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Racial Equity Report Working Group



Address: P.O. Box 40305, Portland, OR 97240

Phone line 1: 503-228-8866


A collaborative effort by the Western States Center along with the Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon, Basic Rights Oregon, CAUSA, Center for Intercultural Organizing, Partnership for Safety and Justice and the Urban League of Portland. The Oregon Racial Equity Report examines 23 pieces of legislation introduced in the 2011 regular session that would have the most direct impacts - positive or negative - on all Oregonians, particularly communities of color. It evaluates and grades each chamber of the legislature, and also provides information on individual legislators’ responses to these bills. This report addresses racial equity related to five major areas: civil rights and criminal justice, education, economic justice, health, and immigrant and refugee issues. A final category, institutional racism, examines legislation that reinforces or increases racial disparities in opportunities and outcomes.


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