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Massachusetts AFL-CIO


Address: 389 Main Street, Malden, MA 02148

Phone line 1: 781-324-8230

Fax: 781-324-8225



"The Massachusetts AFL-CIO is an organization created by workers to promote the interests of workers in the Commonwealth. We are the most powerful, authoritative voice for all working people in the state, both for those in unions and those not yet organized. Originally charted in 1958, the Massachusetts AFL-CIO is one of fifty-one state charters of our parent organization, the AFL-CIO. Largely independent from the AFL-CIO, the Massachusetts AFL-CIO gets the bulk of its resources and power from affiliated local unions and other labor organizations across the state. All told, the Massachusetts AFL-CIO encompasses over 750 affiliated unions which directly represent 400,000 number of organized union members."

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