State Office Name Party Rating
PA State House-1 Patrick Harkins D 25%
PA State House-2 Florindo Fabrizio D 25%
PA State House-4 Curt Sonney R 88%
PA State House-6 Brad Roae R 100%
PA State House-7 Mark Longietti D 25%
PA State House-8 Dick Stevenson R 100%
PA State House-9 Chris Sainato D 25%
PA State House-10 Jaret Gibbons D 25%
PA State House-11 Brian Ellis R 100%
PA State House-12 Daryl Metcalfe R 100%
PA State House-14 Jim Marshall R 75%
PA State House-15 Jim Christiana R 88%
PA State House-16 Robert Matzie D 25%
PA State House-17 Michele Brooks R 100%
PA State House-18 Gene DiGirolamo R 50%
PA State House-19 Jake Wheatley, Jr. D 14%
PA State House-21 Dom Costa D 29%
PA State House-23 Dan Frankel D 25%
PA State House-25 Joseph Markosek D 25%
PA State House-26 Timothy Hennessey R 50%
PA State House-27 Dan Deasy, Jr. D 25%
PA State House-28 Mike Turzai R 100%
PA State House-29 Bernie O'Neill R 63%
PA State House-31 Steven Santarsiero D 25%
PA State House-32 Anthony DeLuca D 25%
PA State House-33 Frank Dermody D 29%
PA State House-34 Paul Costa D 25%
PA State House-35 Marc Gergely D 14%
PA State House-36 Harry Readshaw III D 25%
PA State House-38 William Kortz II D 25%
PA State House-40 John Maher R 75%
PA State House-44 Mark Mustio R 63%
PA State House-45 Nick Kotik D 25%
PA State House-46 Jesse White D 25%
PA State House-47 Keith Gillespie R 88%
PA State House-49 Peter Daley II D 25%
PA State House-51 Tim Mahoney D 25%
PA State House-52 Deberah Kula D 25%
PA State House-53 Robert Godshall R 75%
PA State House-55 Joseph Petrarca, Jr. D 38%
PA State House-57 Tim Krieger R 88%
PA State House-58 Ted Harhai D 25%
PA State House-59 Mike Reese R 88%
PA State House-60 Jeffrey Pyle R 88%
PA State House-61 Catherine Harper R 50%
PA State House-62 Dave Reed R 88%
PA State House-63 Donna Oberlander R 88%
PA State House-65 Kathy Rapp R 88%
PA State House-66 Samuel Smith R 86%
PA State House-67 Martin Causer R 88%
PA State House-68 Matthew Baker R 88%
PA State House-69 Carl Metzgar R 75%
PA State House-70 Matthew Bradford D 25%
PA State House-71 Bryan Barbin D 25%
PA State House-72 Frank Burns D 25%
PA State House-73 Gary Haluska D 25%
PA State House-75 Matt Gabler R 100%
PA State House-76 Michael Hanna, Sr. D 38%
PA State House-77 Scott Conklin D 25%
PA State House-80 Jerry Stern R 100%
PA State House-81 Michael Fleck R 100%
PA State House-82 C. Adam Harris R 75%
PA State House-83 Richard Mirabito D 25%
PA State House-84 Garth Everett R 88%
PA State House-86 Mark Keller R 100%
PA State House-87 Glen Grell R 100%
PA State House-88 Sheryl Delozier R 88%
PA State House-89 Rob Kauffman R 88%
PA State House-90 Todd Rock R 88%
PA State House-91 Dan Moul R 88%
PA State House-93 Ron Miller R 88%
PA State House-94 Stanley Saylor R 88%
PA State House-96 P. Michael Sturla D 25%
PA State House-98 David Hickernell R 88%
PA State House-99 Gordon Denlinger R 100%
PA State House-100 Bryan Cutler R 88%
PA State House-101 Mauree Gingrich R 88%
PA State House-102 RoseMarie Swanger R 100%
PA State House-104 Susan Helm R 100%
PA State House-105 Ronald Marsico R 100%
PA State House-106 John Payne R 88%
PA State House-109 David Millard R 88%
PA State House-110 Tina Pickett R 88%
PA State House-111 Sandra Major R 86%
PA State House-117 Karen Boback R 88%
PA State House-118 Mike Carroll D 25%
PA State House-120 Phyllis Mundy D 25%
PA State House-121 Eddie Day Pashinski D 25%
PA State House-123 Neal Goodman D 25%
PA State House-124 Jerry Knowles R 80%
PA State House-127 Thomas Caltagirone D 25%
PA State House-129 Jim Cox R 88%
PA State House-135 Steve Samuelson D 25%
PA State House-136 Robert Freeman D 25%
PA State House-139 Michael Peifer R 88%
PA State House-140 John Galloway D 25%
PA State House-142 Frank Farry R 50%
PA State House-143 Marguerite Quinn R 75%
PA State House-144 Katharine Watson R 63%
PA State House-145 Paul Clymer R 88%
PA State House-149 Tim Briggs D 14%
PA State House-150 Mike Vereb R 50%
PA State House-152 Thomas Murt R 57%
PA State House-158 Chris Ross R 88%
PA State House-159 Thaddeus Kirkland D 25%
PA State House-160 Steve Barrar R 75%
PA State House-163 Nicholas Micozzie R 50%
PA State House-165 William Adolph, Jr. R 75%
PA State House-166 Gregory Vitali D 25%
PA State House-167 Duane Milne R 75%
PA State House-168 Thomas Killion R 63%
PA State House-170 Brendan Boyle D 29%
PA State House-171 Kerry Benninghoff R 80%
PA State House-173 Michael McGeehan D 25%
PA State House-174 John Sabatina, Jr. D 25%
PA State House-175 Michael O'Brien D 25%
PA State House-176 Mario Scavello R 75%
PA State House-177 John Taylor R 50%
PA State House-178 Scott Petri R 63%
PA State House-180 Angel Cruz D 33%
PA State House-181 W. Thomas D 14%
PA State House-183 Julie Harhart R 88%
PA State House-184 William Keller D 29%
PA State House-187 Gary Day R 75%
PA State House-188 James Roebuck, Jr. D 25%
PA State House-190 Vanessa Brown D 25%
PA State House-191 Ronald Waters D 25%
PA State House-192 Louise Williams Bishop D 17%
PA State House-193 Will Tallman R 100%
PA State House-196 Seth Grove R 88%
PA State House-198 Rosita Youngblood D 25%
PA State House-200 Cherelle Parker D 25%
PA State House-202 Mark Cohen D 25%
PA State House-203 Dwight Evans D 25%
PA State Senate-1 Lawrence Farnese, Jr. D 60%
PA State Senate-3 Shirley Kitchen D 60%
PA State Senate-5 Mike Stack III D 60%
PA State Senate-6 Robert Tomlinson R 80%
PA State Senate-7 Vincent Hughes D 60%
PA State Senate-9 Dominic Pileggi R 80%
PA State Senate-10 Charles McIlhinney, Jr. R 80%
PA State Senate-12 Stewart Greenleaf R 100%
PA State Senate-13 Lloyd Smucker R 100%
PA State Senate-14 John Yudichak D 25%
PA State Senate-16 Pat Browne R 100%
PA State Senate-18 Lisa Boscola D 80%
PA State Senate-19 Andy Dinniman D 60%
PA State Senate-20 Lisa Baker R 100%
PA State Senate-21 Scott Hutchinson R 100%
PA State Senate-23 Gene Yaw R 100%
PA State Senate-25 Joe Scarnati III R 80%
PA State Senate-26 Edwin Erickson R 80%
PA State Senate-27 John Gordner R 80%
PA State Senate-29 Dave Argall R 80%
PA State Senate-30 John Eichelberger, Jr. R 100%
PA State Senate-31 Patricia Vance R 80%
PA State Senate-32 Richard Kasunic D 60%
PA State Senate-33 Richard Alloway II R 100%
PA State Senate-34 Jake Corman III R 80%
PA State Senate-35 John Wozniak D 60%
PA State Senate-36 Michael Brubaker R 100%
PA State Senate-37 Matthew Smith D 25%
PA State Senate-38 Jim Ferlo D 60%
PA State Senate-39 Kim Ward R 100%
PA State Senate-40 Randy Vulakovich R 88%
PA State Senate-41 Donald White R 80%
PA State Senate-42 Wayne Fontana D 60%
PA State Senate-43 Jay Costa, Jr. D 60%
PA State Senate-44 John Rafferty, Jr. R 100%
PA State Senate-46 Timothy Solobay D 25%
PA State Senate-47 Elder Vogel, Jr. R 100%
PA State Senate-48 Michael Folmer R 100%
PA State Senate-50 Robert Robbins R 100%
PA Auditor General Eugene DePasquale D 25%
PA Secretary of Legislative Affairs Katie True R 88%
PA Commissioner-At-Large Merle Phillips R 88%
John Bear 86%
Karen Beyer 63%
Scott Boyd 63%
Joseph Brennan 25%
Ronald Buxton 25%
James Casorio, Jr. 25%
Thomas Creighton 100%
Lawrence Curry 25%
H. William DeWeese 25%
Robert Donatucci 25%
Paul Drucker 29%
Todd Eachus 25%
Jane Earll 80%
John Evans 50%
Russell Fairchild 88%
William Gabig 100%
Richard Geist 75%
Camille George 25%
Michael Gerber 25%
Richard Grucela 25%
Dick Hess 75%
John Hornaman 25%
Tom Houghton 25%
Kenyatta Johnson 25%
Babette Josephs 25%
David Kessler 25%
Bryan Lentz 33%
David Levdansky 29%
Kathy Manderino 25%
Jennifer Mann 25%
Keith McCall 25%
Barbara McIlvaine Smith 17%
Anthony Melio 25%
Robert Mellow 60%
Kevin Murphy 29%
Raphael Musto 60%
John Myers 25%
Dennis O'Brien 25%
Frank Oliver, Sr. 0%
Michael O'Pake 60%
Jane Clare Orie 80%
John Pallone 38%
Tony Payton, Jr. 38%
John Perzel 57%
Jeffrey Piccola 80%
John Pippy 80%
Joseph Preston, Jr. 25%
Thomas Quigley 86%
Douglas Reichley 88%
Samuel Rohrer 100%
Dante Santoni, Jr. 25%
Curt Schroder 88%
Tim Seip 25%
Josh Shapiro 25%
John Siptroth 25%
Ken Smith 29%
Edward Staback 25%
J. Barry Stout 60%
Rick Taylor 25%
Chelsa Wagner 17%
James Wansacz 25%
LeAnna Washington 60%
Michael Waugh 80%
Mary Jo White 80%
Hardy Williams 60%
Jewell Williams 25%

How to Interpret these Evaluations

Keep in mind that ratings done by special interest groups often do not represent a non-partisan stance. In addition, some groups select votes that tend to favor members of one political party over another, rather than choosing votes based solely on issues concerns. Nevertheless, they can be invaluable in showing where an incumbent has stood on a series of votes in the past one or two years, especially when ratings by groups on all sides of an issue are compared. Website links, if available, and descriptions of the organizations offering performance evaluations are accessible by clicking on the name of the group.

Most performance evaluations are displayed in a percentage format. However, some organizations present their ratings in the form of a letter grade or endorsement based on voting records, interviews, survey results and/or sources of campaign funding. For consistency and ease in understanding, Project Vote Smart converts all scores into a percentage when possible. Please visit the group's website or call 1-888-VOTESMART for more specific information.