary of State (MO)
Stephen Danner

Adjutant General (MO)
Nicole Galloway

Auditor (MO)
Bruce Davis

Chairman of the Tax Commission (MO)
Doug Nelson

Commissioner of Administration (MO)
Margie Vandeven

Commissioner of Education (MO)
Richard Fordyce

Director of Department of Agriculture (MO)
Ryan McKenna

Director of the Department of Labor and Industrial Relations (MO)
Sara Pauley

Director of the Department of Natural Resources (MO)
Roberta Broeker

Director of the Department of Transportation (MO)
David Russell

Higher Education Commissioner (MO)
Clint Zweifel

Treasurer (MO)

31% Democrats

8% Republicans

62% Other

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