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Legislative Committees

Subcommittee on Military Construction, Veterans Affairs, and Related Agencies

National House Committee

H-305 United States Capitol

Washington, DC 20515

Phone: 202-225-2771

Web Address:

Parent Committee: Appropriations


Department of Defense: Military Construction, Army, Navy (including Marine Corps), Air Force, Defense-wide, and Guard and Reserve Forces, Facilities Sustainment, Restoration and Modernization, Army, Navy (including Marine Corps), Air Force, and Guard and Reserve Forces, Chemical Demilitarization Construction, Defense-wide Military Family Housing Construction and Operation and Maintenance, Army, Navy (including Marine Corps), Air Force, and Defense-wide Family Housing Improvement Fund, Military Unaccompanied Housing Improvement Fund, Homeowners Assistance Fund, Base Realignment and Closure Account, NATO Security Investment Program, Department of Veterans Affairs; Related Agencies: American Battle Monuments Commission, Armed Forces Retirement Home, Department of Defense, Civil, Cemeterial Expenses, Army, U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims

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