Rating Group: Christian Family Coalition

2011 Positions

State Office Name Party Rating
FL Lieutenant Governor Carlos Lopez-Cantera R 100%
FL State House-1 Clay Ingram R 100%
FL State House-3 Doug Broxson R 100%
FL State House-4 Matt Gaetz R 100%
FL State House-5 Brad Drake R 100%
FL State House-8 Alan Williams D 0%
FL State House-9 Michelle Rehwinkel Vasilinda D 0%
FL State House-10 Elizabeth Porter R 100%
FL State House-11 Janet Adkins R 100%
FL State House-12 Lake Ray III R 100%
FL State House-13 Reggie Fullwood D 0%
FL State House-14 Mia Jones D 0%
FL State House-16 Charles McBurney, Jr. R 100%
FL State House-19 Charles Van Zant R 100%
FL State House-21 Keith Perry R 100%
FL State House-23 Dennis Baxley R 100%
FL State House-25 Fred Costello R 100%
FL State House-26 Dwayne Taylor D 0%
FL State House-28 Jason Brodeur R 100%
FL State House-29 Scott Plakon R 100%
FL State House-32 Larry Metz R 100%
FL State House-33 Marlene O'Toole R 100%
FL State House-34 Jimmie Smith R 100%
FL State House-37 Richard Corcoran R 100%
FL State House-41 John Wood R 100%
FL State House-44 Eric Eisnaugle R 100%
FL State House-50 Tom Goodson R 100%
FL State House-51 Steve Crisafulli R 100%
FL State House-52 Ritch Workman R 100%
FL State House-53 John Tobia R 100%
FL State House-54 Debbie Mayfield R 100%
FL State House-56 Ben Albritton R 100%
FL State House-60 Dana Young R 100%
FL State House-62 Janet Cruz D 0%
FL State House-63 Shawn Harrison R 100%
FL State House-64 J.W. Grant R 100%
FL State House-66 Larry Ahern R 100%
FL State House-70 Darryl Rouson D 0%
FL State House-71 Jim Boyd R 100%
FL State House-72 Ray Pilon R 100%
FL State House-73 Greg Steube R 100%
FL State House-75 Kenneth Roberson R 100%
FL State House-79 Matthew Caldwell R 100%
FL State House-80 Matt Hudson R 100%
FL State House-83 Gayle Harrell R 100%
FL State House-85 Pat Rooney, Jr. R 100%
FL State House-86 Mark Pafford D 0%
FL State House-89 Bill Hager R 100%
FL State House-90 Lori Berman D 0%
FL State House-91 Irving Slosberg D 0%
FL State House-92 Gwyndolen Clarke-Reed D 0%
FL State House-93 George Moraitis, Jr. R 100%
FL State House-95 Hazelle Rogers D 0%
FL State House-99 Evan Jenne D 0%
FL State House-105 Carlos Trujillo R 100%
FL State House-106 Kathleen Passidomo R 75%
FL State House-107 Barbara Watson D 0%
FL State House-108 Daphne Campbell D 100%
FL State House-109 Cynthia Stafford D 0%
FL State House-114 Erik Fresen R 75%
FL State House-115 Michael Bileca R 100%
FL State House-116 Jose Diaz R 75%
FL State House-118 Frank Artiles R 100%
FL State House-119 Jeanette Nunez R 100%
FL State Senate-1 Don Gaetz R 100%
FL State Senate-2 Greg Evers R 100%
FL State Senate-3 Bill Montford D 25%
FL State Senate-5 Charles Dean, Sr. R 100%
FL State Senate-8 Dorothy Hukill R 100%
FL State Senate-10 David Simmons R 100%
FL State Senate-11 Alan Hays R 100%
FL State Senate-12 Geraldine Thompson D 0%
FL State Senate-13 Andy Gardiner R 100%
FL State Senate-14 Darren Soto D 25%
FL State Senate-15 Kelli Stargel R 100%
FL State Senate-16 Thad Altman R 100%
FL State Senate-17 John Legg R 100%
FL State Senate-19 Arthenia Joyner D 25%
FL State Senate-20 Jack Latvala R 75%
FL State Senate-21 Denise Grimsley R 66%
FL State Senate-22 Jeff Brandes R 100%
FL State Senate-23 Garrett Richter R 100%
FL State Senate-25 Joseph Abruzzo D 0%
FL State Senate-27 Jeff Clemens D 0%
FL State Senate-28 Nancy Detert R 75%
FL State Senate-29 Jeremy Ring D 25%
FL State Senate-30 Lizbeth Benacquisto R 100%
FL State Senate-31 Christopher Smith D 25%
FL State Senate-32 Joe Negron R 100%
FL State Senate-33 Eleanor Sobel D 25%
FL State Senate-34 Maria Sachs D 25%
FL State Senate-35 Gwen Margolis D 25%
FL State Senate-36 Oscar Braynon II D 25%
FL State Senate-37 Anitere Flores R 100%
FL State Senate-38 Rene Garcia R 100%
FL State Senate-39 Dwight Bullard D 0%
FL State Senate-40 Miguel Diaz de la Portilla R 100%
FL Mayor-At-Large Rick Kriseman 0%
FL Commissioner-5 Charles Chestnut IV 0%
FL Commissioner-13 Esteban Bovo, Jr. 100%
J.D. Alexander 100%
Gary Aubuchon 100%
Leonard Bembry 100%
Michael Bennett 75%
Mackenson Bernard 0%
Ellyn Bogdanoff 100%
Larcenia Bullard 0%
Rachel Burgin 100%
Dean Cannon, Jr. 100%
Marti Coley 100%
Daniel Davis 100%
Paula Dockery 75%
Christopher Dorworth 100%
Mike Fasano 100%
Clay Ford 100%
James Frishe 100%
Luis Garcia, Jr. 50%
Joseph Gibbons 0%
Richard Glorioso 100%
Eddy Gonzalez 100%
Mike Haridopolos 100%
Anthony Hill, Sr. 25%
Doug Holder 100%
Ed Hooper 100%
Mike Horner 100%
Dennis Jones 25%
John Julien 100%
Martin Kiar 0%
Paige Kreegel 100%
Ana Logan 100%
Evelyn Lynn 25%
Seth McKeel 100%
Peter Nehr 100%
Bryan Nelson 100%
Jim Norman 100%
Stephen Oelrich 100%
Jimmy Theo Patronis, Jr. 100%
Steve Perman 0%
Ari Abraham Porth 25%
Stephen Precourt 100%
Bill Proctor 100%
Scott Randolph 0%
Betty Reed 0%
Doc Renuart, Sr. 100%
Nan Rich 0%
Franklin Sands 0%
Ron Saunders 0%
Rob Schenck III 100%
Elaine Schwartz 0%
Gary Siplin 100%
William Snyder 100%
Richard Steinberg 25%
Ronda Storms 100%
John Thrasher 100%
Perry Thurston, Jr. 0%
James Waldman 0%
William Weatherford 100%
Michael Weinstein 100%
Trudi Williams 100%
Stephen Wise 100%

How to Interpret these Evaluations

Keep in mind that ratings done by special interest groups often do not represent a non-partisan stance. In addition, some groups select votes that tend to favor members of one political party over another, rather than choosing votes based solely on issues concerns. Nevertheless, they can be invaluable in showing where an incumbent has stood on a series of votes in the past one or two years, especially when ratings by groups on all sides of an issue are compared. Website links, if available, and descriptions of the organizations offering performance evaluations are accessible by clicking on the name of the group.

Most performance evaluations are displayed in a percentage format. However, some organizations present their ratings in the form of a letter grade or endorsement based on voting records, interviews, survey results and/or sources of campaign funding. For consistency and ease in understanding, Project Vote Smart converts all scores into a percentage when possible. Please visit the group's website or call 1-888-VOTESMART for more specific information.

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