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George Jepsen

Attorney General (CT)
Democratic, Working Families
Denise Merrill

Secretary of State (CT)
Democratic, Working Families
Thaddeus Martin

Adjutant General (CT)
Steven Reviczky

Commissioner of Agriculture (CT)
Scott Semple

Commissioner of Corrections (CT)
Dianna Wentzell

Commissioner of Education (CT)
Sharon Palmer

Commissioner of Labor (CT)
Dora Schriro

Commissioner of Public Safety (CT)
Kevin Sullivan

Commissioner of Revenue (CT)
Melody Currey

Commissioner of the Department of Administration (CT)
Sean Connolly

Commissioner of Veterans Affairs (CT)
Kevin Lembo

Comptroller (CT)
Democratic, Working Families
Michael Brandi

Director of the Elections Enforcement Commission (CT)
Katharine Wade

Insurance Commissioner (CT)
Jewel Mullen

Public Health Commissioner (CT)
Denise Nappier

Treasurer (CT)
Robert Klee

Commissioner of the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (CT)

29% Democrats

0% Republicans

71% Other

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