Special Interest Groups

National Animal Interest Alliance Trust

Website: http://www.naiatrust.org


Address: Post Office Box 66579, Portland, OR 97290

Fax: 503-761-1289


"The NAIA Trust is a nonprofit 501 (c) 4 organization established under the Internal Revenue Code to promote responsible animal care and ownership and reasonable laws, policies and regulations to protect animals and the people who care for them. NAIA Trust provides information about animals and animal husbandry, animals in education and entertainment, scientific advances in animal and human medicine, wildlife management, hunting and fishing and pet ownership. It also sounds the alarm about threats to animals and to the human-animal bond caused by people who mistreat animals and by animal rights and environmental zealots. NAIA Trust counters the effects and misinformation of radicals in the animal rights and environmental movements through education, legislation and the courts."


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