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Rule X of the Rules of the U.S. House of Representatives, 111th Congress:

* Fisheries and wildlife, including research, restoration, refuges, and conservation.
* Forest reserves and national parks created from the public domain.
* Forfeiture of land grants and alien ownership, including alien ownership of mineral lands.
* Geological Survey.
* International fishing agreements.
* Interstate compacts relating to apportionment of waters for irrigation purposes.
* Irrigation and reclamation, including water supply for reclamation projects and easements of public lands for irrigation projects; and acquisition of private lands when necessary to complete irrigation projects.
* Native Americans generally, including the care and allotment of Native American lands and general and special measures relating to claims that are paid out of Native American funds.
* Insular possessions of the United States generally (except those affecting the revenue and appropriations).
* Military parks and battlefields, national cemeteries administered by the Secretary of the Interior, parks within the District of Columbia, and the erection of monuments to the memory of individuals.
* Mineral land laws and claims and entries thereunder.
* Mineral resources of public lands.
* Mining interests generally.
* Mining schools and experimental stations.
* Marine affairs, including coastal zone management (except for measures relating to oil and other pollution of navigable waters).
* Oceanography.
* Petroleum conservation on public lands and conservation of the radium supply in the United States.
* Preservation of prehistoric ruins and objects of interest on the public domain.
* Public lands generally, including entry, easements, and grazing thereon.
* Relations of the United States with Native Americans and Native American tribes.
* Trans-Alaska Oil Pipeline (except ratemaking).