Rating Group: California State University

2011 Positions

Issues: Education
State Office Name Party Rating
CA U.S. House-1 Doug LaMalfa R 83%
CA U.S. House-2 Jared Huffman D 83%
CA U.S. House-8 Paul Cook R 67%
CA U.S. House-21 David Valadao R 83%
CA U.S. House-26 Julia Brownley D 83%
CA U.S. House-35 Gloria Negrete McLeod D 75%
CA U.S. House-47 Alan Lowenthal D 83%
CA U.S. House-51 Juan Vargas D 83%
CA State Assembly-2 Wesley Chesbro D 83%
CA State Assembly-3 Dan Logue R 80%
CA State Assembly-4 Mariko Yamada D 83%
CA State Assembly-6 Beth Gaines R 60%
CA State Assembly-7 Roger Dickinson D 83%
CA State Assembly-9 Richard Pan D 67%
CA State Assembly-12 Kristin Olsen R 83%
CA State Assembly-15 Nancy Skinner D 83%
CA State Assembly-16 Joan Buchanan D 83%
CA State Assembly-17 Tom Ammiano D 83%
CA State Assembly-24 Richard Gordon D 83%
CA State Assembly-25 Bob Wieckowski D 83%
CA State Assembly-26 Connie Conway R 80%
CA State Assembly-27 Nora Campos D 83%
CA State Assembly-28 Paul Fong D 83%
CA State Assembly-30 Luis Alejo D 67%
CA State Assembly-31 Henry Perea D 83%
CA State Assembly-33 Tim Donnelly R 67%
CA State Assembly-34 Shannon Grove R 60%
CA State Assembly-35 Katcho Achadjian R 83%
CA State Assembly-37 Das Williams D 80%
CA State Assembly-42 Brian Nestande R 83%
CA State Assembly-43 Mike Gatto D 67%
CA State Assembly-48 Roger Hernandez D 83%
CA State Assembly-53 John Pérez D 83%
CA State Assembly-55 Curt Hagman R 67%
CA State Assembly-56 Manuel Pérez D 83%
CA State Assembly-62 Steven Bradford D 83%
CA State Assembly-64 Isadore Hall III D 83%
CA State Assembly-68 Don Wagner R 60%
CA State Assembly-70 Bonnie Lowenthal D 83%
CA State Assembly-73 Diane Harkey R 80%
CA State Assembly-74 Allan Mansoor R 50%
CA State Assembly-78 Toni Atkins D 83%
CA State Senate-1 Ted Gaines R 83%
CA State Senate-2 Noreen Evans D 83%
CA State Senate-3 Lois Wolk D 83%
CA State Senate-4 Jim Nielsen R 83%
CA State Senate-5 Cathleen Galgiani D 60%
CA State Senate-6 Darrell Steinberg D 83%
CA State Senate-7 Mark DeSaulnier D 83%
CA State Senate-9 Loni Hancock D 83%
CA State Senate-10 Ellen Corbett D 83%
CA State Senate-11 Mark Leno D 83%
CA State Senate-12 Anthony Cannella R 83%
CA State Senate-13 Gerald Hill D 83%
CA State Senate-14 Tom Berryhill R 83%
CA State Senate-15 James Beall, Jr. D 83%
CA State Senate-17 Bill Monning D 83%
CA State Senate-18 Jean Fuller R 83%
CA State Senate-20 Alex Padilla D 83%
CA State Senate-21 Steve Knight R 60%
CA State Senate-22 Kevin de Leon D 60%
CA State Senate-23 Mike Morrell R 60%
CA State Senate-24 Edward Hernandez D 60%
CA State Senate-25 Carol Liu D 83%
CA State Senate-26 Holly Mitchell D 83%
CA State Senate-27 Fran Pavley D 67%
CA State Senate-28 Ted Lieu D 83%
CA State Senate-29 Robert Huff R 83%
CA State Senate-30 Ron Calderon D 67%
CA State Senate-32 Norma Torres D 83%
CA State Senate-33 Ricardo Lara D 83%
CA State Senate-34 Lou Correa D 83%
CA State Senate-36 Joel Anderson R 67%
CA State Senate-37 Mimi Walters R 83%
CA State Senate-38 Mark Wyland R 83%
CA State Senate-39 Martin Block D 83%
CA State Senate-40 Ben Hueso D 83%
CA Supervisor-1 Kevin Jeffries R 83%
CA Supervisor-5 Saren Simitian D 67%
CA Council Member-1 Gilbert Cedillo D 83%
CA Council Member-3 Bob Blumenfield D 80%
CA Council Member-7 Felipe Fuentes D 83%
CA Council Member-9 Curren Price, Jr. D 83%
Michael Allen 83%
Elaine Alquist 100%
Bill Berryhill 83%
Sam Blakeslee 67%
Betsy Butler 80%
Charles Calderon 67%
Amina Carter 83%
Mike Davis 80%
Robert Dutton 83%
Bill Emmerson 83%
Mike Eng 83%
Mike Feuer 67%
Nathan Fletcher 83%
Warren Furutani 83%
Martin Garrick 60%
Linda Halderman 83%
Tom Harman 60%
Mary Hayashi 83%
Alyson Huber 67%
Christine Kehoe 83%
Fiona Ma 83%
Tony Mendoza 75%
Jeff Miller 67%
Chris Norby 83%
Jenny Oropeza 60%
Anthony Portantino, Jr. 83%
Michael Rubio 67%
Sharon Runner 80%
Jim Silva 83%
Cameron Smyth 83%
Jose Solorio 83%
Tony Strickland 83%
Sandré Swanson 83%
Roderick Wright 83%
Leland Yee 67%

How to Interpret these Evaluations

Keep in mind that ratings done by special interest groups often do not represent a non-partisan stance. In addition, some groups select votes that tend to favor members of one political party over another, rather than choosing votes based solely on issues concerns. Nevertheless, they can be invaluable in showing where an incumbent has stood on a series of votes in the past one or two years, especially when ratings by groups on all sides of an issue are compared. Website links, if available, and descriptions of the organizations offering performance evaluations are accessible by clicking on the name of the group.

Most performance evaluations are displayed in a percentage format. However, some organizations present their ratings in the form of a letter grade or endorsement based on voting records, interviews, survey results and/or sources of campaign funding. For consistency and ease in understanding, Project Vote Smart converts all scores into a percentage when possible. Please visit the group's website or call 1-888-VOTESMART for more specific information.