Rating Group: ConservAmerica

2007-2008 Positions

State Office Name Party Rating
Todd Akin 8
Rodney Alexander 12
J. Gresham Barrett 8
Roscoe Bartlett 40
Bob Bennett 29
Judy Biggert 52
Brian Bilbray 36
Kit Bond 21
Jo Bonner, Jr. 16
Mary Bono Mack 42
Henry Brown, Jr. 16
Ginny Brown-Waite 36
Jim Bunning 29
Dan Burton 8
Steve Buyer 16
Eric Cantor 12
Mike Castle 96
Geoff Davis 8
James DeMint 14
Lincoln Diaz-Balart 36
David Dreier 12
Vern Ehlers 94
Jo Ann Emerson 24
John Ensign 50
Elton Gallegly 12
Judd Gregg 57
Wally Herger, Jr. 4
Pete Hoekstra 4
Kay Hutchison 24
Bob Inglis, Sr. 48
Tim Johnson 88
Jon Kyl 29
Steve LaTourette 48
Jerry Lewis 16
John Linder 8
Dick Lugar 48
Dan Lungren 0
Connie Mack IV 12
Don Manzullo 8
Melquiades Martinez 40
Thaddeus McCotter 24
John McHugh 58
Sue Myrick 12
Ron Paul 18
Todd Platts 84
George Radanovich 8
Denny Rehberg 16
Jean Schmidt 16
John Shadegg 0
Olympia Snowe 76
Mark Souder 20
Arlen Specter 62
Cliff Stearns 16
John Sullivan 8
Todd Tiahrt 16
George Voinovich 38
Zach Wamp 16
Bill Young 48
AL U.S. House-4 Robert Aderholt R 12
TN U.S. Senate-Sr Lamar Alexander R 38
MN U.S. House-6 Michele Bachmann R 6
AL U.S. House-6 Spencer Bachus R 12
WY U.S. Senate-Jr John Barrasso R 50
TX U.S. House-6 Joe Barton R 0
FL U.S. House-12 Gus Bilirakis R 34
UT U.S. House-1 Rob Bishop R -4
TN U.S. House-7 Marsha Blackburn R 12
MO U.S. Senate-Jr Roy Blunt R 8
OH U.S. House-8 John Boehner R 2
AR U.S. Senate-Jr John Boozman R 16
LA U.S. House-3 Charles Boustany, Jr. R 8
TX U.S. House-8 Kevin Brady R 0
GA U.S. House-10 Paul Broun R 0
KS Governor Sam Brownback R 40
FL U.S. House-16 Vern Buchanan R 52
TX U.S. House-26 Michael Burgess R 0
NC U.S. Senate-Sr Richard Burr R 29
CA U.S. House-42 Ken Calvert R 12
MI U.S. House-4 Dave Camp R 4
CA U.S. House-45 John Campbell III R 16
WV U.S. House-2 Shelley Capito R 42
TX U.S. House-31 John Carter R 0
GA U.S. Senate-Sr Saxby Chambliss R 24
NC U.S. House-6 Howard Coble R 16
OK U.S. Senate-Jr Thomas Coburn R 17
MS U.S. Senate-Sr Thad Cochran R 19
OK U.S. House-4 Tom Cole R 12
ME U.S. Senate-Sr Susan Collins R 105
TX U.S. House-11 Mike Conaway R 0
TN U.S. Senate-Jr Robert Corker R 38
TX U.S. Senate-Sr John Cornyn R 24
ID U.S. Senate-Sr Mike Crapo R 33
FL U.S. House-4 Ander Crenshaw R 16
TX U.S. House-7 John Culberson R 4
GA Governor Nathan Deal R 8
PA U.S. House-15 Charlie Dent R 64
FL U.S. House-25 Mario Diaz-Balart R 36
TN U.S. House-2 John Duncan, Jr. R 12
WY U.S. Senate-Sr Mike Enzi R 29
OK Governor Mary Fallin R 6
AZ U.S. Senate-Jr Jeff Flake R 14
VA U.S. House-4 Randy Forbes R 12
NE U.S. House-1 Jeff Fortenberry R 64
NC U.S. House-5 Virginia Foxx R 4
AZ U.S. House-8 Trent Franks R 0
NJ U.S. House-11 Rodney Frelinghuysen R 76
NJ U.S. House-5 Scott Garrett R 16
PA U.S. House-6 Jim Gerlach R 84
GA U.S. House-11 Phil Gingrey R 0
TX U.S. House-1 Louie Gohmert R 8
VA U.S. House-6 Bob Goodlatte R 4
SC U.S. Senate-Sr Lindsey Graham R 24
TX U.S. House-12 Kay Granger R 4
IA U.S. Senate-Sr Chuck Grassley R 48
MO U.S. House-6 Sam Graves R 12
TX U.S. House-4 Ralph Hall R 4
WA U.S. House-4 Doc Hastings R 4
UT U.S. Senate-Sr Orrin Hatch R 24
NV U.S. Senate-Jr Dean Heller R 18
TX U.S. House-5 Jeb Hensarling R 16
CA U.S. House-50 Duncan Hunter R 5
OK U.S. Senate-Sr Jim Inhofe R 10
GA U.S. Senate-Jr Johnny Isakson R 19
CA U.S. House-49 Darrell Issa R 8
TX U.S. House-3 Sam Johnson R 0
NC U.S. House-3 Walter Jones, Jr. R 44
OH U.S. House-4 Jim Jordan R 6
NY U.S. House-2 Pete King R 36
IA U.S. House-4 Steve King R 4
GA U.S. House-1 Jack Kingston R 4
IL U.S. Senate-Jr Mark Kirk R 102
MN U.S. House-2 John Kline R 8
CO U.S. House-5 Doug Lamborn R 2
IA U.S. House-3 Tom Latham R 12
OH U.S. House-5 Bob Latta R 5
NJ U.S. House-2 Frank LoBiondo R 96
OK U.S. House-3 Frank Lucas R 4
TX U.S. House-24 Kenny Marchant R 0
CA U.S. House-23 Kevin McCarthy R 2
TX U.S. House-10 Michael McCaul R 16
KY U.S. Senate-Sr Mitch McConnell R 19
NC U.S. House-10 Patrick McHenry R 4
CA U.S. House-25 Buck McKeon R 8
WA U.S. House-5 Cathy McMorris Rodgers R 8
FL U.S. House-7 John Mica R 8
MI U.S. House-10 Candice Miller R 32
CA U.S. House-31 Gary Miller R 8
FL U.S. House-1 Jeff Miller R 16
KS U.S. Senate-Jr Jerry Moran R 20
AK U.S. Senate-Sr Lisa Murkowski R 31
PA U.S. House-18 Tim Murphy R 36
TX U.S. House-19 Randy Neugebauer R 0
CA U.S. House-22 Devin Nunes R 0
IN Governor Mike Pence R 0
WI U.S. House-6 Tom Petri R 72
PA U.S. House-16 Joe Pitts R 8
TX U.S. House-2 Ted Poe R 4
GA U.S. House-6 Tom Price R 16
FL Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services Adam Putnam R 12
WA U.S. House-8 Dave Reichert R 100
KS U.S. Senate-Sr Pat Roberts R 29
KY U.S. House-5 Hal Rogers R 8
AL U.S. House-3 Mike Rogers R 28
MI U.S. House-8 Mike Rogers R 12
CA U.S. House-48 Dana Rohrabacher R 12
IL U.S. House-6 Peter Roskam R 28
FL U.S. House-27 Ileana Ros-Lehtinen R 64
CA U.S. House-39 Ed Royce R 16
WI U.S. House-1 Paul Ryan R 22
LA U.S. House-1 Steve Scalise R 12
WI U.S. House-5 Jim Sensenbrenner, Jr. R 24
AL U.S. Senate-Jr Jeff Sessions III R 38
TX U.S. House-32 Pete Sessions R 8
AL U.S. Senate-Sr Richard Shelby R 29
IL U.S. House-15 John Shimkus R 12
PA U.S. House-9 Bill Shuster R 20
ID U.S. House-2 Mike Simpson R 24
NE U.S. House-3 Adrian Smith R 14
NJ U.S. House-4 Chris Smith R 96
TX U.S. House-21 Lamar Smith R 8
NE U.S. House-2 Lee Terry R 24
TX U.S. House-13 Mac Thornberry R 4
SD U.S. Senate-Jr John Thune R 48
OH U.S. House-12 Pat Tiberi R 28
OH U.S. House-10 Mike Turner R 20
MI U.S. House-6 Fred Upton R 56
LA U.S. Senate-Jr David Vitter R 14
OR U.S. House-2 Greg Walden R 12
GA U.S. House-3 Lynn Westmoreland R 4
KY U.S. House-1 Ed Whitfield R 44
MS U.S. Senate-Jr Roger Wicker R 36
SC U.S. House-2 Joe Wilson, Sr. R 8
VA U.S. House-1 Rob Wittman R 27
VA U.S. House-10 Frank Wolf R 72
AK U.S. House-At-Large Don Young R 22

How to Interpret these Evaluations

Keep in mind that ratings done by special interest groups often do not represent a non-partisan stance. In addition, some groups select votes that tend to favor members of one political party over another, rather than choosing votes based solely on issues concerns. Nevertheless, they can be invaluable in showing where an incumbent has stood on a series of votes in the past one or two years, especially when ratings by groups on all sides of an issue are compared. Website links, if available, and descriptions of the organizations offering performance evaluations are accessible by clicking on the name of the group.

Most performance evaluations are displayed in a percentage format. However, some organizations present their ratings in the form of a letter grade or endorsement based on voting records, interviews, survey results and/or sources of campaign funding. For consistency and ease in understanding, Project Vote Smart converts all scores into a percentage when possible. Please visit the group's website or call 1-888-VOTESMART for more specific information.