State Office Name Party Rating
CO State House-3 Daniel Kagan D 50%
CO State House-4 Daniel Pabon D 50%
CO State House-5 Crisanta Duran D 33%
CO State House-6 Lois Court D 33%
CO State House-7 Angela Williams D 60%
CO State House-8 Beth McCann D 50%
CO State House-10 Dickey Lee Hullinghorst D 33%
CO State House-11 Jonathan Singer D 0%
CO State House-16 Janak Joshi R 83%
CO State House-18 Pete Lee D 83%
CO State House-23 Max Tyler D 67%
CO State House-36 Su Ryden D 50%
CO State House-38 Kathleen Conti R 100%
CO State House-42 Rhonda Fields D 40%
CO State House-51 Brian DelGrosso R 83%
CO State House-56 Kevin Priola R 100%
CO State House-58 Don Coram R 100%
CO State House-59 J. Brown R 83%
CO State House-61 Millie Hamner D 67%
CO State House-62 Ed Vigil D 33%
CO State House-65 Jon Becker R 83%
CO State Senate-1 Jerry Sonnenberg R 83%
CO State Senate-2 Kevin Grantham R 83%
CO State Senate-4 Mark Scheffel R 83%
CO State Senate-6 Ellen Roberts R 83%
CO State Senate-7 Ray Scott R 83%
CO State Senate-8 Randy Baumgardner R 83%
CO State Senate-9 Kent Lambert R 83%
CO State Senate-12 Bill Cadman R 83%
CO State Senate-14 John Kefalas D 33%
CO State Senate-15 Kevin Lundberg R 83%
CO State Senate-17 Matt Jones D 33%
CO State Senate-18 Rollie Heath II D 50%
CO State Senate-20 Cheri Jahn D 60%
CO State Senate-22 Andy Kerr D 80%
CO State Senate-25 Mary Hodge D 67%
CO State Senate-26 Linda Newell D 67%
CO State Senate-28 Nancy Todd D 50%
CO State Senate-29 Morgan Carroll D 67%
CO State Senate-30 Chris Holbert R 83%
CO State Senate-31 Pat Steadman D 67%
CO State Senate-32 Irene Aguilar D 67%
CO State Senate-33 Mike Johnston D 67%
CO State Senate-34 Lucia Guzman D 67%
CO Council Member-3 Keith King R 83%
CO Commissioner-1 Libby Szabo R 83%
CO Commissioner-2 Mark Waller R 83%
Cindy Acree 83%
Bob Bacon 67%
David Balmer 67%
Mark Barker 83%
Donald Beezley 80%
Betty Boyd 67%
Laura Bradford 83%
Greg Brophy 83%
Edward Casso 50%
Mark Ferrandino 33%
Randy Fischer 33%
Joyce Foster 60%
Bob Gardner 83%
Cheri Gerou 100%
Angela Giron 67%
Ted Harvey 83%
Evie Hudak 67%
James Kerr 100%
Steven King 83%
Jeanne Labuda 33%
Claire Levy 50%
Larry Liston 100%
Marsha Looper 83%
Thomas Massey, Jr. 100%
Wes McKinley 83%
Frank McNulty 100%
Joe Miklosi 83%
Shawn Mitchell 83%
John Morse 67%
Carole Murray 100%
Jeanne Nicholson 67%
B.J. Nikkel 83%
Sal Pace 67%
Cherylin Peniston 50%
Robert Ramirez 100%
Scott Renfroe 83%
Sue Schafer 100%
Gail Schwartz 67%
Brandon Shaffer 60%
Judy Solano 33%
John Soper 50%
Nancy Spence 83%
Amy Stephens 100%
Kenneth Guy Summers 100%
Spencer Swalm 100%
Keith Swerdfeger 83%
Lois Tochtrop 67%
Glenn Vaad 83%
Jean White 83%
Suzanne Williams 67%
Roger Wilson 50%

How to Interpret these Evaluations

Keep in mind that ratings done by special interest groups often do not represent a non-partisan stance. In addition, some groups select votes that tend to favor members of one political party over another, rather than choosing votes based solely on issues concerns. Nevertheless, they can be invaluable in showing where an incumbent has stood on a series of votes in the past one or two years, especially when ratings by groups on all sides of an issue are compared. Website links, if available, and descriptions of the organizations offering performance evaluations are accessible by clicking on the name of the group.

Most performance evaluations are displayed in a percentage format. However, some organizations present their ratings in the form of a letter grade or endorsement based on voting records, interviews, survey results and/or sources of campaign funding. For consistency and ease in understanding, Project Vote Smart converts all scores into a percentage when possible. Please visit the group's website or call 1-888-VOTESMART for more specific information.

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