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Special Interest Groups

Business & Industry Political Education Committee


Address: Post Office Box 23021, Jackson, MS 39225-3021

Phone line 1: 601-353-4941

Fax: 601-353-5486


“BIPEC is a nonprofit association comprised of individuals, trade associations and companies who unite to protect and advance free enterprise through research, education, and member action. The purposes of BIPEC are: To learn backgrounds, voting records and key positions of members and candidates for the Mississippi Legislature, Supreme Court and Court of Appeals. And to disseminate credible research findings to BIPEC members; To educate BIPEC's membership network on the impact that legislator and judge-made decisions have on Mississippi's economic growth, business attractiveness and general prosperity of the State's employers; To expand distribution of educational research data to the public arena when deemed appropriate for greater awareness of membership concerns and issues.”

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