Rating Group: Illinois AFL-CIO

2009 Positions

Issues: Labor Unions
State Office Name Party Rating
IL U.S. Senate-Sr Dick Durbin D 100%
IL U.S. Senate-Jr Mark Kirk R 24%
IL U.S. House-1 Bobby Rush D 100%
IL U.S. House-3 Daniel Lipinski D 100%
IL U.S. House-4 Luis Gutiérrez D 100%
IL U.S. House-6 Peter Roskam R 8%
IL U.S. House-7 Danny Davis D 100%
IL U.S. House-9 Jan Schakowsky D 100%
IL U.S. House-11 Bill Foster D 92%
IL U.S. House-12 Michael Bost R 32%
IL U.S. House-14 Randy Hultgren R 50%
IL U.S. House-15 John Shimkus R 8%
IL State House-1 Daniel Burke D 95%
IL State House-2 Edward Acevedo D 95%
IL State House-3 Luis Arroyo, Sr. D 95%
IL State House-4 Cynthia Soto D 95%
IL State House-5 Kenneth Dunkin D 87%
IL State House-8 La Shawn Ford D 95%
IL State House-12 Sara Feigenholtz D 100%
IL State House-13 Greg Harris D 95%
IL State House-15 John D'Amico D 75%
IL State House-16 Lou Lang D 95%
IL State House-20 Michael McAuliffe R 45%
IL State House-22 Michael Madigan D 95%
IL State House-23 Michael Zalewski D 68%
IL State House-24 Elizabeth Hernandez D 95%
IL State House-25 Barbara Currie D 95%
IL State House-27 Monique Davis D 95%
IL State House-28 Robert Rita D 95%
IL State House-30 William Davis D 80%
IL State House-31 Mary Flowers D 80%
IL State House-32 André Thapedi D 95%
IL State House-38 Al Riley D 100%
IL State House-44 Fred Crespo D 55%
IL State House-47 Patricia Bellock R 5%
IL State House-49 Mike Fortner R 39%
IL State House-51 Ed Sullivan, Jr. R 32%
IL State House-57 Elaine Nekritz D 95%
IL State House-63 Jack Franks D 55%
IL State House-66 Michael Tryon R 25%
IL State House-70 Robert Pritchard R 52%
IL State House-72 Patrick Verschoore D 95%
IL State House-73 David Leitch R 25%
IL State House-74 Don Moffitt R 65%
IL State House-80 Anthony DeLuca D 95%
IL State House-82 Jim Durkin R 25%
IL State House-83 Linda Chapa LaVia D 95%
IL State House-85 Emily McAsey D 55%
IL State House-88 Keith Sommer R 5%
IL State House-92 Jehan Gordon-Booth D 55%
IL State House-101 Bill Mitchell R 38%
IL State House-105 Dan Brady R 32%
IL State House-107 John Cavaletto R 40%
IL State House-109 David Reis R 32%
IL State House-111 Dan Beiser D 75%
IL State House-113 Jay Hoffman D 75%
IL State House-114 Eddie Jackson, Sr. D 100%
IL State House-117 John Bradley D 75%
IL State House-118 Brandon Phelps D 75%
IL State Senate-1 Antonio Munoz D 95%
IL State Senate-2 William Delgado D 95%
IL State Senate-3 Mattie Hunter D 95%
IL State Senate-4 Kimberly Lightford D 90%
IL State Senate-6 John Cullerton D 95%
IL State Senate-7 Heather Steans D 95%
IL State Senate-8 Ira Silverstein D 75%
IL State Senate-11 Martin Sandoval D 95%
IL State Senate-13 Kwame Raoul D 95%
IL State Senate-16 Jacqui Collins D 75%
IL State Senate-17 Donne Trotter D 95%
IL State Senate-20 Iris Martinez D 95%
IL State Senate-21 Michael Connelly R 5%
IL State Senate-22 Michael Noland D 100%
IL State Senate-27 Matt Murphy R 35%
IL State Senate-30 Terry Link D 95%
IL State Senate-32 Pamela Althoff R 60%
IL State Senate-35 Dave Syverson R 60%
IL State Senate-39 Don Harmon D 95%
IL State Senate-40 Toi Hutchinson D 95%
IL State Senate-41 Christine Radogno R 40%
IL State Senate-42 Linda Holmes D 85%
IL State Senate-44 William Brady, Jr. R 20%
IL State Senate-45 Tim Bivins R 40%
IL State Senate-46 David Koehler D 85%
IL State Senate-47 John Sullivan D 85%
IL State Senate-51 Chapin Rose R 12%
IL State Senate-54 Kyle McCarter R 15%
IL State Senate-55 Dale Righter R 40%
IL State Senate-56 William Haine D 75%
IL State Senate-57 James Clayborne II D 100%
IL State Senate-58 David Luechtefeld R 55%
IL State Senate-59 Gary Forby D 100%
IL Auditor General Frank Mautino D 95%
IL Mayor-At-Large Franco Coladipietro R 40%
IL Supervisor-At-Large M. Maggie Crotty D 95%
IL Supervisor-At-Large Al Riley D 100%
IL Alderman-Ward 48 Harry Osterman D 95%
IL Commissioner-12 John Fritchey 48%
IL Treasurer Michael Frerichs D 95%
IL Board Member-20 Sidney Mathias 53%
IL Board Member-At-Large Dan Cronin 55%
IL Chairman-At-Large Christopher Lauzen R 20%
IL State Board of Education James Meeks D 65%
NA President Barack Obama II D 100%
Suzanne Bassi 12%
Melissa Bean 92%
Mark Beaubien, Jr. 32%
Maria Berrios 95%
Judy Biggert 8%
Robert Biggins 40%
William Black 25%
Michael Boland 75%
Larry Bomke 65%
Michael Bond 75%
Rich Brauer 32%
James Brosnahan 68%
William Burns 95%
J. Burzynski 35%
Sandy Cole 25%
Annazette Collins 95%
Marlow Colvin 95%
Jerry Costello 100%
Elizabeth Coulson 47%
Tom Cross 25%
Shane Cultra 5%
Gary Dahl 35%
James DeLeo 95%
Deanna Demuzio 95%
Kirk Dillard 55%
Dan Duffy 20%
Lisa Dugan 75%
Roger Eddy 32%
Keith Farnham 55%
Robert Flider 75%
Paul Froehlich 55%
Susan Garrett 75%
Esther Golar 95%
Careen Gordon 60%
Deborah Graham 95%
Debbie Halvorson 92%
Julie Hamos 100%
Elizabeth Hannig 95%
Phil Hare 100%
Kay Hatcher 5%
Rickey Hendon 95%
Thomas Holbrook 75%
Constance Howard 95%
Jesse Jackson, Jr. 100%
Michael Jacobs 95%
Naomi Jakobsson 95%
Charles Jefferson 95%
Tim Johnson 16%
John Jones 60%
Kevin Joyce 68%
Renée Kosel 32%
Dan Kotowski 90%
Joseph Lyons 67%
Edward Maloney 75%
Don Manzullo 0%
Karen May 75%
Kevin McCarthy 68%
John McGuire 95%
Deborah Mell 75%
Susana Mendoza 95%
David Miller 80%
John Millner 40%
Gerald Mitchell 52%
Rosemary Mulligan 12%
Richard Myers 32%
JoAnn Osmond 25%
Carole Pankau 60%
Sandra Pihos 19%
Raymond Poe 52%
Randy Ramey, Jr. 32%
Dennis Reboletti 40%
Dan Reitz 75%
Dale Risinger 55%
Dan Rutherford 35%
Kathleen Ryg 100%
Jim Sacia 52%
Skip Saviano 57%
Timothy Schmitz 25%
Aaron Schock 8%
Jeffrey Schoenberg 55%
Darlene Senger 39%
Michael Smith 95%
Ron Stephens 25%
Jil Tracy 52%
Arthur Turner, Sr. 95%
Louis Viverito 95%
Ronald Wait 32%
Mark Walker 55%
Eddie Washington 75%
James Watson 52%
A.J. Wilhelmi 95%
David Winters 32%
Karen Yarbrough 95%

How to Interpret these Evaluations

Keep in mind that ratings done by special interest groups often do not represent a non-partisan stance. In addition, some groups select votes that tend to favor members of one political party over another, rather than choosing votes based solely on issues concerns. Nevertheless, they can be invaluable in showing where an incumbent has stood on a series of votes in the past one or two years, especially when ratings by groups on all sides of an issue are compared. Website links, if available, and descriptions of the organizations offering performance evaluations are accessible by clicking on the name of the group.

Most performance evaluations are displayed in a percentage format. However, some organizations present their ratings in the form of a letter grade or endorsement based on voting records, interviews, survey results and/or sources of campaign funding. For consistency and ease in understanding, Project Vote Smart converts all scores into a percentage when possible. Please visit the group's website or call 1-888-VOTESMART for more specific information.

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