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Special Interest Groups

Rating Group: Vermont Livable Wage Campaign

2005-2006 Positions

Issues: Labor Unions
State Office District Name Party Rating
William Aswad 100%
VT State Senate Addison Claire Ayer Democratic 100%
Susan Bartlett 100%
VT State Senate Windsor John Campbell Democratic 100%
Donald Collins 100%
VT Secretary of State Jim Condos Democratic 100%
George Cross 100%
VT State Senate Washington Ann Cummings Democratic 100%
Matt Dunne 100%
Edward Flanagan 100%
Roderick Gander 100%
Harold Giard 100%
Vincent Illuzzi 100%
VT State Senate Caledonia Jane Kitchel Democratic 100%
Sara Kittell 100%
Mark Larson 100%
James Leddy 100%
Jason Lorber 100%
VT State Senate Chittenden Ginny Lyons Democratic 100%
VT State Senate Orange Mark MacDonald Democratic 100%
VT State Senate Grand Isle Richard Mazza Democratic 100%
Rosemary McLaughlin 100%
Hinda Miller 100%
Scott Orr 100%
VT Lieutenant Governor Phil Scott Republican 100%
VT State Senate Bennington Richard Sears, Jr. Democratic 100%
VT State Senate Essex-Orleans Robert Starr Democratic 100%
John Patrick Tracy 100%
VT U.S. House At-Large Peter Welch Democratic 100%
VT State Senate Windham Jeanette White Democratic 100%
VT State House Washington-6 Janet Ancel Democratic 91%
Kenneth Atkins 91%
Lynn Bohi 91%
Francis Brooks 91%
VT State House Windsor-5 Alison Clarkson Democratic 91%
Steve Darrow 91%
VT State House Windham-4 David Deen Democratic 91%
VT State House Chittenden-6-5 Johannah Donovan Democratic 91%
Winston Dowland 91%
VT State House Windsor-3-2 Alice Emmons Democratic, Working Families 91%
VT State House Chittenden-8-1 Debbie Evans Democratic 91%
Gail Fallar 91%
VT State House Orange-Washington-Addison Patsy French Democratic 91%
VT State House Washington-7 Maxine Grad Democratic 91%
Steve Green 91%
VT State House Windsor-Rutland Sandy Haas Democratic, Progressive 91%
VT State House Chittenden-7-3 Helen Head Democratic 91%
Carol Hosford 91%
Steve Howard 91%
Peter Hunt 91%
Jim Hutchinson 91%
VT State House Addison-2 Willem Jewett Democratic 91%
VT State House Franklin-3-1 Kathleen Keenan Democratic 91%
VT State House Washington-4 Warren Kitzmiller Democratic 91%
Lucy Leriche 91%
VT State House Chittenden-4-2 Bill Lippert, Jr. Democratic 91%
Steven Maier 91%
Richard Marek 91%
Clint Martin 91%
VT State House Chittenden-2 Jim McCullough Democratic 91%
Virginia Milkey 91%
VT State House Bennington-3 Alice Miller Democratic 91%
VT State House Addison-1 Betty Nuovo Democratic 91%
VT State House Windham-3 Carolyn Partridge Democratic 91%
VT State House Rutland-2 Dave Potter Democratic 91%
VT State House Chittenden-7-2 Ann Pugh Democratic 91%
VT State House Windsor-1 Donna Sweaney Democratic 91%
Albert Audette 90%
VT State House Windsor-Orange-2 James Masland Democratic 90%
Kathy Pellett 90%
Dexter Randall 90%
Ann Seibert 90%
Ira Trombley 90%
VT State House Bennington-1 Bill Botzow Democratic 89%
VT State House Orange-2 Sarah Copeland-Hanzas Democratic 89%
Martha Heath 89%
Dick Howrigan, Sr. 89%
VT State House Chittenden-8-2 Timothy Jerman Democratic 89%
VT State House Grand Isle-Chittenden Mitzi Johnson Democratic 89%
VT State Senate Washington William Doyle Republican 83%
John Malcolm 83%
Harry Chen 82%
Robert Dostis 82%
Sarah Edwards 82%
VT State House Chittenden-3 William Frank Democratic 82%
Bill Keogh 82%
VT State House Washington-5 Tony Klein Democratic 82%
Michele Kupersmith 82%
Sue Minter 82%
Floyd Nease 82%
Michael John Obuchowski 82%
Michael Reese 82%
Ernest Shand 82%
VT State House Addison-4 David Sharpe Democratic 82%
Harry Monti 80%
Diane Snelling 80%
VT State House Lamoille-2 Linda Martin Democratic 78%
VT State House Lamoille-Washington Shap Smith, Jr. Democratic 78%
VT State Senate Chittenden Dave Zuckerman Democratic, Progressive 78%
Avis Gervais 75%
Daryl Pillsbury 75%
VT State Senate Essex-Orleans John Rodgers Democratic 75%
Michael Fisher 73%
VT State House Chittenden-9-1 Jim Condon Democratic 64%
VT State Senate Windsor Alice Nitka Democratic 64%
Albert Joseph Perry 64%
Robert Rusten 64%
Denise Begins Barnard 60%
Michael Kainen 55%
VT State House Washington-2 Francis McFaun Democratic, Republican 55%
Lawrence Molloy 55%
Anne Mook 55%
VT Tax Commissioner Mary Peterson Democratic 55%
VT State House Bennington-2-1 Timothy Corcoran II Democratic 45%
Malcolm Severance 43%
VT State Senate Rutland Kevin Mullin Republican 40%
Patricia O'Donnell 33%
Janice Peaslee 33%
Thomas Koch 27%
Kathrine Niquette 27%
Thomas DePoy 22%
VT State House Franklin-1 Carolyn Branagan Republican 20%
VT State House Bennington-Rutland Patricia Komline Republican 20%
Leo Valliere 20%
VT State Senate Lamoille Richard Westman Republican 20%
VT State House Washington-1 Anne Donahue Republican 18%
Richard Marron 18%
VT State House Chittenden-8-1 Linda Myers Republican 18%
VT Council Member Ward 4 Kurt Wright Republican 18%
VT State House Chittenden-6-1 Kurt Wright Republican 18%
Wendy Wilton 17%
Brian Dunsmore 11%
George Allard 10%
Philip Bartlett 10%
Donald Bostic 10%
David Clark 10%
Kathy LaBelle LaVoie 10%
Harvey Otterman, Jr. 10%
Joseph Baker 9%
Joseph Krawczyk, Jr. 9%
Leigh Larocque 9%
VT State House Bennington-2-2 Mary Morrissey Republican 9%
VT State House Addison-5 Harvey Smith Republican 9%
Joe Acinapura 0%
Steven Adams 0%
David Allaire 0%
VT State House Chittenden-9-2 Patrick Brennan Republican 0%
VT State House Rutland-3 William Canfield Democratic, Republican 0%
Gregory Clark 0%
George Coppenrath 0%
Stephen Dates 0%
Andrew Donaghy 0%
Kevin Endres 0%
Joyce Errecart 0%
VT State Senate Rutland Peg Flory Republican 0%
VT State House Rutland-3 Robert Helm Democratic, Republican 0%
Constance Houston 0%
Richard Hube 0%
Cola Hudson 0%
William Johnson 0%
Sylvia Kennedy 0%
Duncan Kilmartin 0%
Steve Larrabee, Sr. 0%
VT State House Caledonia-4 Richard Lawrence Republican 0%
Judy Livingston 0%
Christopher Louras 0%
VT State House Orleans-2 Michael Marcotte Democratic, Republican 0%
Hull Maynard 0%
VT State Senate Franklin Norman McAllister Republican 0%
Warren Miller 0%
John Morley III 0%
Alan Parent 0%
VT State House Chittenden-6-4 Chris Pearson Progressive 0%
VT State House Orleans-1 Loren Shaw Republican 0%
Mark Shepard 0%
David Sunderland 0%
VT State House Chittenden-10 Donald Turner, Jr. Republican 0%
John Winters 0%
Philip Winters 0%
Mark Young 0%

How to Interpret these Evaluations

Keep in mind that ratings done by special interest groups often do not represent a non-partisan stance. In addition, some groups select votes that tend to favor members of one political party over another, rather than choosing votes based solely on issues concerns. Nevertheless, they can be invaluable in showing where an incumbent has stood on a series of votes in the past one or two years, especially when ratings by groups on all sides of an issue are compared. Website links, if available, and descriptions of the organizations offering performance evaluations are accessible by clicking on the name of the group.

Most performance evaluations are displayed in a percentage format. However, some organizations present their ratings in the form of a letter grade or endorsement based on voting records, interviews, survey results and/or sources of campaign funding. For consistency and ease in understanding, Project Vote Smart converts all scores into a percentage when possible. Please visit the group's website or call 1-888-VOTESMART for more specific information.

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