Rating Group: Montana Chamber of Commerce

2011 Positions

State Office Name Party Rating
MT State House-1 Gerald Bennett R 95%
MT State House-2 Mike Cuffe R 87%
MT State House-3 Jerry O'Neil R 79%
MT State House-5 Keith Regier R 100%
MT State House-7 Randy Brodehl R 96%
MT State House-8 Steve Lavin R 100%
MT State House-9 Scott Reichner R 100%
MT State House-10 Mark Blasdel R 92%
MT State House-12 Daniel Salomon R 95%
MT State House-13 Pat Ingraham R 92%
MT State House-17 Christy Clark R 89%
MT State House-18 Jesse O'Hara R 100%
MT State House-20 Steve Fitzpatrick R 100%
MT State House-21 Jean Price D 52%
MT State House-23 Carlie Boland D 49%
MT State House-24 Brian Hoven R 92%
MT State House-26 Robert Mehlhoff D 62%
MT State House-27 Rob Cook R 96%
MT State House-28 Roy Hollandsworth R 100%
MT State House-29 Ryan Osmundson R 96%
MT State House-30 Bill Harris R 91%
MT State House-33 Kristin Hansen R 90%
MT State House-34 Wendy Warburton R 96%
MT State House-36 Austin Knudsen R 96%
MT State House-39 Lee Randall R 90%
MT State House-40 Bill McChesney D 68%
MT State House-42 Carolyn Pease-Lopez D 47%
MT State House-43 Duane Ankney R 90%
MT State House-44 Jonathan McNiven R 95%
MT State House-45 Tom Berry R 100%
MT State House-48 Douglas Kary R 99%
MT State House-49 Mary McNally D 57%
MT State House-52 Virginia Court D 47%
MT State House-54 Margie MacDonald D 52%
MT State House-55 Cary Smith R 100%
MT State House-58 Krayton Kerns R 58%
MT State House-59 Joanne Blyton R 96%
MT State House-60 David Howard R 96%
MT State House-63 Franke Wilmer D 57%
MT State House-65 Kathleen Williams D 45%
MT State House-67 Gordon Vance R 98%
MT State House-68 Kelly Flynn R 95%
MT State House-69 Ted Washburn R 96%
MT State House-72 Jeffrey Welborn R 94%
MT State House-73 Pat Noonan D 52%
MT State House-75 Edith McClafferty D 56%
MT State House-78 Steve Gibson R 96%
MT State House-79 Chuck Hunter D 61%
MT State House-80 Liz Bangerter R 99%
MT State House-81 Galen Hollenbaugh D 48%
MT State House-84 Mike Miller R 89%
MT State House-86 Kathy Swanson D 57%
MT State House-87 Pat Connell R 100%
MT State House-88 Ron Ehli R 96%
MT State House-90 Edward Greef R 95%
MT State House-92 Bryce Bennett D 42%
MT State House-94 Ellie Hill D 45%
MT State House-96 Carolyn Squires D 52%
MT State House-100 Champ Edmunds, Jr. R 74%
MT State Senate-1 Chas Vincent R 100%
MT State Senate-3 Bruce Tutvedt R 98%
MT State Senate-4 Jon Sonju R 97%
MT State Senate-5 Verdell Jackson R 93%
MT State Senate-6 Janna Taylor R 100%
MT State Senate-8 Shannon Augare D 28%
MT State Senate-9 Rick Ripley R 94%
MT State Senate-10 Bradley Maxon Hamlett D 68%
MT State Senate-11 Anders Blewett D 29%
MT State Senate-12 Mitch Tropila D 23%
MT State Senate-13 Ed Buttrey R 100%
MT State Senate-14 Llewelyn Jones R 89%
MT State Senate-15 Jim Peterson R 97%
MT State Senate-16 Jonathan Windy Boy D 21%
MT State Senate-18 John Brenden R 91%
MT State Senate-19 Matt Rosendale R 92%
MT State Senate-20 Erick Moore R 90%
MT State Senate-21 Sharon Stewart-Peregoy D 12%
MT State Senate-22 Taylor Brown R 88%
MT State Senate-23 Alan Olson R 99%
MT State Senate-25 Kendall Van Dyk D 31%
MT State Senate-26 Robyn Driscoll D 58%
MT State Senate-27 Elsie Arntzen R 98%
MT State Senate-28 Jeffrey Essmann R 93%
MT State Senate-29 Edward Walker R 93%
MT State Senate-30 Jason Priest R 93%
MT State Senate-31 Ron Arthun R 86%
MT State Senate-32 Larry Jent D 46%
MT State Senate-33 Mike Phillips D 51%
MT State Senate-35 Art Wittich R 88%
MT State Senate-36 Debby Barrett R 90%
MT State Senate-37 Jon Sesso D 57%
MT State Senate-38 Jim Keane D 42%
MT State Senate-39 Terry Murphy R 99%
MT State Senate-40 Mary Caferro D 40%
MT State Senate-41 Christine Kaufmann D 5%
MT State Senate-42 Dave Lewis R 100%
MT State Senate-43 Gene Vuckovich D 48%
MT State Senate-46 Sue Malek D 40%
MT State Senate-47 Dick Barrett D 38%
MT State Senate-48 Tom Facey D 37%
MT State Senate-49 David Wanzenried D 43%
MT State Senate-50 Clifford Larsen D 29%
MT Public Service Commission Vice Chair Bob Lake R 100%
Joe Balyeat 96%
William Beck, Sr. 99%
Tony Belcourt 47%
Gary Branae 28%
Tom Burnett 96%
Ron Erickson 18%
John Esp 99%
Lila Evans 92%
Tim Furey 47%
Steven Gallus 18%
Kim Gillan 31%
Alan Hale 74%
Betsy Hands 52%
Robert Hawks 43%
Gordon Hendrick 98%
Cynthia Hiner 68%
Greg Hinkle 91%
Rowlie Hutton 95%
Dan Kennedy 78%
Harry Klock 100%
James Knox 92%
Cleve Loney 99%
Gary MacLaren 100%
Tom McGillvray 98%
Walter McNutt 97%
Mike Menahan 47%
Mike Milburn 96%
Michael More 70%
Lynda Moss 21%
Carmine Mowbray 96%
Kenneth Peterson 83%
Joe Read 98%
Michele Reinhart 47%
Donald Roberts 96%
Diane Sands 51%
Trudi Schmidt 48%
Jim Shockley 90%
Dan Skattum 88%
Derek Skees 84%
Sterling Small 91%
Frank Smith 51%
Wayne Stahl 98%
Donald Steinbeisser 94%
Bob Wagner 73%
Carol Williams 27%
Max Yates 77%
Ryan Zinke 92%

How to Interpret these Evaluations

Keep in mind that ratings done by special interest groups often do not represent a non-partisan stance. In addition, some groups select votes that tend to favor members of one political party over another, rather than choosing votes based solely on issues concerns. Nevertheless, they can be invaluable in showing where an incumbent has stood on a series of votes in the past one or two years, especially when ratings by groups on all sides of an issue are compared. Website links, if available, and descriptions of the organizations offering performance evaluations are accessible by clicking on the name of the group.

Most performance evaluations are displayed in a percentage format. However, some organizations present their ratings in the form of a letter grade or endorsement based on voting records, interviews, survey results and/or sources of campaign funding. For consistency and ease in understanding, Project Vote Smart converts all scores into a percentage when possible. Please visit the group's website or call 1-888-VOTESMART for more specific information.