Rating Group: National Rifle Association

2012 Candidate Positions on Gun Rights

Issues: Guns
State Office Name Party Rating
AK U.S. House-At-Large Don Young R 100%
AK State House-1 Scott Kawasaki D 92%
AK State House-2 Steve Thompson R 100%
AK State House-3 Tammie Wilson R 100%
AK State House-4 David Guttenberg D 83%
AK State House-7 Lynn Gattis R 92%
AK State House-8 Mark Neuman R 100%
AK State House-10 Wes Keller R 100%
AK State House-11 Shelley Hughes R 92%
AK State House-13 Dan Saddler R 100%
AK State House-14 Lora Reinbold R 92%
AK State House-15 Gabrielle LeDoux R 92%
AK State House-16 Max Gruenberg, Jr. D 33%
AK State House-17 Andy Josephson D 50%
AK State House-18 Harriet Drummond D 17%
AK State House-19 Geran Tarr D 67%
AK State House-20 Les Gara D 17%
AK State House-23 Chris Tuck D 75%
AK State House-24 Craig Johnson R 100%
AK State House-25 Charisse Millett R 100%
AK State House-26 Bob Lynn R 100%
AK State House-27 Lance Pruitt R 100%
AK State House-28 Mike Hawker R 100%
AK State House-29 Mike Chenault R 100%
AK State House-30 Kurt Olson R 100%
AK State House-31 Paul Seaton R 92%
AK State House-34 Cathy Muñoz R 92%
AK State House-37 Bryce Edgmon D 83%
AK State House-38 Bob Herron D 83%
AK State House-39 Neal Foster D 83%
AK State Senate-A Pete Kelly R 92%
AK State Senate-B John Coghill, Jr. R 100%
AK State Senate-C Click Bishop R 75%
AK State Senate-D Charlie Huggins R 100%
AK State Senate-E Mike Dunleavy R 92%
AK State Senate-F Bill Stoltze R 100%
AK State Senate-G Anna MacKinnon R 92%
AK State Senate-H Bill Wielechowski D 100%
AK State Senate-I Berta Gardner D 17%
AK State Senate-J Johnny Ellis D 50%
AK State Senate-K Mia Costello R 100%
AK State Senate-L Lesil McGuire R 100%
AK State Senate-M Kevin Meyer R 100%
AK State Senate-N Cathy Giessel R 100%
AK State Senate-O Peter Micciche R 92%
AK State Senate-P Gary Stevens R 100%
AK State Senate-R Bert Stedman R 100%
AK State Senate-S Lyman Hoffman D 67%
AK State Senate-T Donald Olson D 100%
AK Council Member-Seat F David Pruhs 58%
AK Assembly Member-4 Dick Traini 92%
AK Assembly Member-At-Large Bob Miller 17%
AK Assembly Member-At-Large Dick Traini 92%
AL U.S. House-2 Martha Roby R 92%
AL U.S. House-3 Mike Rogers R 92%
AL U.S. House-4 Robert Aderholt R 92%
AL U.S. House-5 Mo Brooks R 92%
AL U.S. House-7 Terri Sewell D 42%
AR U.S. Senate-Jr Tom Cotton R 92%
AR U.S. House-1 Rick Crawford R 92%
AR U.S. House-3 Steve Womack R 92%
AR Lieutenant Governor Tim Griffin R 92%
AR State House-32 Jim Sorvillo R 75%
AR State Senate-1 Bart Hester R 92%
AR State Senate-2 James Paul Hendren R 83%
AR State Senate-3 Cecile Bledsoe R 92%
AR State Senate-4 Uvalde Lindsey D 17%
AR State Senate-5 Bryan King R 92%
AR State Senate-6 Gary Stubblefield R 92%
AR State Senate-7 Jon Woods R 92%
AR State Senate-8 Jake Files R 92%
AR State Senate-10 Larry Teague D 92%
AR State Senate-11 Jimmy Hickey, Jr. R 92%
AR State Senate-12 Bruce Maloch D 58%
AR State Senate-13 Alan Clark R 92%
AR State Senate-14 Bill Sample R 92%
AR State Senate-15 David Sanders R 92%
AR State Senate-18 Missy Irvin R 92%
AR State Senate-19 Linda Collins-Smith R 92%
AR State Senate-20 Blake Johnson R 83%
AR State Senate-22 David Burnett D 17%
AR State Senate-23 Ronald Caldwell R 92%
AR State Senate-24 Keith Ingram D 17%
AR State Senate-25 Stephanie Flowers D 17%
AR State Senate-26 Eddie Cheatham D 42%
AR State Senate-27 Bobby Pierce D 42%
AR State Senate-28 Jonathan Dismang R 92%
AR State Senate-29 Eddie Williams R 92%
AR State Senate-30 Linda Chesterfield D 33%
AR State Senate-31 Joyce Elliott D 17%
AR State Senate-32 David Johnson D 17%
AR State Senate-33 Jeremy Hutchinson R 92%
AR State Senate-34 Jane English R 92%
AR State Senate-35 Jason Rapert R 100%
AR Commissioner of Education Johnny Key R 92%
AR Director-Position 5 Tracy Pennartz D 42%
AZ U.S. Senate-Jr Jeff Flake R 92%
AZ U.S. House-1 Ann Kirkpatrick D 92%
AZ U.S. House-2 Martha McSally R 92%
AZ U.S. House-3 Raúl Grijalva D 0%
AZ U.S. House-4 Paul Gosar R 92%
AZ U.S. House-5 Matt Salmon R 92%
AZ U.S. House-6 David Schweikert R 92%
AZ U.S. House-7 Ruben Gallego D 75%
AZ U.S. House-8 Trent Franks R 100%
AZ U.S. House-9 Kyrsten Sinema D 0%
AZ State House-1 Karen Fann R 92%
AZ State House-3 Sally Ann Gonzales D 0%
AZ State House-3 Macario Saldate IV D 0%
AZ State House-4 Charlene Fernandez D 0%
AZ State House-5 Sonny Borrelli R 83%
AZ State House-6 Brenda Barton R 100%
AZ State House-6 Bob Thorpe R 67%
AZ State House-7 Albert Hale D 0%
AZ State House-8 Frank Pratt R 92%
AZ State House-8 Thomas Shope R 42%
AZ State House-9 Victoria Steele D 58%
AZ State House-10 Bruce Wheeler D 67%
AZ State House-12 Eddie Farnsworth R 92%
AZ State House-12 Warren Petersen R 83%
AZ State House-13 Darin Mitchell R 92%
AZ State House-13 Steve Montenegro R 100%
AZ State House-14 David Gowan, Sr. R 100%
AZ State House-14 David Stevens R 100%
AZ State House-15 John Allen R 75%
AZ State House-15 Heather Carter R 75%
AZ State House-16 Doug Coleman R 0%
AZ State House-16 Kelly Townsend R 92%
AZ State House-17 Javan Mesnard R 92%
AZ State House-18 Bob Robson R 83%
AZ State House-20 Paul Boyer R 75%
AZ State House-21 Rick Gray R 92%
AZ State House-22 David Livingston R 83%
AZ State House-22 Phil Lovas R 92%
AZ State House-23 Michelle Ugenti R 67%
AZ State House-24 Lela Alston D 0%
AZ State House-25 Justin Olson R 92%
AZ State House-28 Kate McGee R 83%
AZ State House-28 Eric Meyer D 17%
AZ State House-30 Jonathan Larkin D 42%
AZ State House-30 Debbie McCune Davis D 8%
AZ State Senate-1 Steve Pierce R 83%
AZ State Senate-3 Olivia Cajero Bedford D 0%
AZ State Senate-4 Lynne Pancrazi D 75%
AZ State Senate-5 Kelli Ward R 92%
AZ State Senate-8 Barbara McGuire D 92%
AZ State Senate-9 Steve Farley D 8%
AZ State Senate-10 Dave Bradley D 0%
AZ State Senate-11 Steve Smith R 92%
AZ State Senate-12 Andy Biggs R 92%
AZ State Senate-13 Don Shooter R 92%
AZ State Senate-14 Gail Griffin R 92%
AZ State Senate-15 Nancy Barto R 83%
AZ State Senate-17 Steven Yarbrough R 75%
AZ State Senate-18 Jeff Dial R 92%
AZ State Senate-20 Kimberly Yee R 92%
AZ State Senate-21 Debbie Lesko R 92%
AZ State Senate-22 Judy Burges R 92%
AZ State Senate-23 John Kavanagh R 100%
AZ State Senate-24 Katie Hobbs D 0%
AZ State Senate-25 Bob Worsley R 83%
AZ State Senate-26 Andrew Sherwood D 67%
AZ State Senate-27 Catherine Miranda D 17%
AZ State Senate-28 Adam Driggs R 92%
AZ State Senate-29 Martin Quezada D 42%
AZ State Senate-30 Robert Meza D 0%
AZ Secretary of State Michele Reagan R 83%
AZ Corporation Commissioner Thomas Forese R 92%
AZ Director of the Department of Insurance Andy Tobin, Sr. R 100%
CA U.S. Senate-Sr Dianne Feinstein D 0%
CA U.S. House-1 Doug LaMalfa R 92%
CA U.S. House-2 Jared Huffman D 0%
CA U.S. House-3 John Garamendi D 0%
CA U.S. House-4 Tom McClintock R 92%
CA U.S. House-5 Mike Thompson D 17%
CA U.S. House-6 Doris Matsui D 0%
CA U.S. House-8 Paul Cook R 92%
CA U.S. House-9 Jerry McNerney D 0%
CA U.S. House-10 Jeff Denham R 92%
CA U.S. House-11 Mark DeSaulnier D 0%
CA U.S. House-12 Nancy Pelosi D 0%
CA U.S. House-13 Barbara Lee D 0%
CA U.S. House-14 Jackie Speier D 0%
CA U.S. House-16 Jim Costa D 50%
CA U.S. House-17 Mike Honda D 0%
CA U.S. House-18 Anna Eshoo D 0%
CA U.S. House-19 Zoe Lofgren D 0%
CA U.S. House-20 Sam Farr D 0%
CA U.S. House-21 David Valadao R 92%
CA U.S. House-22 Devin Nunes R 92%
CA U.S. House-23 Kevin McCarthy R 92%
CA U.S. House-24 Lois Capps D 0%
CA U.S. House-25 Steve Knight R 100%
CA U.S. House-26 Julia Brownley D 0%
CA U.S. House-27 Judy Chu D 0%
CA U.S. House-28 Adam Schiff D 0%
CA U.S. House-29 Tony Cárdenas D 0%
CA U.S. House-30 Brad Sherman D 0%
CA U.S. House-32 Grace Napolitano D 0%
CA U.S. House-34 Xavier Becerra D 0%
CA U.S. House-35 Norma Torres D 0%
CA U.S. House-37 Karen Bass D 0%
CA U.S. House-38 Linda Sánchez D 0%
CA U.S. House-39 Ed Royce R 92%
CA U.S. House-40 Lucille Roybal-Allard D 0%
CA U.S. House-42 Ken Calvert R 92%
CA U.S. House-43 Maxine Waters D 0%
CA U.S. House-44 Janice Hahn D 0%
CA U.S. House-45 Mimi Walters R 92%
CA U.S. House-46 Loretta Sanchez D 0%
CA U.S. House-47 Alan Lowenthal D 0%
CA U.S. House-48 Dana Rohrabacher R 92%
CA U.S. House-49 Darrell Issa R 100%
CA U.S. House-50 Duncan Hunter R 92%
CA U.S. House-51 Juan Vargas D 0%
CA U.S. House-53 Susan Davis D 0%
CA State Assembly-1 Brian Dahle R 58%
CA State Assembly-5 Frank Bigelow R 92%
CA State Assembly-6 Beth Gaines R 92%
CA State Assembly-12 Kristin Olsen R 92%
CA State Assembly-14 Susan Bonilla D 0%
CA State Assembly-21 Adam Gray D 58%
CA State Assembly-23 Jim Patterson R 92%
CA State Assembly-24 Richard Gordon D 0%
CA State Assembly-27 Nora Campos D 0%
CA State Assembly-30 Luis Alejo D 0%
CA State Assembly-31 Henry Perea D 8%
CA State Assembly-34 Shannon Grove R 92%
CA State Assembly-35 Katcho Achadjian R 92%
CA State Assembly-37 Das Williams D 0%
CA State Assembly-38 Scott Wilk R 42%
CA State Assembly-43 Mike Gatto D 17%
CA State Assembly-48 Roger Hernandez D 0%
CA State Assembly-67 Melissa Melendez R 92%
CA State Assembly-68 Don Wagner R 92%
CA State Assembly-71 Brian Jones R 100%
CA State Assembly-75 Marie Waldron R 92%
CA State Assembly-76 Rocky Chavez R 92%
CA State Assembly-77 Brian Maienschein R 92%
CA State Assembly-78 Toni Atkins D 0%
CA State Senate-1 Ted Gaines R 92%
CA State Senate-3 Lois Wolk D 0%
CA State Senate-4 Jim Nielsen R 100%
CA State Senate-5 Cathleen Galgiani D 42%
CA State Senate-6 Richard Pan D 0%
CA State Senate-9 Loni Hancock D 0%
CA State Senate-10 Bob Wieckowski D 0%
CA State Senate-11 Mark Leno D 0%
CA State Senate-13 Gerald Hill D 0%
CA State Senate-15 Jim Beall, Jr. D 17%
CA State Senate-17 Bill Monning D 0%
CA State Senate-19 Hannah-Beth Jackson D 0%
CA State Senate-23 Mike Morrell R 92%
CA State Senate-25 Carol Liu D 0%
CA State Senate-27 Fran Pavley D 0%
CA State Senate-29 Robert Huff R 92%
CA State Senate-30 Holly Mitchell D 0%
CA State Senate-33 Ricardo Lara D 0%
CA State Senate-35 Isadore Hall III D 0%
CA State Senate-39 Martin Block D 0%
CA State Senate-40 Ben Hueso D 0%
CA Supervisor-1 Kimberly Vann 92%
CA Supervisor-2 John Tavaglione 92%
CA Supervisor-4 Curt Hagman 83%
CA Council Member-3 Bob Blumenfield 0%
CA Mayor Pro Tempore-At-Large Joe Baca, Jr. 92%
CA Mayor Pro Tempore-At-Large Bob Whalen 92%
CA State Board of Equalization Diane Harkey R 92%
CO U.S. Senate-Jr Cory Gardner R 92%
CO U.S. House-1 Diana DeGette D 0%
CO U.S. House-2 Jared Polis D 0%
CO U.S. House-3 Scott Tipton R 92%
CO U.S. House-5 Doug Lamborn R 92%
CO U.S. House-6 Michael Coffman R 92%
CO U.S. House-7 Ed Perlmutter D 0%
CO State House-3 Daniel Kagan D 0%
CO State House-4 Daniel Pabon D 0%
CO State House-5 Crisanta Duran D 0%
CO State House-6 Lois Court D 0%
CO State House-7 Angela Williams D 0%
CO State House-8 Beth McCann D 0%
CO State House-10 Dickey Lee Hullinghorst D 0%
CO State House-11 Jonathan Singer D 50%
CO State House-14 Dan Nordberg R 92%
CO State House-16 Janak Joshi R 92%
CO State House-18 Pete Lee D 67%
CO State House-21 Lois Landgraf R 92%
CO State House-22 Justin Everett R 92%
CO State House-23 Max Tyler D 0%
CO State House-27 Lang Sias R 92%
CO State House-33 Dianne Primavera D 0%
CO State House-34 Steve Lebsock D 75%
CO State House-36 Su Ryden D 0%
CO State House-38 Kathleen Conti R 92%
CO State House-39 Polly Lawrence R 92%
CO State House-42 Rhonda Fields D 0%
CO State House-47 Clarice Navarro-Ratzlaff R 92%
CO State House-48 Stephen Humphrey R 92%
CO State House-50 David Young D 50%
CO State House-51 Brian DelGrosso R 92%
CO State House-56 Kevin Priola R 100%
CO State House-57 Bob Rankin R 92%
CO State House-58 Don Coram R 92%
CO State House-59 J. Brown R 92%
CO State House-60 Jim Wilson R 83%
CO State House-61 Millie Hamner D 0%
CO State House-62 Ed Vigil D 92%
CO State House-63 Lori Saine R 92%
CO State House-64 Tim Dore R 92%
CO State Senate-1 Jerry Sonnenberg R 92%
CO State Senate-3 Leroy Garcia, Jr. D 75%
CO State Senate-4 Mark Scheffel R 92%
CO State Senate-7 Ray Scott R 92%
CO State Senate-8 Randy Baumgardner R 92%
CO State Senate-10 Owen Hill R 92%
CO State Senate-12 Bill Cadman R 100%
CO State Senate-14 John Kefalas D 0%
CO State Senate-15 Kevin Lundberg R 92%
CO State Senate-17 Matt Jones D 17%
CO State Senate-18 Rollie Heath II D 0%
CO State Senate-22 Andy Kerr D 17%
CO State Senate-23 Vicki Marble R 92%
CO State Senate-24 Beth Martinez Humenik R 42%
CO State Senate-25 Mary Hodge D 0%
CO State Senate-27 David Balmer R 92%
CO State Senate-28 Nancy Todd D 0%
CO State Senate-29 Morgan Carroll D 17%
CO State Senate-30 Chris Holbert R 92%
CO State Senate-31 Pat Steadman D 0%
CO State Senate-33 Mike Johnston D 0%
CO State Senate-35 Larry Crowder R 92%
CO Commissioner-1 Libby Szabo R 92%
CT U.S. Senate-Jr Chris Murphy D 0%
CT U.S. House-1 John Larson D 0%
CT U.S. House-2 Joe Courtney D 17%
CT U.S. House-3 Rosa DeLauro D 0%
CT U.S. House-4 Jim Himes D 0%
CT State House-1 Matt Ritter D 67%
CT State House-2 Dan Carter R 67%
CT State House-3 Minnie Gonzalez D 75%
CT State House-7 Douglas McCrory D 8%
CT State House-8 Tim Ackert R 92%
CT State House-9 Jason Rojas D 67%
CT State House-10 Henry Genga D 25%
CT State House-13 Mark Tweedie R 92%
CT State House-14 Bill Aman R 75%
CT State House-15 David Baram D 75%
CT State House-17 Tim LeGeyt R 8%
CT State House-18 Andy Fleischmann D 8%
CT State House-19 Brian Becker D 67%
CT State House-20 Joe Verrengia D 75%
CT State House-22 Elizabeth Boukus D 8%
CT State House-24 Rick Lopes D 42%
CT State House-25 Robert Sanchez D 67%
CT State House-26 Peter Tercyak D 8%
CT State House-28 Russ Morin D 42%
CT State House-29 Tony Guerrera D 67%
CT State House-30 Joe Aresimowicz D 92%
CT State House-31 Prasad Srinivasan R 67%
CT State House-32 Christie Carpino R 92%
CT State House-33 Joseph Serra D 8%
CT State House-36 Phil Miller D 67%
CT State House-37 Ed Jutila D 75%
CT State House-39 Ernest Hewett D 8%
CT State House-42 Mike France R 92%
CT State House-43 Diana Urban D 8%
CT State House-48 Linda Orange D 92%
CT State House-49 Susan Johnson D 67%
CT State House-50 Mike Alberts R 92%
CT State House-51 Danny Rovero D 67%
CT State House-54 Gregg Haddad D 67%
CT State House-56 Claire Janowski D 92%
CT State House-57 Christopher Davis R 83%
CT State House-59 David Kiner D 67%
CT State House-60 Peggy Sayers D 92%
CT State House-61 Tami Zawistowski R 92%
CT State House-62 Bill Simanski R 92%
CT State House-63 Jay Case R 92%
CT State House-64 Roberta Willis D 92%
CT State House-65 Michelle Cook D 67%
CT State House-66 Craig Miner R 92%
CT State House-67 Cecilia Buck-Taylor R 75%
CT State House-69 Art O'Neill R 58%
CT State House-70 Rosa Rebimbas R 83%
CT State House-71 Tony D'Amelio R 92%
CT State House-72 Larry Butler D 50%
CT State House-73 Jeffrey Berger D 92%
CT State House-74 Selim Noujaim R 92%
CT State House-76 John Piscopo R 83%
CT State House-77 Cara Pavalock R 92%
CT State House-78 Whit Betts R 67%
CT State House-79 Frank Nicastro, Sr. D 50%
CT State House-80 Rob Sampson R 92%
CT State House-81 David Zoni D 92%
CT State House-82 Buddy Altobello, Jr. D 92%
CT State House-83 Catherine Abercrombie D 50%
CT State House-85 Mary Mushinsky D 8%
CT State House-86 Vin Candelora R 92%
CT State House-87 David Yaccarino R 67%
CT State House-88 Brendan Sharkey D 8%
CT State House-89 Lezlye Zupkus R 92%
CT State House-90 Mary Fritz D 67%
CT State House-92 Patricia Dillon D 8%
CT State House-93 Toni Walker D 8%
CT State House-95 Juan Candelaria D 42%
CT State House-96 Roland Lemar D 8%
CT State House-97 Robert Megna D 8%
CT State House-99 James Albis D 75%
CT State House-100 Matt Lesser D 67%
CT State House-101 Noreen Kokoruda R 67%
CT State House-102 Lonnie Reed D 75%
CT State House-103 Al Adinolfi R 92%
CT State House-104 Linda Gentile D 83%
CT State House-105 Theresa Conroy D 8%
CT State House-106 Mitch Bolinsky R 33%
CT State House-108 Richard Smith R 75%
CT State House-110 Bob Godfrey D 0%
CT State House-111 John Frey R 75%
CT State House-113 Jason Perillo R 75%
CT State House-114 Themis Klarides R 50%
CT State House-115 Stephen Dargan D 58%
CT State House-116 Lou Esposito, Jr. D 58%
CT State House-118 Kim Rose D 67%
CT State House-120 Laura Hoydick R 67%
CT State House-121 Terrance Backer D 92%
CT State House-123 Dave Rutigliano R 92%
CT State House-126 Charlie Stallworth D 67%
CT State House-127 Jack Hennessy D 25%
CT State House-130 Ezequiel Santiago D 67%
CT State House-131 David Labriola R 92%
CT State House-132 Brenda Kupchick R 25%
CT State House-135 John Shaban R 83%
CT State House-136 Jonathan Steinberg D 25%
CT State House-137 Chris Perone D 8%
CT State House-138 Jan Giegler R 75%
CT State House-139 Kevin Ryan D 92%
CT State House-140 Bruce Morris D 67%
CT State House-141 Terrie Wood R 67%
CT State House-143 Gail Lavielle R 67%
CT State House-145 Patricia Miller D 67%
CT State House-147 William Tong D 8%
CT State House-148 Daniel Fox D 67%
CT State House-149 Livvy Floren R 8%
CT State House-151 Fred Camillo, Jr. R 58%
CT State Senate-1 John Fonfara D 8%
CT State Senate-2 Eric Coleman D 8%
CT State Senate-3 Timothy Larson D 67%
CT State Senate-4 Steve Cassano D 67%
CT State Senate-5 Beth Bye D 50%
CT State Senate-6 Terry Gerratana D 50%
CT State Senate-7 John Kissel R 92%
CT State Senate-8 Kevin Witkos R 92%
CT State Senate-9 Paul Doyle D 92%
CT State Senate-10 Gary Holder-Winfield D 75%
CT State Senate-11 Martin Looney D 8%
CT State Senate-14 Gayle Slossberg D 8%
CT State Senate-15 Joan Hartley D 75%
CT State Senate-16 Joe Markley R 83%
CT State Senate-17 Joe Crisco, Jr. D 8%
CT State Senate-18 Andrew Maynard D 92%
CT State Senate-21 Kevin Kelly R 67%
CT State Senate-24 Michael McLachlan R 83%
CT State Senate-25 Bob Duff D 8%
CT State Senate-26 Toni Boucher R 83%
CT State Senate-27 Carlo Leone D 8%
CT State Senate-28 Tony Hwang R 67%
CT State Senate-29 Mae Flexer D 67%
CT State Senate-30 Clark Chapin R 92%
CT State Senate-32 Rob Kane R 92%
CT State Senate-33 Art Linares R 92%
CT State Senate-34 Len Fasano R 75%
CT State Senate-35 Anthony Guglielmo R 92%
CT State Senate-36 Scott Frantz R 67%
CT Mayor-At-Large Toni Harp D 8%
CT Alderman-Ward 2 Jason Perillo R 75%
CT Council Member-At-Large Deborah Kleckowski R 83%
CT Councilman-1 Joe Bosco 92%
DE U.S. Senate-Sr Tom Carper D 0%
DE U.S. House-At-Large John Carney, Jr. D 0%
DE Governor Jack Markell D 0%
DE State House-2 Stephanie Bolden D 75%
DE State House-3 Helene Keeley D 17%
DE State House-4 Gerald Brady D 33%
DE State House-5 Melanie Smith D 8%
DE State House-6 Debra Heffernan D 17%
DE State House-7 Bryon Short D 42%
DE State House-8 Quinn Johnson IV D 83%
DE State House-11 Jeffrey Spiegelman R 92%
DE State House-12 Deborah Hudson R 92%
DE State House-13 John Mitchell, Jr. D 17%
DE State House-14 Peter Schwartzkopf D 17%
DE State House-15 Valerie Longhurst D 67%
DE State House-16 James Johnson D 8%
DE State House-17 Michael Mulrooney D 92%
DE State House-20 Stephen Smyk R 92%
DE State House-21 Mike Ramone R 92%
DE State House-22 Joe Miro R 42%
DE State House-23 Paul Baumbach D 0%
DE State House-24 Ed Osienski D 17%
DE State House-25 John Kowalko, Jr. D 17%
DE State House-26 John Viola D 83%
DE State House-27 Earl Jaques, Jr. D 8%
DE State House-28 William Carson, Jr. D 92%
DE State House-29 Trey Paradee III D 92%
DE State House-30 William Outten R 92%
DE State House-33 Jack Peterman R 92%
DE State House-35 David Wilson R 92%
DE State House-36 Harvey Kenton R 92%
DE State House-37 Ruth Briggs King R 92%
DE State House-38 Ronald Gray R 83%
DE State House-39 Dan Short R 92%
DE State House-40 Tim Dukes R 92%
DE State House-41 Richard Collins R 92%
DE State Senate-1 Harris McDowell III D 0%
DE State Senate-2 Margaret Henry D 8%
DE State Senate-3 Robert Marshall D 0%
DE State Senate-4 Gregory Lavelle R 100%
DE State Senate-5 Catherine Cloutier R 83%
DE State Senate-6 Ernesto Lopez R 92%
DE State Senate-7 Patti Blevins D 42%
DE State Senate-8 David Sokola D 0%
DE State Senate-9 Karen Peterson D 8%
DE State Senate-10 Bethany Hall-Long D 83%
DE State Senate-12 Nicole Poore D 8%
DE State Senate-13 David McBride D 92%
DE State Senate-14 Bruce Ennis D 92%
DE State Senate-15 Dave Lawson R 92%
DE State Senate-16 Colin Bonini R 92%
DE State Senate-17 Brian Bushweller D 42%
DE State Senate-18 Gary Simpson R 92%
DE State Senate-20 Gerald Hocker R 92%
DE State Senate-21 Bryant Richardson R 92%
DE Attorney General Matthew Denn D 0%
FL U.S. Senate-Sr Bill Nelson, Sr. D 0%
FL U.S. House-1 Jeff Miller R 100%
FL U.S. House-3 Ted Yoho R 92%
FL U.S. House-4 Ander Crenshaw R 92%
FL U.S. House-5 Corrine Brown D 0%
FL U.S. House-6 Ron DeSantis R 92%
FL U.S. House-7 John Mica R 92%
FL U.S. House-8 Bill Posey R 92%
FL U.S. House-9 Alan Grayson D 50%
FL U.S. House-10 Daniel Webster R 92%
FL U.S. House-11 Rich Nugent R 92%
FL U.S. House-12 Gus Bilirakis R 92%
FL U.S. House-14 Kathy Castor D 0%
FL U.S. House-15 Dennis Ross R 92%
FL U.S. House-16 Vern Buchanan R 92%
FL U.S. House-17 Tom Rooney R 92%
FL U.S. House-20 Alcee Hastings, Sr. D 0%
FL U.S. House-21 Ted Deutch D 0%
FL U.S. House-22 Lois Frankel D 0%
FL U.S. House-23 Debbie Wasserman Schultz D 0%
FL U.S. House-24 Frederica Wilson D 0%
FL U.S. House-25 Mario Diaz-Balart R 92%
FL U.S. House-27 Ileana Ros-Lehtinen R 83%
FL State House-1 Clay Ingram R 92%
FL State House-3 Doug Broxson R 58%
FL State House-4 Matt Gaetz R 100%
FL State House-7 Halsey Beshears R 92%
FL State House-8 Alan Williams D 0%
FL State House-9 Michelle Rehwinkel Vasilinda D 92%
FL State House-10 Elizabeth Porter R 83%
FL State House-11 Janet Adkins R 100%
FL State House-12 Lake Ray III R 92%
FL State House-13 Reggie Fullwood D 0%
FL State House-14 Mia Jones D 17%
FL State House-16 Charles McBurney, Jr. R 92%
FL State House-19 Charles Van Zant R 100%
FL State House-21 Keith Perry R 58%
FL State House-23 Dennis Baxley R 100%
FL State House-26 Dwayne Taylor D 17%
FL State House-27 David Santiago R 92%
FL State House-28 Jason Brodeur R 100%
FL State House-29 Scott Plakon R 92%
FL State House-32 Larry Metz R 92%
FL State House-33 H. Marlene O'Toole R 92%
FL State House-34 Jimmie Smith R 100%
FL State House-37 Richard Corcoran R 100%
FL State House-39 Neil Combee R 92%
FL State House-41 John Wood R 92%
FL State House-46 Bruce Antone D 0%
FL State House-50 Tom Goodson R 92%
FL State House-51 Steve Crisafulli R 100%
FL State House-52 Ritch Workman R 92%
FL State House-53 John Tobia R 83%
FL State House-54 Debbie Mayfield R 100%
FL State House-55 Edwin Pigman R 92%
FL State House-56 Ben Albritton R 92%
FL State House-57 Jake Raburn R 92%
FL State House-58 Dan Raulerson R 92%
FL State House-59 Ross Spano R 92%
FL State House-60 Dana Young R 92%
FL State House-62 Janet Cruz D 17%
FL State House-63 Shawn Harrison R 100%
FL State House-64 J.W. Grant R 100%
FL State House-66 Larry Ahern R 92%
FL State House-68 Dwight Dudley D 17%
FL State House-69 Kathleen Peters R 92%
FL State House-70 Darryl Rouson D 17%
FL State House-71 Jim Boyd R 92%
FL State House-72 Ray Pilon R 92%
FL State House-73 Greg Steube R 92%
FL State House-75 Kenneth Roberson R 92%
FL State House-76 Ray Rodrigues R 92%
FL State House-77 Dane Eagle R 92%
FL State House-78 Heather Fitzenhagen R 17%
FL State House-79 Matthew Caldwell R 100%
FL State House-80 Matt Hudson R 92%
FL State House-82 MaryLynn Magar R 92%
FL State House-83 Gayle Harrell R 92%
FL State House-84 Larry Lee, Jr. D 0%
FL State House-85 Pat Rooney, Jr. R 92%
FL State House-86 Mark Pafford D 17%
FL State House-89 Bill Hager R 92%
FL State House-90 Lori Berman D 0%
FL State House-91 Irving Slosberg D 0%
FL State House-92 Gwyndolen Clarke-Reed D 0%
FL State House-93 George Moraitis, Jr. R 92%
FL State House-95 Hazelle Rogers D 17%
FL State House-97 Jared Moskowitz D 17%
FL State House-98 Katie Edwards D 92%
FL State House-103 Manny Diaz, Jr. R 92%
FL State House-105 Carlos Trujillo R 67%
FL State House-106 Kathleen Passidomo R 92%
FL State House-108 Daphne Campbell D 17%
FL State House-109 Cynthia Stafford D 17%
FL State House-114 Erik Fresen R 92%
FL State House-115 Michael Bileca R 92%
FL State House-116 Jose Diaz R 100%
FL State House-118 Frank Artiles R 100%
FL State House-119 Jeanette Nunez R 92%
FL State House-120 Holly Raschein R 92%
FL State Senate-1 Don Gaetz R 100%
FL State Senate-2 Greg Evers R 100%
FL State Senate-3 Bill Montford D 17%
FL State Senate-4 Aaron Bean R 100%
FL State Senate-5 Charles Dean, Sr. R 67%
FL State Senate-6 Travis Hutson R 92%
FL State Senate-7 Robert Bradley R 92%
FL State Senate-8 Dorothy Hukill R 100%
FL State Senate-9 Audrey Gibson D 0%
FL State Senate-10 David Simmons R 100%
FL State Senate-11 Alan Hays R 100%
FL State Senate-12 Geraldine Thompson D 0%
FL State Senate-13 Andy Gardiner R 100%
FL State Senate-14 Darren Soto D 92%
FL State Senate-15 Kelli Stargel R 100%
FL State Senate-16 Thad Altman R 100%
FL State Senate-17 John Legg R 100%
FL State Senate-18 Wilton Simpson R 92%
FL State Senate-19 Arthenia Joyner D 0%
FL State Senate-20 Jack Latvala R 92%
FL State Senate-21 Denise Grimsley R 92%
FL State Senate-22 Jeff Brandes R 100%
FL State Senate-23 Garrett Richter R 92%
FL State Senate-24 Tom Lee R 100%
FL State Senate-25 Joseph Abruzzo D 92%
FL State Senate-26 Bill Galvano R 92%
FL State Senate-28 Nancy Detert R 92%
FL State Senate-29 Jeremy Ring D 17%
FL State Senate-30 Lizbeth Benacquisto R 92%
FL State Senate-31 Christopher Smith D 0%
FL State Senate-32 Joe Negron R 100%
FL State Senate-33 Eleanor Sobel D 0%
FL State Senate-34 Maria Sachs D 0%
FL State Senate-35 Gwen Margolis D 0%
FL State Senate-36 Oscar Braynon II D 0%
FL State Senate-37 Anitere Flores R 100%
FL State Senate-38 Rene Garcia R 92%
FL State Senate-39 Dwight Bullard D 0%
FL State Senate-40 Miguel Diaz de la Portilla R 92%
FL Public Service Commissioner Jimmy Theo Patronis, Jr. 100%
FL Commissioner-5 Scott Adams 92%
FL Commissioner-At-Large Art Otero 92%
GA U.S. House-1 Buddy Carter R 92%
GA U.S. House-2 Sanford Bishop, Jr. D 92%
GA U.S. House-3 Lynn Westmoreland R 92%
GA U.S. House-4 Hank Johnson, Jr. D 0%
GA U.S. House-5 John Lewis D 0%
GA U.S. House-6 Tom Price R 92%
GA U.S. House-7 Rob Woodall R 58%
GA U.S. House-8 Austin Scott R 92%
GA U.S. House-9 Doug Collins R 92%
GA U.S. House-11 Barry Loudermilk R 92%
GA U.S. House-13 David Scott D 17%
GA U.S. House-14 Tom Graves, Jr. R 100%
GA State House-1 John Deffenbaugh R 92%
GA State House-3 Tom Weldon, Jr. R 92%
GA State House-4 Bruce Broadrick, Sr. R 0%
GA State House-5 John Meadows III R 83%
GA State House-6 Tom Dickson R 92%
GA State House-7 David Ralston R 92%
GA State House-8 Stephen Allison R 92%
GA State House-9 Kevin Tanner R 92%
GA State House-10 Terry Rogers R 92%
GA State House-11 Rick Jasperse R 92%
GA State House-13 Katie Dempsey R 100%
GA State House-14 Christian Coomer R 92%
GA State House-15 Paul Battles R 92%
GA State House-16 Trey Kelley R 92%
GA State House-17 Howard Maxwell R 92%
GA State House-18 Kevin Cooke R 92%
GA State House-19 Paulette Rakestraw-Braddock R 92%
GA State House-20 Michael Caldwell R 92%
GA State House-23 Mandi Ballinger R 92%
GA State House-25 Mike Dudgeon R 75%
GA State House-26 Geoff Duncan R 92%
GA State House-27 Lee Hawkins R 92%
GA State House-28 Dan Gasaway R 92%
GA State House-29 Carl Rogers R 92%
GA State House-30 Emory Dunahoo, Jr. R 92%
GA State House-31 Tommy Benton R 92%
GA State House-32 Alan Powell R 92%
GA State House-33 Tom McCall R 92%
GA State House-35 Ed Setzler R 100%
GA State House-36 Earl Ehrhart R 92%
GA State House-37 Sam Teasley R 92%
GA State House-38 David Wilkerson D 42%
GA State House-40 Rich Golick R 92%
GA State House-42 Stacey Evans D 75%
GA State House-43 Sharon Cooper R 92%
GA State House-44 Don Parsons R 92%
GA State House-45 Matt Dollar R 92%
GA State House-46 John Carson R 92%
GA State House-47 Jan Jones R 92%
GA State House-49 Chuck Martin, Jr. R 92%
GA State House-51 Wendell Willard R 17%
GA State House-52 Joe Wilkinson R 50%
GA State House-53 Sheila Jones D 0%
GA State House-57 Pat Gardner D 0%
GA State House-58 Simone Bell D 0%
GA State House-59 Margaret Kaiser D 0%
GA State House-60 Keisha Waites D 42%
GA State House-61 Roger Bruce D 0%
GA State House-64 Virgil Fludd D 0%
GA State House-65 Sharon Beasley-Teague D 0%
GA State House-68 Dustin Hightower R 92%
GA State House-69 Randy Nix R 92%
GA State House-70 Lynn Smith R 92%
GA State House-72 Matt Ramsey R 92%
GA State House-73 John Yates R 92%
GA State House-75 Mike Glanton D 42%
GA State House-76 Sandra Scott D 42%
GA State House-77 Darryl Jordan D 0%
GA State House-79 Tom Taylor R 92%
GA State House-81 Scott Holcomb D 92%
GA State House-82 Mary Margaret Oliver D 0%
GA State House-83 Howard Mosby D 0%
GA State House-84 Rahn Mayo D 17%
GA State House-85 Karla Drenner D 0%
GA State House-86 Michele Henson D 0%
GA State House-87 Earnest Williams D 0%
GA State House-88 Billy Mitchell D 0%
GA State House-89 Stacey Abrams D 0%
GA State House-90 Pam Stephenson D 0%
GA State House-91 Dee Dawkins-Haigler D 0%
GA State House-93 Dar'shun Kendrick D 42%
GA State House-95 Tom Rice R 92%
GA State House-96 Pete Marin D 58%
GA State House-97 Brooks Coleman, Jr. R 92%
GA State House-99 Hugh Floyd D 58%
GA State House-101 Valerie Clark R 92%
GA State House-102 Buzz Brockway R 75%
GA State House-103 Timothy Barr R 92%
GA State House-105 Joyce Chandler R 42%
GA State House-106 Brett Harrell R 92%
GA State House-107 David Casas R 83%
GA State House-108 BJ Pak R 92%
GA State House-109 Dale Rutledge R 92%
GA State House-110 Andy Welch III R 58%
GA State House-113 Pamela Dickerson D 42%
GA State House-114 Tom Kirby R 92%
GA State House-116 Terry England R 92%
GA State House-117 Regina Quick R 92%
GA State House-119 Chuck Williams R 83%
GA State House-121 Barry Fleming R 92%
GA State House-123 Barbara Sims R 92%
GA State House-124 Wayne Howard D 0%
GA State House-125 Earnest Smith D 0%
GA State House-126 Gloria Frazier D 0%
GA State House-128 Mack Jackson D 58%
GA State House-129 Susan Holmes R 67%
GA State House-130 David Knight R 92%
GA State House-131 Johnnie Caldwell, Jr. R 92%
GA State House-133 John Pezold R 92%
GA State House-134 Richard Smith R 83%
GA State House-135 Calvin Smyre D 0%
GA State House-136 Carolyn Hugley D 0%
GA State House-137 Debbie Buckner D 33%
GA State House-138 Mike Cheokas R 92%
GA State House-140 Robert Dickey R 83%
GA State House-141 Allen Peake R 92%
GA State House-142 Nikki Randall D 0%
GA State House-143 James Beverly D 42%
GA State House-144 James Epps R 92%
GA State House-148 Buddy Harden R 92%
GA State House-149 Jimmy Pruett R 92%
GA State House-150 Matt Hatchett R 83%
GA State House-151 Gerald Greene R 92%
GA State House-152 Ed Rynders R 92%
GA State House-154 Winfred Dukes D 0%
GA State House-156 Greg Morris R 92%
GA State House-158 Butch Parrish R 92%
GA State House-159 Jon Burns R 92%
GA State House-160 Jan Tankersley R 92%
GA State House-161 Bill Hitchens R 17%
GA State House-162 Bob Bryant D 58%
GA State House-163 Joseph Gordon D 25%
GA State House-164 Ron Stephens R 92%
GA State House-165 Mickey Stephens D 25%
GA State House-168 Al Williams D 33%
GA State House-170 Penny Houston R 83%
GA State House-171 Jay Powell R 92%
GA State House-173 Darlene Taylor R 83%
GA State House-175 Amy Carter R 83%
GA State House-176 Jason Shaw R 83%
GA State House-178 Chad Nimmer R 83%
GA State House-179 Alex Atwood R 92%
GA State House-180 Jason Spencer R 92%
GA State Senate-1 Ben Watson R 83%
GA State Senate-2 Lester Jackson III D 33%
GA State Senate-3 William Ligon, Jr. R 92%
GA State Senate-4 Jack Hill R 92%
GA State Senate-5 Curt Thompson II D 92%
GA State Senate-6 Hunter Hill R 75%
GA State Senate-7 Tyler Harper R 92%
GA State Senate-8 C. Black R 92%
GA State Senate-10 Emanuel Jones D 0%
GA State Senate-12 Freddie Powell Sims D 100%
GA State Senate-15 Ed Harbison D 42%
GA State Senate-17 Rick Jeffares R 92%
GA State Senate-19 Tommie Williams R 67%
GA State Senate-23 Jesse Stone R 92%
GA State Senate-24 William Jackson R 92%
GA State Senate-25 Burt Jones R 92%
GA State Senate-26 David Lucas, Sr. D 0%
GA State Senate-28 Mike Crane R 92%
GA State Senate-29 Joshua McKoon R 92%
GA State Senate-32 Judson Hill R 92%
GA State Senate-34 Valencia Seay D 17%
GA State Senate-35 Donzella James D 17%
GA State Senate-36 Nan Orrock D 33%
GA State Senate-37 Lindsey Tippins R 92%
GA State Senate-38 Horacena Tate D 0%
GA State Senate-39 Vincent Fort D 8%
GA State Senate-40 Fran Millar R 92%
GA State Senate-41 Steve Henson D 75%
GA State Senate-44 Gail Davenport D 42%
GA State Senate-45 Renee Unterman R 92%
GA State Senate-46 Bill Cowsert R 92%
GA State Senate-47 Frank Ginn R 92%
GA State Senate-48 David Shafer R 100%
GA State Senate-49 Butch Miller R 92%
GA State Senate-50 John Wilkinson R 92%
GA State Senate-51 Steve Gooch R 100%
GA State Senate-52 Chuck Hufstetler R 92%
GA State Senate-53 Jeff Mullis R 100%
GA State Senate-54 Charlie Bethel R 92%
GA State Senate-55 Gloria Butler D 25%
GA State Senate-56 John Albers R 92%
GA Revenue Commissioner Lynne Riley 92%
GA Commissioner-At-Large David Brown 92%
HI U.S. Senate-Jr Mazie Hirono D 0%
HI U.S. House-1 Mark Takai D 17%
HI U.S. House-2 Tulsi Gabbard D 0%
HI Governor David Ige D 67%
HI Lieutenant Governor Shan Tsutsui D 92%
HI State House-1 Mark Nakashima D 42%
HI State House-2 Clifton Tsuji D 92%
HI State House-7 Cindy Evans D 83%
HI State House-8 Joseph Souki, Jr. D 92%
HI State House-10 Angus McKelvey D 92%
HI State House-12 Kyle Yamashita D 75%
HI State House-14 Derek Kawakami D 42%
HI State House-15 James Tokioka D 67%
HI State House-16 Dee Morikawa D 92%
HI State House-17 Gene Ward R 92%
HI State House-18 Mark Hashem D 67%
HI State House-20 Calvin Say D 67%
HI State House-21 Scott Nishimoto D 67%
HI State House-22 Thomas Brower D 75%
HI State House-23 Isaac Choy D 75%
HI State House-24 Della Belatti D 0%
HI State House-25 Sylvia Luke D 0%
HI State House-26 Scott Saiki D 17%
HI State House-28 John Mizuno D 67%
HI State House-29 Karl Rhoads D 0%
HI State House-30 Romy Cachola D 67%
HI State House-31 Aaron Johanson D 42%
HI State House-32 Linda Ichiyama D 50%
HI State House-33 Sam Kong D 83%
HI State House-35 Roy Takumi D 0%
HI State House-37 Ryan Yamane D 67%
HI State House-38 Henry Aquino D 92%
HI State House-39 Ty Cullen D 92%
HI State House-40 Bob McDermott R 92%
HI State House-42 Sharon Har D 92%
HI State House-44 Jo Jordan D 67%
HI State House-46 Marcus Oshiro D 67%
HI State House-49 Ken Ito D 100%
HI State House-50 Cynthia Thielen R 33%
HI State House-51 Chris Lee D 0%
HI State Senate-1 Gil Kahele D 42%
HI State Senate-3 Josh Green D 0%
HI State Senate-5 Gilbert Keith-Agaran D 33%
HI State Senate-6 Roz Baker D 0%
HI State Senate-7 Kalani English D 67%
HI State Senate-8 Ronald Kouchi D 42%
HI State Senate-9 Sam Slom R 100%
HI State Senate-10 Les Ihara, Jr. D 75%
HI State Senate-11 Brian Taniguchi D 75%
HI State Senate-12 Brickwood Galuteria D 0%
HI State Senate-13 Suzanne Chun Oakland D 17%
HI State Senate-14 Donna Kim D 0%
HI State Senate-15 Glenn Wakai D 67%
HI State Senate-17 Clarence Nishihara D 67%
HI State Senate-18 Michelle Kidani D 42%
HI State Senate-19 Will Espero D 42%
HI State Senate-20 Mike Gabbard D 92%
HI State Senate-21 Maile Shimabukuro D 58%
HI State Senate-22 Donovan Dela Cruz D 67%
HI State Senate-24 Jill Tokuda D 67%
HI State Senate-25 Laura Thielen D 42%
HI Council Member-1 Kymberly Pine 92%
HI Council Member-6 Carol Fukunaga 17%
HI Council Member-6 Carol Fukunaga D 17%
IA U.S. Senate-Jr Joni Ernst R 92%
IA U.S. House-2 Dave Loebsack D 0%
IA U.S. House-4 Steve King R 100%
IA State House-2 Megan Jones R 92%
IA State House-3 Daniel Huseman R 92%
IA State House-6 Ron Jorgensen R 92%
IA State House-7 Tedd Gassman R 42%
IA State House-9 Helen Miller D 17%
IA State House-11 Gary Worthan R 75%
IA State House-13 Chris Hall D 17%
IA State House-16 Mary Ann Hanusa R 83%
IA State House-17 Matt Windschitl R 100%
IA State House-19 Ralph Watts R 92%
IA State House-20 Clel Baudler R 75%
IA State House-22 Greg Forristall R 92%
IA State House-24 Cecil Dolecheck R 92%
IA State House-26 Scott Ourth D 67%
IA State House-27 Joel Fry R 92%
IA State House-28 Greg Heartsill R 92%
IA State House-29 Dan Kelley D 17%
IA State House-31 Rick Olson D 17%
IA State House-32 Ruth Ann Gaines D 17%
IA State House-34 Bruce Hunter D 0%
IA State House-35 Ako Abdul-Samad D 0%
IA State House-37 John Landon R 92%
IA State House-38 Kevin Koester R 92%
IA State House-39 Jake Highfill R 92%
IA State House-41 Jo Oldson D 0%
IA State House-42 Peter Cownie R 92%
IA State House-43 Chris Hagenow R 92%
IA State House-44 Rob Taylor R 67%
IA State House-45 Beth Wessel-Kroeschell D 0%
IA State House-46 Lisa Heddens D 17%
IA State House-47 Chip Baltimore R 83%
IA State House-48 Robert Bacon R 92%
IA State House-49 Dave Deyoe R 92%
IA State House-50 Patrick Grassley R 100%
IA State House-51 Joshua Byrnes R 92%
IA State House-53 Sharon Steckman D 17%
IA State House-54 Linda Upmeyer R 100%
IA State House-58 Brian Moore R 92%
IA State House-59 Bob Kressig D 8%
IA State House-60 Walt Rogers R 92%
IA State House-62 Deborah Berry D 17%
IA State House-63 Sandy Salmon R 92%
IA State House-67 Kraig Paulsen R 100%
IA State House-69 Kirsten Running-Marquardt D 33%
IA State House-70 Todd Taylor D 17%
IA State House-71 Mark Smith D 17%
IA State House-72 Dean Fisher R 92%
IA State House-73 Bobby Kaufmann R 92%
IA State House-74 Dave Jacoby D 0%
IA State House-75 Dawn Pettengill R 92%
IA State House-76 David Maxwell R 92%
IA State House-78 Jarad Klein R 92%
IA State House-79 Guy Vander Linden R 92%
IA State House-80 Larry Sheets R 67%
IA State House-81 Mary Gaskill D 17%
IA State House-82 Curt Hanson D 17%
IA State House-83 Jerry Kearns D 42%
IA State House-84 David Heaton R 83%
IA State House-85 Vicki Lensing D 0%
IA State House-86 Mary Mascher D 0%
IA State House-87 Dennis Cohoon D 17%
IA State House-88 Tom Sands R 92%
IA State House-89 Jim Lykam D 42%
IA State House-90 Cindy Winckler D 0%
IA State House-92 Ross Paustian R 92%
IA State House-93 Phyllis Thede D 33%
IA State House-94 Linda Miller R 92%
IA State House-95 Quentin Stanerson R 83%
IA State House-96 Lee Hein R 75%
IA State House-98 Mary Wolfe D 17%
IA State House-100 Charles Isenhart D 0%
IA State Senate-2 Randy Feenstra R 92%
IA State Senate-4 Dennis Guth R 92%
IA State Senate-6 Mark Segebart R 83%
IA State Senate-8 Michael Gronstal D 50%
IA State Senate-9 Jason Schultz R 92%
IA State Senate-10 Jake Chapman R 92%
IA State Senate-12 Mark Costello R 42%
IA State Senate-13 Julian Garrett R 92%
IA State Senate-14 Amy Sinclair R 92%
IA State Senate-16 Dick Dearden D 83%
IA State Senate-18 Janet Petersen D 0%
IA State Senate-20 Brad Zaun R 92%
IA State Senate-24 Jerry Behn R 92%
IA State Senate-26 Mary Jo Wilhelm D 67%
IA State Senate-28 Michael Breitbach R 92%
IA State Senate-30 Jeff Danielson D 50%
IA State Senate-32 Brian Schoenjahn D 58%
IA State Senate-36 Steve Sodders D 50%
IA State Senate-38 Tim Kapucian R 83%
IA State Senate-40 Ken Rozenboom R 83%
IA State Senate-42 Rich Taylor D 67%
IA State Senate-44 Thomas Courtney D 83%
IA State Senate-48 Dan Zumbach R 92%
IA State Senate-50 Pam Jochum D 0%
IA Supervisor-1 John Beard 50%
IA Supervisor-2 Jeremy Taylor R 92%
IA Supervisor-At-Large Merlin Bartz 92%
IA Supervisor-At-Large Shawn Hamerlinck R 92%
IA Alderman-Ward 2 Bill Edmond 92%
IA Council Member-At-Large Al Ringgenberg 92%
ID U.S. House-1 Raúl Labrador R 92%
ID U.S. House-2 Mike Simpson R 100%
ID State House-2A Vito Barbieri R 92%
ID State House-3A Ron Mendive R 92%
ID State House-4A Luke Malek R 75%
ID State House-4B Kathy Sims R 83%
ID State House-6B John Rusche D 0%
ID State House-7A Shannon McMillan R 92%
ID State House-7B Paul Shepherd R 92%
ID State House-9B Judy Boyle R 100%
ID State House-10A Brandon Hixon R 83%
ID State House-11A Gayle Batt R 92%
ID State House-11B Christy Perry R 92%
ID State House-12A Robert Anderst R 42%
ID State House-12B Rick Youngblood R 42%
ID State House-13A Brent Crane R 92%
ID State House-13B Gary Collins R 92%
ID State House-14A Mike Moyle R 100%
ID State House-14B Reed DeMordaunt R 92%
ID State House-15A Lynn Luker R 75%
ID State House-17B Susan Chew D 25%
ID State House-18B Phylis King D 0%
ID State House-20A Joe Palmer R 92%
ID State House-20B James Holtzclaw R 75%
ID State House-21A Steven Harris R 92%
ID State House-21B Tom Dayley R 17%
ID State House-22A John Vander Woude R 83%
ID State House-22B Jason Monks R 92%
ID State House-23A Rich Wills R 50%
ID State House-23B Pete Nielsen, Sr. R 92%
ID State House-24B Stephen Hartgen R 92%
ID State House-25A Maxine Bell R 17%
ID State House-26B Donna Pence D 17%
ID State House-27A Scott Bedke R 92%
ID State House-27B Fred Wood R 83%
ID State House-28A Ken Andrus R 58%
ID State House-28B Kelley Packer R 92%
ID State House-29B Elaine Smith D 17%
ID State House-30A Jeffrey Thompson R 67%
ID State House-30B Wendy Horman R 58%
ID State House-31A Neil Anderson R 0%
ID State House-31B Julie VanOrden R 0%
ID State House-32A Marc Gibbs R 67%
ID State House-32B Tom Loertscher R 100%
ID State House-33A Janet Trujillo R 42%
ID State House-33B Linden Bateman R 33%
ID State House-34B Dell Raybould R 33%
ID State House-35B Paul Romrell R 83%
ID State Senate-1 Shawn Keough R 67%
ID State Senate-2 Steve Vick R 92%
ID State Senate-3 Bob Nonini R 92%
ID State Senate-7 Sheryl Nuxoll R 92%
ID State Senate-8 Steven Thayn R 92%
ID State Senate-10 Jim Rice R 92%
ID State Senate-11 Patti Lodge R 92%
ID State Senate-12 Todd Lakey R 67%
ID State Senate-13 Curtis McKenzie R 100%
ID State Senate-14 Marv Hagedorn R 92%
ID State Senate-16 Grant Burgoyne D 42%
ID State Senate-19 Cherie Buckner-Webb D 0%
ID State Senate-20 Chuck Winder R 50%
ID State Senate-21 Cliff Bayer R 92%
ID State Senate-23 Bert Brackett R 92%
ID State Senate-24 Lee Heider R 92%
ID State Senate-25 Jim Patrick R 92%
ID State Senate-26 Michelle Stennett D 50%
ID State Senate-28 Jim Guthrie R 92%
ID State Senate-29 Roy Lacey D 0%
ID State Senate-30 Dean Mortimer R 92%
ID State Senate-31 Steve Bair R 67%
ID State Senate-33 Bart Davis R 50%
ID State Senate-34 Brent Hill R 50%
ID State Senate-35 Jeff Siddoway R 92%
ID Secretary of State Lawerence Denney R 100%
ID Director of the Department of Insurance Dean Cameron N/A 67%
ID Council Member-At-Large Craig Cooper 92%
ID Tax Commissioner Elliot Werk D 17%
IL U.S. House-1 Bobby Rush D 0%
IL U.S. House-3 Daniel Lipinski D 17%
IL U.S. House-4 Luis Gutiérrez D 0%
IL U.S. House-5 Mike Quigley D 0%
IL U.S. House-6 Peter Roskam R 92%
IL U.S. House-7 Danny Davis D 0%
IL U.S. House-8 Tammy Duckworth D 0%
IL U.S. House-9 Jan Schakowsky D 0%
IL U.S. House-10 Bob Dold R 17%
IL U.S. House-11 Bill Foster D 75%
IL U.S. House-12 Mike Bost R 100%
IL U.S. House-13 Rodney Davis R 92%
IL U.S. House-14 Randy Hultgren R 92%
IL U.S. House-15 John Shimkus R 92%
IL U.S. House-16 Adam Kinzinger R 92%
IL U.S. House-17 Cheri Bustos D 75%
IL U.S. House-18 Darin LaHood R 92%
IL State House-1 Daniel Burke D 0%
IL State House-2 Edward Acevedo D 0%
IL State House-3 Luis Arroyo D 0%
IL State House-4 Cynthia Soto D 0%
IL State House-5 Kenneth Dunkin D 0%
IL State House-8 La Shawn Ford D 17%
IL State House-9 Arthur Turner, Jr. D 0%
IL State House-11 Ann Williams D 0%
IL State House-12 Sara Feigenholtz D 0%
IL State House-13 Greg Harris D 0%
IL State House-14 Kelly Cassidy D 0%
IL State House-15 John D'Amico D 0%
IL State House-16 Lou Lang D 0%
IL State House-17 Laura Fine D 0%
IL State House-18 Robyn Gabel D 0%
IL State House-20 Michael McAuliffe R 67%
IL State House-22 Michael Madigan D 0%
IL State House-23 Michael Zalewski D 0%
IL State House-24 Elizabeth Hernandez D 0%
IL State House-25 Barbara Currie D 0%
IL State House-26 Christian Mitchell D 0%
IL State House-27 Monique Davis D 0%
IL State House-28 Robert Rita D 0%
IL State House-29 Thaddeus Jones D 0%
IL State House-30 William Davis D 0%
IL State House-31 Mary Flowers D 0%
IL State House-32 André Thapedi D 0%
IL State House-33 Marcus Evans, Jr. D 0%
IL State House-35 Frances Hurley D 0%
IL State House-36 Kelly Burke D 0%
IL State House-38 Al Riley D 0%
IL State House-42 Jeanne Ives R 92%
IL State House-44 Fred Crespo D 0%
IL State House-46 Deborah Conroy D 0%
IL State House-47 Patricia Bellock R 67%
IL State House-49 Mike Fortner R 92%
IL State House-51 Ed Sullivan, Jr. R 100%
IL State House-52 David McSweeney R 92%
IL State House-53 David Harris R 92%
IL State House-54 Tom Morrison R 92%
IL State House-55 Martin Moylan D 0%
IL State House-56 Michelle Mussman D 0%
IL State House-57 Elaine Nekritz D 0%
IL State House-58 Scott Drury D 0%
IL State House-59 Carol Sente D 0%
IL State House-60 Rita Mayfield D 0%
IL State House-63 Jack Franks D 92%
IL State House-64 Barbara Wheeler R 75%
IL State House-66 Michael Tryon R 92%
IL State House-68 John Cabello R 92%
IL State House-69 Joe Sosnowski R 92%
IL State House-70 Robert Pritchard R 92%
IL State House-71 Mike Smiddy D 75%
IL State House-72 Patrick Verschoore D 100%
IL State House-73 David Leitch R 92%
IL State House-74 Don Moffitt R 92%
IL State House-76 Frank Mautino D 92%
IL State House-78 Camille Lilly D 0%
IL State House-79 Katherine Cloonen D 92%
IL State House-80 Anthony DeLuca D 42%
IL State House-81 Ronald Sandack R 83%
IL State House-82 Jim Durkin R 58%
IL State House-83 Linda Chapa LaVia D 92%
IL State House-84 Stephanie Kifowit D 0%
IL State House-85 Emily McAsey D 0%
IL State House-88 Keith Sommer R 92%
IL State House-91 Michael Unes R 100%
IL State House-92 Jehan Gordon-Booth D 67%
IL State House-93 Norine Hammond R 92%
IL State House-94 Randy Frese R 92%
IL State House-96 Sue Scherer D 92%
IL State House-101 Bill Mitchell R 92%
IL State House-102 Adam Brown R 92%
IL State House-104 Chad Hays R 92%
IL State House-105 Dan Brady R 92%
IL State House-107 John Cavaletto R 92%
IL State House-108 Charles Meier R 75%
IL State House-109 David Reis R 100%
IL State House-111 Dan Beiser D 92%
IL State House-112 Dwight Kay R 92%
IL State House-113 Jay Hoffman D 67%
IL State House-114 Eddie Jackson, Sr. D 92%
IL State House-116 Jerry Costello II D 92%
IL State House-117 John Bradley D 100%
IL State House-118 Brandon Phelps D 100%
IL State Senate-1 Antonio Munoz D 0%
IL State Senate-2 William Delgado D 0%
IL State Senate-3 Mattie Hunter D 0%
IL State Senate-4 Kimberly Lightford D 0%
IL State Senate-5 Patricia Van Pelt D 0%
IL State Senate-6 John Cullerton D 0%
IL State Senate-7 Heather Steans D 0%
IL State Senate-8 Ira Silverstein D 0%
IL State Senate-9 Daniel Biss D 0%
IL State Senate-10 John Mulroe D 0%
IL State Senate-11 Martin Sandoval D 0%
IL State Senate-12 Steven Landek D 42%
IL State Senate-13 Kwame Raoul D 0%
IL State Senate-14 Emil Jones III D 17%
IL State Senate-16 Jacqui Collins D 0%
IL State Senate-17 Donne Trotter D 33%
IL State Senate-18 Bill Cunningham D 0%
IL State Senate-19 Michael Hastings D 67%
IL State Senate-20 Iris Martinez D 0%
IL State Senate-21 Michael Connelly R 92%
IL State Senate-22 Michael Noland D 33%
IL State Senate-23 Thomas Cullerton D 67%
IL State Senate-25 Jim Oberweis R 83%
IL State Senate-26 Dan Duffy R 92%
IL State Senate-27 Matt Murphy R 83%
IL State Senate-29 Julie Morrison D 0%
IL State Senate-30 Terry Link D 0%
IL State Senate-32 Pamela Althoff R 75%
IL State Senate-33 Karen McConnaughay R 92%
IL State Senate-34 Steve Stadelman D 92%
IL State Senate-35 Dave Syverson R 92%
IL State Senate-36 Neil Anderson R 92%
IL State Senate-38 Sue Rezin R 92%
IL State Senate-39 Don Harmon D 0%
IL State Senate-40 Toi Hutchinson D 92%
IL State Senate-41 Christine Radogno R 92%
IL State Senate-42 Linda Holmes D 92%
IL State Senate-44 William Brady, Jr. R 92%
IL State Senate-45 Tim Bivins R 92%
IL State Senate-46 David Koehler D 92%
IL State Senate-47 John Sullivan D 92%
IL State Senate-48 Andy Manar D 92%
IL State Senate-49 Jennifer Bertino-Tarrant D 92%
IL State Senate-50 Sam McCann R 92%
IL State Senate-51 Chapin Rose R 92%
IL State Senate-53 Jason Barickman R 92%
IL State Senate-54 Kyle McCarter R 92%
IL State Senate-55 Dale Righter R 92%
IL State Senate-56 William Haine D 100%
IL State Senate-57 James Clayborne II D 92%
IL State Senate-58 David Luechtefeld R 100%
IL State Senate-59 Gary Forby D 100%
IL Director of the Department of Agriculture Raymond Poe R 92%
IL Mayor-At-Large Mike McElroy 83%
IL Supervisor-At-Large David Barnes 83%
IL Supervisor-At-Large Al Riley D 0%
IL Trustee-At-Large Garrett Peck 92%
IL Alderman-Ward 3 Thaddeus Jones 0%
IL Commissioner-8 Luis Arroyo D 0%
IL Treasurer Michael Frerichs D 92%
IL Board Member-7 Melinda Hunt 92%
IL Board Member-20 Sidney Mathias 75%
IN U.S. Senate-Jr Joe Donnelly, Sr. D 92%
IN U.S. House-1 Pete Visclosky D 0%
IN U.S. House-2 Jackie Walorski R 92%
IN U.S. House-3 Marlin Stutzman R 92%
IN U.S. House-4 Todd Rokita R 92%
IN U.S. House-5 Susan Brooks R 92%
IN U.S. House-6 Luke Messer R 92%
IN U.S. House-7 André Carson D 17%
IN U.S. House-8 Larry Bucshon R 92%
IN U.S. House-9 Todd Young R 92%
IN Governor Mike Pence R 92%
IN Lieutenant Governor Sue Ellspermann R 67%
IN State House-1 Linda Lawson D 17%
IN State House-3 Charlie Brown D 0%
IN State House-4 Edmond Soliday R 92%
IN State House-5 Dale DeVon R 92%
IN State House-6 Pat Bauer D 0%
IN State House-7 David Niezgodski D 75%
IN State House-8 Ryan Dvorak D 42%
IN State House-9 Scott Pelath D 92%
IN State House-10 Charles Moseley D 67%
IN State House-12 Bill Fine R 92%
IN State House-13 Sharon Negele R 83%
IN State House-14 Vernon Smith D 0%
IN State House-15 Hal Slager R 83%
IN State House-16 Douglas Gutwein R 92%
IN State House-17 Tim Harman R 92%
IN State House-18 David Wolkins R 92%
IN State House-20 Tom Dermody R 92%
IN State House-21 Timothy Wesco R 92%
IN State House-23 William Friend R 100%
IN State House-25 Donald Lehe R 92%
IN State House-26 Randy Truitt R 92%
IN State House-27 Sheila Klinker D 83%
IN State House-28 Jeffrey Thompson R 92%
IN State House-29 Kathy Richardson R 92%
IN State House-30 Mike Karickhoff R 92%
IN State House-31 Kevin Mahan R 92%
IN State House-34 Sue Errington D 50%
IN State House-36 Terri Austin D 83%
IN State House-37 Todd Huston R 92%
IN State House-38 Heath VanNatter R 100%
IN State House-39 Gerald Torr R 100%
IN State House-40 Gregory Steuerwald R 83%
IN State House-41 Timothy Brown R 92%
IN State House-42 Alan Morrison R 92%
IN State House-43 Clyde Kersey D 58%
IN State House-44 Jim Baird R 92%
IN State House-45 Bruce Borders R 92%
IN State House-46 Bob Heaton R 92%
IN State House-47 John Price R 58%
IN State House-49 Wes Culver R 92%
IN State House-50 Daniel Leonard R 92%
IN State House-51 Dennis Zent R 92%
IN State House-52 Ben Smaltz R 92%
IN State House-53 Bob Cherry R 92%
IN State House-54 Thomas Saunders R 83%
IN State House-55 Cindy Ziemke R 92%
IN State House-56 Dick Hamm R 92%
IN State House-57 Sean Eberhart R 100%
IN State House-58 Charles Burton R 92%
IN State House-59 Milo Smith R 92%
IN State House-60 Peggy Mayfield R 92%
IN State House-61 Matt Pierce D 17%
IN State House-62 Matt Ubelhor R 100%
IN State House-64 Thomas Washburne R 92%
IN State House-65 Eric Koch R 100%
IN State House-66 Terry Goodin D 100%
IN State House-67 Randy Frye R 92%
IN State House-69 Jim Lucas R 92%
IN State House-70 Rhonda Rhoads R 92%
IN State House-71 Steven Stemler D 92%
IN State House-72 Edward Clere R 92%
IN State House-73 Steven Davisson R 92%
IN State House-74 Lloyd Arnold R 92%
IN State House-75 Ron Bacon R 92%
IN State House-76 Wendy McNamara R 92%
IN State House-77 Gail Riecken D 17%
IN State House-79 Matt Lehman R 92%
IN State House-80 Phil GiaQuinta D 58%
IN State House-81 Martin Carbaugh R 83%
IN State House-82 David Ober R 92%
IN State House-84 Bob Morris R 92%
IN State House-86 Edward DeLaney D 0%
IN State House-88 Brian Bosma R 100%
IN State House-89 Cindy Kirchhofer R 92%
IN State House-90 Mike Speedy R 100%
IN State House-91 Robert Behning R 92%
IN State House-92 Karlee Macer D 92%
IN State House-93 David Frizzell R 92%
IN State House-94 Cherrish Pryor D 0%
IN State House-95 John Bartlett D 0%
IN State House-96 Gregory Porter D 0%
IN State House-97 Justin Moed D 92%
IN State House-99 Vanessa Summers D 0%
IN State Senate-2 Lonnie Randolph D 0%
IN State Senate-3 Earline Rogers D 0%
IN State Senate-5 Ed Charbonneau R 92%
IN State Senate-6 Rick Niemeyer R 92%
IN State Senate-7 Brandt Hershman R 92%
IN State Senate-8 Jim Arnold D 42%
IN State Senate-9 Ryan Mishler R 92%
IN State Senate-10 John Broden D 17%
IN State Senate-12 Carlin Yoder R 92%
IN State Senate-13 Susan Glick R 92%
IN State Senate-16 David Long R 92%
IN State Senate-18 Randy Head R 92%
IN State Senate-20 Howard Kenley R 67%
IN State Senate-28 Michael Crider R 67%
IN State Senate-30 Scott Schneider R 92%
IN State Senate-32 Patricia Miller R 92%
IN State Senate-33 Greg Taylor D 33%
IN State Senate-34 Jean Breaux D 0%
IN State Senate-35 Michael Young R 92%
IN State Senate-36 Brent Waltz R 100%
IN State Senate-37 Rodric Bray R 92%
IN State Senate-42 Jean Leising R 92%
IN State Senate-44 Brent Steele R 100%
IN State Senate-48 Mark Messmer R 100%
IN State Senate-50 Vaneta Becker R 92%
IN Attorney General Greg Zoeller R 67%
IN Auditor Suzanne Crouch R 92%
KS U.S. House-1 Tim Huelskamp R 92%
KS U.S. House-2 Lynn Jenkins R 92%
KS U.S. House-3 Kevin Yoder R 92%
KS U.S. House-4 Mike Pompeo R 92%
KS State House-1 Mike Houser R 92%
KS State House-4 Marty Read R 92%
KS State House-5 Kevin Jones R 92%
KS State House-6 Jene Vickrey R 92%
KS State House-7 Richard Proehl R 83%
KS State House-8 Craig McPherson R 75%
KS State House-11 Jim Kelly R 67%
KS State House-12 Virgil Peck, Jr. R 75%
KS State House-13 Larry Hibbard R 0%
KS State House-14 Keith Esau R 92%
KS State House-16 Amanda Grosserode R 83%
KS State House-17 Brett Hildabrand R 92%
KS State House-18 John Rubin R 92%
KS State House-20 Rob Bruchman R 83%
KS State House-21 Barbara Bollier R 67%
KS State House-22 Nancy Lusk D 33%
KS State House-27 Ray Merrick R 100%
KS State House-28 Jerry Lunn R 92%
KS State House-29 James Todd R 83%
KS State House-31 Louis Ruiz D 25%
KS State House-33 Tom Burroughs D 58%
KS State House-34 Valdenia Winn D 0%
KS State House-35 Broderick Henderson D 0%
KS State House-36 Kathy Wolfe Moore D 17%
KS State House-37 Stan Frownfelter D 42%
KS State House-38 Willie Dove R 92%
KS State House-39 Charles Macheers R 92%
KS State House-40 John Bradford R 92%
KS State House-42 Connie O'Brien R 92%
KS State House-43 Bill Sutton R 92%
KS State House-44 Barbara Ballard D 17%
KS State House-45 Tom Sloan R 67%
KS State House-47 Ramon Gonzalez, Jr. R 83%
KS State House-48 Marvin Kleeb R 75%
KS State House-49 Scott Schwab R 92%
KS State House-51 Ron Highland R 58%
KS State House-53 Annie Tietze D 0%
KS State House-54 Ken Corbet R 92%
KS State House-55 Annie Kuether D 0%
KS State House-57 John Alcala D 92%
KS State House-59 Blaine Finch R 92%
KS State House-60 Don Hill R 33%
KS State House-62 Randy Garber R 92%
KS State House-63 Jerry Henry D 50%
KS State House-66 Sydney Carlin D 0%
KS State House-67 Tom Phillips R 67%
KS State House-68 Tom Moxley R 33%
KS State House-69 J. R. Claeys R 92%
KS State House-70 John Barker R 75%
KS State House-72 Marc Rhoades R 92%
KS State House-74 Don Schroeder R 83%
KS State House-75 Will Carpenter R 83%
KS State House-76 Peggy Mast R 92%
KS State House-78 Ron Ryckman, Jr. R 92%
KS State House-79 Ed Trimmer D 25%
KS State House-80 Kasha Kelley R 83%
KS State House-82 Pete DeGraaf R 92%
KS State House-83 Carolyn Bridges D 0%
KS State House-84 Gail Finney D 25%
KS State House-85 Steve Brunk R 92%
KS State House-86 Jim Ward D 50%
KS State House-87 Mark Kahrs R 92%
KS State House-88 Joseph Scapa R 92%
KS State House-90 Steve Huebert R 83%
KS State House-91 Gene Suellentrop R 92%
KS State House-94 Mario Goico R 92%
KS State House-95 Tom Sawyer D 83%
KS State House-96 Brandon Whipple D 33%
KS State House-97 Leslie Osterman R 92%
KS State House-99 Dennis Hedke R 92%
KS State House-100 Daniel Hawkins R 92%
KS State House-101 Joe Seiwert R 92%
KS State House-102 Janice Pauls D 75%
KS State House-103 Ponka-We Victors D 42%
KS State House-104 Steven Becker R 0%
KS State House-105 Mark Hutton R 42%
KS State House-106 Sharon Schwartz R 83%
KS State House-107 Susan Concannon R 67%
KS State House-108 Steven Johnson R 83%
KS State House-109 Troy Waymaster R 92%
KS State House-110 Travis Couture-Lovelady R 92%
KS State House-111 Sue Boldra R 92%
KS State House-112 John Edmonds R 92%
KS State House-114 Jack Thimesch R 92%
KS State House-115 Ronald Ryckman, Sr. R 75%
KS State House-116 Kyle Hoffman R 92%
KS State House-117 John Ewy R 92%
KS State House-118 Don Hineman R 58%
KS State House-122 Russ Jennings R 92%
KS State House-124 Steve Alford R 83%
KS State Senate-1 Dennis Pyle R 92%
KS State Senate-2 Marci Francisco D 17%
KS State Senate-3 Tom Holland D 33%
KS State Senate-4 David Haley D 67%
KS State Senate-5 Steve Fitzgerald R 92%
KS State Senate-6 Pat Pettey D 42%
KS State Senate-7 Kay Wolf R 17%
KS State Senate-8 Jim Denning R 92%
KS State Senate-9 Julia Lynn R 100%
KS State Senate-10 Mary Pilcher-Cook R 92%
KS State Senate-11 Jeff Melcher R 92%
KS State Senate-12 Caryn Tyson R 92%
KS State Senate-13 Jacob LaTurner R 92%
KS State Senate-14 Forrest Knox R 92%
KS State Senate-15 Jeff King R 83%
KS State Senate-16 Ty Masterson R 92%
KS State Senate-17 Jeff Longbine R 75%
KS State Senate-18 Laura Kelly D 83%
KS State Senate-19 Anthony Hensley D 75%
KS State Senate-20 Vicki Schmidt R 0%
KS State Senate-21 Gregory Smith R 92%
KS State Senate-22 Tom Hawk D 17%
KS State Senate-23 Robert Olson R 83%
KS State Senate-24 Tom Arpke R 92%
KS State Senate-25 Michael O'Donnell R 92%
KS State Senate-26 Dan Kerschen R 83%
KS State Senate-27 Les Donovan, Sr. R 92%
KS State Senate-28 Mike Petersen R 92%
KS State Senate-29 Oletha Faust-Goudeau D 8%
KS State Senate-30 Susan Wagle R 92%
KS State Senate-31 Carolyn McGinn R 83%
KS State Senate-32 Steve Abrams R 92%
KS State Senate-33 Mitch Holmes R 92%
KS State Senate-34 Terry Bruce R 100%
KS State Senate-36 Elaine Bowers R 92%
KS State Senate-38 Garrett Love R 92%
KS State Senate-39 Larry Powell R 100%
KS State Senate-40 Ralph Ostmeyer R 92%
KS Corporation Commissioner Pat Apple 92%
KS Corporation Commissioner Jay Scott Emler R 75%
KS Council Member-At-Large Ronald Ryckman, Sr. R 75%
KS Commissioner-5 Jim Howell 92%
KY U.S. House-1 Ed Whitfield R 92%
KY U.S. House-2 Brett Guthrie R 92%
KY U.S. House-3 John Yarmuth D 0%
KY U.S. House-4 Thomas Massie R 92%
KY U.S. House-5 Hal Rogers R 100%
KY U.S. House-6 Andy Barr R 92%
KY State House-1 Steven Rudy R 92%
KY State House-2 Richard Heath R 92%
KY State House-3 Gerald Watkins D 92%
KY State House-4 Lynn Bechler R 92%
KY State House-5 Kenny Imes R 92%
KY State House-6 Will Coursey D 100%
KY State House-8 John Tilley D 92%
KY State House-9 Myron Dossett R 92%
KY State House-11 David Watkins D 67%
KY State House-12 Jim Gooch, Jr. D 92%
KY State House-13 Jim Glenn, Jr. D 92%
KY State House-14 Tommy Thompson D 92%
KY State House-15 Brent Yonts D 92%
KY State House-16 MJ King D 100%
KY State House-17 Jim DeCesare R 92%
KY State House-18 Tim Moore R 92%
KY State House-19 Michael Meredith R 92%
KY State House-20 Jody Richards D 92%
KY State House-21 Bart Rowland R 92%
KY State House-22 Wilson Stone D 92%
KY State House-23 Johnny Bell D 92%
KY State House-24 Terry Mills D 92%
KY State House-26 Russell Webber R 92%
KY State House-27 Jeff Greer D 92%
KY State House-28 Charles Miller D 92%
KY State House-29 Kevin Bratcher R 92%
KY State House-30 Thomas Burch D 17%
KY State House-31 Steven Riggs D 92%
KY State House-33 Ron Crimm R 92%
KY State House-34 Mary Marzian D 0%
KY State House-35 Jim Wayne D 0%
KY State House-37 Jeff Donohue D 92%
KY State House-38 Denver Butler D 92%
KY State House-40 Dennis Horlander D 92%
KY State House-41 Tom Riner D 92%
KY State House-42 Reginald Meeks D 17%
KY State House-43 Darryl Owens D 17%
KY State House-44 Joni Jenkins D 8%
KY State House-45 Stan Lee R 92%
KY State House-46 Larry Clark D 92%
KY State House-47 Rick Rand D 92%
KY State House-48 Bob DeWeese R 92%
KY State House-49 Linda Belcher D 92%
KY State House-50 David Floyd R 92%
KY State House-51 John Carney R 92%
KY State House-54 Mike Harmon R 92%
KY State House-55 Kim King R 92%
KY State House-57 Derrick Graham D 75%
KY State House-58 Brad Montell R 92%
KY State House-59 David Osborne R 92%
KY State House-60 Sal Santoro R 92%
KY State House-61 Brian Linder R 92%
KY State House-62 Ryan Quarles R 92%
KY State House-63 Diane St Onge R 92%
KY State House-64 Thomas Kerr R 92%
KY State House-65 Arnold Simpson D 92%
KY State House-66 Addia Wuchner R 100%
KY State House-67 Dennis Keene D 92%
KY State House-68 Joseph Fischer R 92%
KY State House-69 Adam Koenig R 92%
KY State House-70 Mitchel Denham, Jr. D 92%
KY State House-71 Jonathan Shell R 92%
KY State House-72 Sannie Overly D 92%
KY State House-73 Donna Mayfield R 92%
KY State House-75 Kelly Flood D 17%
KY State House-76 Ruth Palumbo D 92%
KY State House-78 Thomas McKee D 92%
KY State House-79 Susan Westrom D 92%
KY State House-80 David Meade R 92%
KY State House-81 Rita Smart D 92%
KY State House-82 Regina Bunch R 92%
KY State House-83 Jeff Hoover R 92%
KY State House-84 Fitz Steele D 92%
KY State House-85 Tommy Turner R 92%
KY State House-86 Jim Stewart III R 92%
KY State House-87 Rick Nelson D 92%
KY State House-88 Robert Benvenuti III R 92%
KY State House-89 Marie Rader R 75%
KY State House-90 Tim Couch R 92%
KY State House-92 John Short D 92%
KY State House-94 Leslie Combs D 92%
KY State House-95 Gregory Stumbo D 92%
KY State House-96 Jill York R 92%
KY State House-97 Hubert Collins D 92%
KY State House-98 Tanya Pullin D 92%
KY State House-99 Rocky Adkins D 92%
KY State House-100 Kevin Sinnette D 92%
KY State Senate-1 Stanley Humphries R 92%
KY State Senate-3 Whitney Westerfield R 92%
KY State Senate-5 Carroll Gibson R 92%
KY State Senate-6 C.B. Embry, Jr. R 92%
KY State Senate-7 Julian Carroll D 92%
KY State Senate-9 David Givens R 92%
KY State Senate-11 John Schickel R 92%
KY State Senate-13 Reggie Thomas D 67%
KY State Senate-15 Chris Girdler R 92%
KY State Senate-17 Damon Thayer R 100%
KY State Senate-21 Albert Robinson R 92%
KY State Senate-23 Christian McDaniel R 92%
KY State Senate-25 Robert Stivers II R 92%
KY State Senate-29 Johnny Turner D 92%
KY State Senate-31 Ray Jones II D 92%
KY State Senate-33 Gerald Neal D 25%
KY State Senate-35 Denise Harper Angel D 92%
KY State Senate-36 Julie Adams R 92%
KY State Senate-37 Perry Clark D 92%
LA U.S. Senate-Jr Bill Cassidy R 92%
LA U.S. House-1 Steve Scalise R 100%
LA U.S. House-2 Cedric Richmond D 8%
LA U.S. House-3 Charles Boustany, Jr. R 92%
LA U.S. House-4 John Fleming, Jr. R 92%
MA U.S. Senate-Sr Elizabeth Warren D 0%
MA U.S. Senate-Jr Ed Markey D 0%
MA U.S. House-1 Richard Neal D 0%
MA U.S. House-2 Jim McGovern D 0%
MA U.S. House-3 Niki Tsongas D 0%
MA U.S. House-5 Katherine Clark D 42%
MA U.S. House-7 Mike Capuano D 0%
MA U.S. House-8 Stephen Lynch D 0%
MA U.S. House-9 Bill Keating D 0%
MA State House-Third Barnstable David Vieira R 83%
MA State House-Fourth Barnstable Sarah Peake D 67%
MA State House-Fifth Barnstable Randy Hunt R 92%
MA State House-First Berkshire Gailanne Cariddi D 67%
MA State House-Second Berkshire Paul Mark D 67%
MA State House-Fourth Berkshire Smitty Pignatelli D 92%
MA State House-First Bristol Jay Barrows R 92%
MA State House-Second Bristol Paul Heroux D 17%
MA State House-Third Bristol Shaunna O'Connell R 92%
MA State House-Fourth Bristol Steven Howitt R 92%
MA State House-Fifth Bristol Patricia Haddad D 83%
MA State House-Seventh Bristol Alan Silvia D 42%
MA State House-Tenth Bristol William Straus D 83%
MA State House-Eleventh Bristol Robert Koczera D 83%
MA State House-Twelfth Bristol Keiko Orrall R 92%
MA State House-Thirteenth Bristol Antonio Cabral D 0%
MA State House-Fourteenth Bristol Elizabeth Poirier R 92%
MA State House-Second Essex Lenny Mirra R 75%
MA State House-Third Essex Brian Dempsey D 83%
MA State House-Fourth Essex Bradford Hill R 100%
MA State House-Fifth Essex Ann-Margaret Ferrante D 67%
MA State House-Eighth Essex Lori Ehrlich D 17%
MA State House-Ninth Essex Donald Wong R 67%
MA State House-Tenth Essex Robert Fennell D 58%
MA State House-Thirteenth Essex Theodore Speliotis D 17%
MA State House-Fifteenth Essex Linda Campbell D 17%
MA State House-Eighteenth Essex James Lyons, Jr. R 67%
MA State House-First Franklin Stephen Kulik D 92%
MA State House-Second Franklin Susannah Whipps Lee R 83%
MA State House-First Hampden Todd Smola R 92%
MA State House-Third Hampden Nicholas Boldyga R 92%
MA State House-Seventh Hampden Thomas Petrolati D 83%
MA State House-Eighth Hampden Joseph Wagner D 83%
MA State House-Eleventh Hampden Benjamin Swan, Sr. D 33%
MA State House-Twelfth Hampden Angelo Puppolo, Jr. D 83%
MA State House-First Hampshire Peter Kocot D 83%
MA State House-Second Hampshire John Scibak D 92%
MA State House-Third Hampshire Ellen Story D 17%
MA State House-First Middlesex Sheila Harrington R 67%
MA State House-Second Middlesex James Arciero D 92%
MA State House-Third Middlesex Kate Hogan D 75%
MA State House-Fourth Middlesex Danielle Gregoire D 58%
MA State House-Fifth Middlesex David Linsky D 0%
MA State House-Sixth Middlesex Chris Walsh D 17%
MA State House-Seventh Middlesex Tom Sannicandro D 17%
MA State House-Eighth Middlesex Carolyn Dykema D 67%
MA State House-Ninth Middlesex Thomas Stanley D 58%
MA State House-Eleventh Middlesex Kay Khan D 17%
MA State House-Twelfth Middlesex Ruth Balser D 17%
MA State House-Fourteenth Middlesex Cory Atkins D 17%
MA State House-Fifteenth Middlesex Jay Kaufman D 33%
MA State House-Sixteenth Middlesex Thomas Golden, Jr. D 67%
MA State House-Seventeenth Middlesex David Nangle D 83%
MA State House-Nineteenth Middlesex James Miceli D 100%
MA State House-Twentieth Middlesex Brad Jones, Jr. R 100%
MA State House-Twenty-Second Middlesex Marc Lombardo R 92%
MA State House-Twenty-Third Middlesex Sean Garballey D 17%
MA State House-Twenty-Sixth Middlesex Tim Toomey, Jr. D 8%
MA State House-Twenty-Seventh Middlesex Denise Provost D 8%
MA State House-Thirty-Fifth Middlesex Paul Donato, Sr. D 33%
MA State House-Thirty-Sixth Middlesex Colleen Garry D 83%
MA State House-Thirty-Seventh Middlesex Jen Benson D 67%
MA State House-First Norfolk Bruce Ayers D 83%
MA State House-Third Norfolk Ronald Mariano D 83%
MA State House-Fourth Norfolk James Murphy D 42%
MA State House-Sixth Norfolk William Galvin D 92%
MA State House-Seventh Norfolk Walter Timilty D 33%
MA State House-Eighth Norfolk Louis Kafka D 83%
MA State House-Eleventh Norfolk Paul McMurtry D 58%
MA State House-Twelfth Norfolk John Rogers D 67%
MA State House-Fourteenth Norfolk Alice Peisch D 17%
MA State House-Fifteenth Norfolk Frank Smizik D 17%
MA State House-Second Plymouth Susan Gifford R 92%
MA State House-Third Plymouth Garrett Bradley D 58%
MA State House-Fourth Plymouth James Cantwell D 58%
MA State House-Sixth Plymouth Josh Cutler D 42%
MA State House-Seventh Plymouth Geoff Diehl R 83%
MA State House-Eighth Plymouth Angelo D'Emilia R 83%
MA State House-Twelfth Plymouth Tom Calter III D 83%
MA State House-Sixth Suffolk Russell Holmes D 17%
MA State House-Seventh Suffolk Gloria Fox D 17%
MA State House-Ninth Suffolk Byron Rushing D 17%
MA State House-Eleventh Suffolk Elizabeth Malia D 17%
MA State House-Fourteenth Suffolk Angelo Scaccia D 58%
MA State House-Fifteenth Suffolk Jeffrey Sánchez D 17%
MA State House-Seventeenth Suffolk Kevin Honan D 17%
MA State House-Eighteenth Suffolk Michael Moran D 42%
MA State House-Nineteenth Suffolk Robert DeLeo D 58%
MA State House-First Worcester Kimberly Ferguson R 75%
MA State House-Second Worcester Jonathan Zlotnik D 50%
MA State House-Third Worcester Stephen DiNatale D 92%
MA State House-Fourth Worcester Dennis Rosa D 67%
MA State House-Sixth Worcester Peter Durant R 83%
MA State House-Seventh Worcester Paul Frost R 92%
MA State House-Eighth Worcester Kevin Kuros R 92%
MA State House-Tenth Worcester John Fernandes D 58%
MA State House-Twelfth Worcester Harold Naughton, Jr. D 92%
MA State House-Fourteenth Worcester James O'Day D 0%
MA State Senate-Berkshire, Hampshire, Franklin and Hampden Benjamin Downing D 67%
MA State Senate-Bristol and Norfolk James Timilty D 92%
MA State Senate-First Bristol and Plymouth Michael Rodrigues D 92%
MA State Senate-Second Bristol and Plymouth Mark Montigny D 42%
MA State Senate-Third Essex Thomas McGee D 42%
MA State Senate-First Essex and Middlesex Bruce Tarr R 100%
MA State Senate-Second Essex and Middlesex Barbara L'Italien D 92%
MA State Senate-Hampden James Welch D 83%
MA State Senate-Second Hampden and Hampshire Don Humason, Jr. R 92%
MA State Senate-Hampshire, Franklin and Worcester Stan Rosenberg D 92%
MA State Senate-First Middlesex Eileen Donoghue D 17%
MA State Senate-Second Middlesex Pat Jehlen D 42%
MA State Senate-Fourth Middlesex Kenneth Donnelly D 67%
MA State Senate-First Middlesex and Norfolk Cindy Creem D 0%
MA State Senate-Second Middlesex and Norfolk Karen Spilka D 33%
MA State Senate-Middlesex and Worcester James Eldridge D 58%
MA State Senate-Norfolk and Suffolk Mike Rush D 83%
MA State Senate-Norfolk, Bristol and Middlesex Richard Ross R 92%
MA State Senate-Norfolk, Bristol and Plymouth Brian Joyce D 67%
MA State Senate-Plymouth and Barnstable Vinny deMacedo R 100%
MA State Senate-First Plymouth and Bristol Marc Pacheco D 92%
MA State Senate-Plymouth and Norfolk Robert Hedlund, Jr. R 92%
MA State Senate-First Suffolk Linda Forry D 33%
MA State Senate-Second Suffolk Sonia Chang-Diaz D 0%
MA State Senate-First Suffolk and Middlesex Anthony Petruccelli D 42%
MA State Senate-Second Suffolk and Middlesex William Brownsberger D 0%
MA State Senate-First Worcester Harriette Chandler D 67%
MA State Senate-Second Worcester Mike Moore D 67%
MA State Senate-Worcester and Middlesex Jennifer Flanagan D 83%
MA State Senate-Worcester, Hampden, Hampshire and Middlesex Anne Gobi D 92%
MA State Senate-Worcester and Norfolk Ryan Fattman R 67%
MA Mayor-At-Large Martin Walsh 83%
MA Council Member-At-Large Tim Toomey, Jr. 8%
MA Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs Matthew Beaton 92%
MA Selectman-At-Large Cathy Richardson 67%
MA Councilor-At-Large Thomas Stanley 58%
MA Delegate-Provincetown Brian O'Malley 92%
MD U.S. Senate-Jr Ben Cardin D 0%
MD U.S. House-1 Andy Harris R 83%
MD U.S. House-2 Dutch Ruppersberger D 0%
MD U.S. House-3 John Sarbanes D 0%
MD U.S. House-4 Donna Edwards D 0%
MD U.S. House-5 Steny Hoyer D 0%
MD U.S. House-7 Elijah Cummings D 0%
MD U.S. House-8 Chris Van Hollen, Jr. D 0%
MD State House-29C Anthony O'Donnell, Sr. R 92%
ME U.S. House-1 Chellie Pingree D 0%
ME State House-2 Bobbi Beavers D 17%
ME State House-5 Beth O'Connor R 92%
ME State House-6 Mark Eves D 17%
ME State House-10 Wayne Parry R 92%
ME State House-14 Barry Hobbins D 33%
ME State House-16 Donald Marean R 83%
ME State House-21 James Campbell, Sr. R 92%
ME State House-22 Jonathan Kinney R 92%
ME State House-26 Linda Sanborn D 17%
ME State House-28 Heather Sirocki R 92%
ME State House-30 Kimberly Monaghan D 17%
ME State House-31 Terry Morrison D 17%
ME State House-33 Kevin Battle R 75%
ME State House-36 Denise Harlow D 17%
ME State House-39 Diane Russell D 17%
ME State House-42 Peter Stuckey D 25%
ME State House-43 Mark Dion D 25%
ME State House-53 Jeffrey Pierce R 92%
ME State House-56 Dale Crafts R 92%
ME State House-57 Stephen Wood R 92%
ME State House-58 Michel Lajoie D 17%
ME State House-59 Margaret Rotundo D 17%
ME State House-63 Bruce Bickford R 17%
ME State House-65 Eleanor Espling R 92%
ME State House-66 Michael McClellan R 92%
ME State House-67 Susan Austin R 92%
ME State House-71 Tom Winsor R 92%
ME State House-74 Paul Gilbert D 17%
ME State House-75 Jeff Timberlake R 92%
ME State House-77 Robert Nutting R 92%
ME State House-86 Matthew Pouliot R 92%
ME State House-88 Deborah Sanderson R 100%
ME State House-91 Jeffrey Evangelos I 83%
ME State House-92 Chuck Kruger D 17%
ME State House-94 Joan Welsh D 17%
ME State House-97 Erin Herbig D 25%
ME State House-98 James Gillway R 83%
ME State House-100 Kenneth Fredette R 92%
ME State House-102 Stacey Guerin R 92%
ME State House-103 Roger Reed R 92%
ME State House-104 Raymond Wallace R 92%
ME State House-107 Jeffrey McCabe D 92%
ME State House-108 John Picchiotti R 92%
ME State House-109 Thomas Longstaff D 17%
ME State House-112 Tom Skolfield R 92%
ME State House-114 Russell Black R 92%
ME State House-115 Matthew Peterson D 83%
ME State House-118 Larry Dunphy R 92%
ME State House-127 Adam Goode D 17%
ME State House-128 Arthur Verow D 75%
ME State House-130 Richard Campbell R 92%
ME State House-132 Louis Luchini D 17%
ME State House-133 Ralph Chapman D 17%
ME State House-134 Walter Kumiega III D 17%
ME State House-136 Richard Malaby R 92%
ME State House-137 Lawrence Lockman R 92%
ME State House-140 Joyce Maker R 92%
ME State House-141 Beth Turner R 92%
ME State House-143 Stephen Stanley D 92%
ME State House-144 Roger Sherman R 92%
ME State House-145 Rick Long R 92%
ME State House-147 Robert Saucier D 92%
ME State House-149 Carol McElwee R 75%
ME State House-151 John Martin D 100%
ME State Senate-1 Peter Edgecomb R 92%
ME State Senate-2 Michael Willette R 92%
ME State Senate-3 Rod Whittemore R 92%
ME State Senate-4 Paul Davis, Sr. R 92%
ME State Senate-5 James Dill D 17%
ME State Senate-6 David Burns R 92%
ME State Senate-7 Brian Langley R 83%
ME State Senate-10 Andre Cushing III R 92%
ME State Senate-11 Mike Thibodeau R 92%
ME State Senate-15 Roger Katz R 92%
ME State Senate-17 Thomas Saviello R 92%
ME State Senate-18 John Patrick D 92%
ME State Senate-19 James Hamper R 92%
ME State Senate-22 Garrett Mason R 100%
ME State Senate-24 Stan Gerzofsky D 0%
ME State Senate-27 Justin Alfond D 0%
ME State Senate-28 Anne Haskell D 33%
ME State Senate-30 Amy Volk R 33%
ME State Senate-31 Linda Valentino D 17%
ME State Senate-34 Ron Collins R 92%
ME State Senate-35 Dawn Hill D 42%
ME Commissioner-3 Timothy Turner 92%
MI U.S. Senate-Sr Debbie Stabenow D 0%
MI U.S. Senate-Jr Gary Peters D 0%
MI U.S. House-1 Dan Benishek R 100%
MI U.S. House-2 Bill Huizenga R 92%
MI U.S. House-3 Justin Amash R 58%
MI U.S. House-6 Fred Upton R 92%
MI U.S. House-7 Tim Walberg R 92%
MI U.S. House-9 Sandy Levin D 0%
MI U.S. House-10 Candice Miller R 92%
MI U.S. House-13 John Conyers, Jr. D 0%
MI State House-1 Brian Banks D 75%
MI State House-2 Alberta Tinsley-Talabi D 17%
MI State House-9 Harvey Santana D 0%
MI State House-14 Paul Clemente D 17%
MI State House-15 George Darany D 17%
MI State House-17 Bill LaVoy D 83%
MI State House-20 Kurt Heise R 92%
MI State House-23 Pat Somerville R 92%
MI State House-24 Anthony Forlini R 67%
MI State House-26 Jim Townsend D 17%
MI State House-29 Tim Greimel D 17%
MI State House-30 Jeff Farrington R 83%
MI State House-31 Marilyn Lane D 75%
MI State House-32 Andrea LaFontaine R 92%
MI State House-33 Ken Goike R 67%
MI State House-39 Klint Kesto R 83%
MI State House-40 Michael McCready R 17%
MI State House-41 Martin Howrylak R 75%
MI State House-46 Bradford Jacobsen R 92%
MI State House-50 Charles Smiley D 92%
MI State House-51 Joseph Graves R 83%
MI State House-52 Gretchen Driskell D 17%
MI State House-53 Jeff Irwin D 17%
MI State House-54 David Rutledge D 17%
MI State House-57 Nancy Jenkins R 83%
MI State House-64 Earl Poleski R 83%
MI State House-66 Aric Nesbitt R 92%
MI State House-70 Rick Outman R 92%
MI State House-72 Ken Yonker R 92%
MI State House-74 Rob VerHeulen R 83%
MI State House-77 Thomas Hooker R 92%
MI State House-79 Al Pscholka R 92%
MI State House-81 Dan Lauwers R 92%
MI State House-83 Paul Muxlow R 83%
MI State House-85 Ben Glardon R 92%
MI State House-86 Lisa Lyons R 92%
MI State House-87 Michael Callton R 92%
MI State House-88 Roger Victory R 83%
MI State House-89 Amanda Price R 92%
MI State House-91 Holly Hughes R 92%
MI State House-92 Marcia Hovey-Wright D 17%
MI State House-93 Tom Leonard R 92%
MI State House-94 Tim Kelly R 58%
MI State House-96 Charles Brunner D 92%
MI State House-97 Joel Johnson R 92%
MI State House-99 Kevin Cotter R 92%
MI State House-100 Jon Bumstead R 92%
MI State House-101 Ray Franz R 92%
MI State House-102 Phil Potvin R 92%
MI State House-103 Bruce Rendon R 92%
MI State House-106 Peter Pettalia R 92%
MI State House-108 Ed McBroom R 92%
MI State House-109 John Kivela D 33%
MI State House-110 Scott Dianda D 83%
MI State Senate-16 Mike Shirkey R 92%
MI State Senate-17 Dale Zorn R 92%
MI State Senate-20 Margaret O'Brien R 92%
MI State Senate-27 Jim Ananich D 17%
MI State Senate-28 Peter MacGregor R 92%
MI State Senate-36 Jim Stamas R 83%
MI State Senate-37 Wayne Schmidt R 92%
MI Justice of the Supreme Court Stephen Markman 92%
MI Justice of the Supreme Court Brian Zahra 92%
MI Council Member-At-Large Mark Bliss 92%
MI Commissioner-6 Eileen Kowall R 92%
MI Commissioner-9 Hugh Crawford R 92%
MI Commissioner-At-Large Mark Behnke R 50%
MN U.S. Senate-Sr Amy Klobuchar DFL 0%
MN U.S. House-1 Tim Walz DFL 92%
MN U.S. House-2 John Kline R 92%
MN U.S. House-3 Erik Paulsen R 92%
MN U.S. House-4 Betty McCollum DFL 0%
MN U.S. House-5 Keith Ellison DFL 0%
MN U.S. House-7 Collin Peterson DFL 92%
MN U.S. House-8 Rick Nolan DFL 0%
MN State House-1A Dan Fabian R 92%
MN State House-1B Deb Kiel R 92%
MN State House-2A David Hancock R 92%
MN State House-2B Steve Green R 83%
MN State House-3B Mary Murphy DFL 50%
MN State House-4B Paul Marquart DFL 67%
MN State House-5A John Persell DFL 83%
MN State House-5B Tom Anzelc DFL 92%
MN State House-6A Carly Melin DFL 83%
MN State House-6B Jason Metsa DFL 92%
MN State House-8A Bud Nornes R 92%
MN State House-8B Mary Franson R 92%
MN State House-9A Mark Anderson R 92%
MN State House-9B Ron Kresha R 92%
MN State House-10B Dale Lueck R 92%
MN State House-12B Paul Anderson R 92%
MN State House-13A Jeff Howe R 92%
MN State House-13B Tim O'Driscoll R 92%
MN State House-15A Sondra Erickson R 92%
MN State House-15B Jim Newberger R 92%
MN State House-16A Chris Swedzinski R 92%
MN State House-16B Paul Torkelson R 92%
MN State House-17A Tim Miller R 92%
MN State House-18A Dean Urdahl R 92%
MN State House-18B Glenn Gruenhagen R 92%
MN State House-20B David Bly DFL 17%
MN State House-21A Tim Kelly R 92%
MN State House-21B Steve Drazkowski R 100%
MN State House-22A Joe Schomacker R 92%
MN State House-22B Rod Hamilton R 92%
MN State House-23A Bob Gunther R 92%
MN State House-23B Tony Cornish R 100%
MN State House-24A John Petersburg R 92%
MN State House-25A Duane Quam R 92%
MN State House-25B Kim Norton DFL 0%
MN State House-26A Tina Liebling DFL 0%
MN State House-27B Jeanne Poppe DFL 92%
MN State House-28A Eugene Pelowski, Jr. DFL 33%
MN State House-28B Greg Davids R 92%
MN State House-29A Joe McDonald R 92%
MN State House-29B Marion O'Neill R 83%
MN State House-30A Nick Zerwas R 92%
MN State House-31A Kurt Daudt R 92%
MN State House-31B Tom Hackbarth R 100%
MN State House-32A Brian Johnson R 58%
MN State House-32B Bob Barrett R 92%
MN State House-33A Jerry Hertaus R 92%
MN State House-33B Cindy Pugh R 92%
MN State House-34A Joyce Peppin R 92%
MN State House-35B Peggy Scott R 92%
MN State House-36A Mark Uglem R 58%
MN State House-36B Melissa Hortman DFL 0%
MN State House-37B Tim Sanders R 92%
MN State House-38A Linda Runbeck R 92%
MN State House-38B Matt Dean R 92%
MN State House-39A Bob Dettmer R 92%
MN State House-39B Kathy Lohmer R 92%
MN State House-40A Michael Nelson DFL 17%
MN State House-40B Debra Hilstrom DFL 17%
MN State House-41B Carolyn Laine DFL 0%
MN State House-43B Leon Lillie DFL 17%
MN State House-44A Sarah Anderson R 92%
MN State House-45A Lyndon Carlson, Sr. DFL 0%
MN State House-47B Joe Hoppe R 92%
MN State House-48B Jenifer Loon R 92%
MN State House-49B Paul Rosenthal DFL 17%
MN State House-50A Linda Slocum DFL 0%
MN State House-50B Ann Lenczewski DFL 0%
MN State House-51A Sandra Masin DFL 33%
MN State House-52A Rick Hansen DFL 17%
MN State House-52B Joseph Atkins DFL 92%
MN State House-54B Denny McNamara R 92%
MN State House-55B Tony Albright R 92%
MN State House-56B Roz Peterson R 92%
MN State House-57A Tara Mack R 92%
MN State House-57B Anna Wills R 92%
MN State House-58B Patrick Garofalo R 92%
MN State House-59A Joe Mullery DFL 0%
MN State House-60A Diane Loeffler DFL 0%
MN State House-60B Phyllis Kahn DFL 0%
MN State House-61A Frank Hornstein DFL 0%
MN State House-61B Paul Thissen DFL 0%
MN State House-62A Karen Clark DFL 0%
MN State House-62B Susan Allen DFL 17%
MN State House-63A Jim Davnie DFL 0%
MN State House-63B Jean Wagenius DFL 0%
MN State House-64A Erin Murphy DFL 0%
MN State House-65A Rena Moran DFL 0%
MN State House-65B Carlos Mariani DFL 0%
MN State House-66A Alice Hausman DFL 0%
MN State House-66B John Lesch DFL 17%
MN State House-67A Tim Mahoney DFL 17%
MN State House-67B Sheldon Johnson DFL 0%
MN State Senate-1 LeRoy Stumpf DFL 92%
MN State Senate-2 Rod Skoe DFL 92%
MN State Senate-3 Thomas Bakk DFL 42%
MN State Senate-4 Kent Eken DFL 92%
MN State Senate-5 Tom Saxhaug DFL 92%
MN State Senate-6 David Tomassoni DFL 92%
MN State Senate-7 Roger Reinert DFL 17%
MN State Senate-8 Bill Ingebrigtsen R 100%
MN State Senate-9 Paul Gazelka R 92%
MN State Senate-10 Carrie Ruud R 92%
MN State Senate-11 Tony Lourey DFL 17%
MN State Senate-12 Torrey Westrom R 92%
MN State Senate-13 Michelle Fischbach R 92%
MN State Senate-14 John Pederson R 92%
MN State Senate-15 Dave Brown R 92%
MN State Senate-16 Gary Dahms R 92%
MN State Senate-17 Lyle Koenen DFL 92%
MN State Senate-18 Scott Newman R 92%
MN State Senate-19 Kathy Sheran DFL 17%
MN State Senate-20 Kevin Dahle DFL 42%
MN State Senate-22 Bill Weber R 83%
MN State Senate-23 Julie Rosen R 92%
MN State Senate-25 David Senjem R 92%
MN State Senate-26 Carla Nelson R 92%
MN State Senate-27 Daniel Sparks DFL 92%
MN State Senate-28 Jeremy Miller R 92%
MN State Senate-29 Bruce Anderson R 92%
MN State Senate-30 Mary Kiffmeyer R 92%
MN State Senate-31 Michelle Benson R 92%
MN State Senate-32 Sean Nienow R 92%
MN State Senate-33 David Osmek R 92%
MN State Senate-34 Warren Limmer R 92%
MN State Senate-35 Branden Petersen R 92%
MN State Senate-38 Roger Chamberlain R 92%
MN State Senate-39 Karin Housley R 92%
MN State Senate-41 Barbara Goodwin DFL 0%
MN State Senate-42 Bev Scalze DFL 0%
MN State Senate-43 Charles Wiger DFL 58%
MN State Senate-44 Terri Bonoff DFL 17%
MN State Senate-45 Ann Rest DFL 0%
MN State Senate-46 Ronald Latz DFL 0%
MN State Senate-47 Julianne Ortman R 92%
MN State Senate-48 David Hann R 92%
MN State Senate-51 Jim Carlson DFL 33%
MN State Senate-52 James Metzen DFL 25%
MN State Senate-54 Katie Sieben DFL 0%
MN State Senate-55 Eric Pratt R 42%
MN State Senate-56 Dan Hall R 92%
MN State Senate-58 Dave Thompson R 92%
MN State Senate-59 Bobby Joe Champion DFL 0%
MN State Senate-60 Kari Dziedzic DFL 17%
MN State Senate-61 D. Scott Dibble DFL 0%
MN State Senate-62 Jeff Hayden DFL 0%
MN State Senate-63 Patricia Torres Ray DFL 17%
MN State Senate-64 Richard Cohen DFL 0%
MN State Senate-65 Sandra Pappas DFL 0%
MN State Senate-66 John Marty DFL 0%
MN Secretary of State Steve Simon DFL 0%
MN Commissioner-3 Michael Beard 92%
MN Commissioner-5 Duane Johnson 83%
MN Commissioner-6 Mary Holberg 92%
MO U.S. Senate-Sr Claire McCaskill D 0%
MO U.S. House-1 Lacy Clay, Jr. D 0%
MO U.S. House-2 Ann Wagner R 92%
MO U.S. House-3 Blaine Luetkemeyer R 92%
MO U.S. House-4 Vicky Hartzler R 92%
MO U.S. House-5 Emanuel Cleaver II D 0%
MO U.S. House-6 Sam Graves R 92%
MO U.S. House-7 Billy Long R 92%
MO U.S. House-8 Jason Smith R 92%
MO Governor Jay Nixon D 58%
MO Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder R 100%
MO State House-3 Nate Walker R 92%
MO State House-4 Craig Redmon R 92%
MO State House-5 Lindell Shumake R 92%
MO State House-6 Tim Remole R 92%
MO State House-7 Mike Lair R 92%
MO State House-8 Jim Neely R 42%
MO State House-9 Delus Johnson R 92%
MO State House-10 Pat Conway D 67%
MO State House-11 Galen Higdon R 92%
MO State House-12 Ken Wilson R 92%
MO State House-13 Nick Marshall R 92%
MO State House-14 Kevin Corlew R 92%
MO State House-16 Noel Shull R 83%
MO State House-19 John Rizzo D 42%
MO State House-21 Ira Anders D 17%
MO State House-22 Brandon Ellington D 42%
MO State House-24 Judy Morgan D 17%
MO State House-26 Gail McCann Beatty D 0%
MO State House-28 Tom McDonald D 0%
MO State House-30 Mike Cierpiot R 92%
MO State House-31 Sheila Solon R 92%
MO State House-32 Jeanie Lauer R 92%
MO State House-33 Donna Pfautsch R 92%
MO State House-35 Gary Cross R 92%
MO State House-38 TJ Berry R 92%
MO State House-40 Jim Hansen R 92%
MO State House-42 Bart Korman R 92%
MO State House-43 Jay Houghton R 92%
MO State House-44 Caleb Rowden R 83%
MO State House-46 Stephen Webber D 42%
MO State House-48 Dave Muntzel R 83%
MO State House-50 Caleb Jones R 92%
MO State House-51 Dean Dohrman R 83%
MO State House-53 Glen Kolkmeyer R 92%
MO State House-54 Denny Hoskins R 92%
MO State House-55 Rick Brattin R 92%
MO State House-57 Wanda Brown R 92%
MO State House-58 David Wood R 75%
MO State House-59 Mike Bernskoetter R 92%
MO State House-60 Jay Barnes R 92%
MO State House-62 Tom Hurst R 92%
MO State House-63 Bryan Spencer R 92%
MO State House-64 Robert Cornejo R 92%
MO State House-65 Anne Zerr R 92%
MO State House-66 Tommie Pierson, Sr. D 0%
MO State House-68 Keith English D 75%
MO State House-69 Margo McNeil D 0%
MO State House-72 Mary Nichols D 0%
MO State House-74 Sharon Pace D 0%
MO State House-75 Rochelle Walton Gray D 0%
MO State House-78 Penny Hubbard D 42%
MO State House-80 Michael Colona D 0%
MO State House-81 Jacob Hummel D 0%
MO State House-82 Michele Kratky D 0%
MO State House-84 Karla May D 0%
MO State House-85 Clem Smith D 0%
MO State House-87 Stacey Newman D 0%
MO State House-91 Jeanne Kirkton D 0%
MO State House-92 Genise Montecillo D 0%
MO State House-94 Cloria Brown R 92%
MO State House-95 Marsha Haefner R 92%
MO State House-96 Mike Leara R 100%
MO State House-97 John McCaherty R 92%
MO State House-99 Andrew Koenig R 83%
MO State House-100 Sue Allen R 92%
MO State House-101 Don Gosen R 92%
MO State House-102 Kurt Bahr R 75%
MO State House-104 Kathie Conway R 92%
MO State House-105 Mark Parkinson R 92%
MO State House-106 Chrissy Sommer R 92%
MO State House-107 Ron Hicks R 92%
MO State House-109 Paul Curtman R 92%
MO State House-114 Becky Ruth R 92%
MO State House-115 Elaine Gannon R 83%
MO State House-116 Kevin Engler R 100%
MO State House-117 Linda Black R 67%
MO State House-118 Ben Harris D 75%
MO State House-119 Dave Hinson R 92%
MO State House-121 Keith Frederick R 92%
MO State House-122 Steve Lynch R 83%
MO State House-123 Diane Franklin R 92%
MO State House-124 Rocky Miller R 92%
MO State House-125 Warren Love R 92%
MO State House-127 Mike Kelley R 92%
MO State House-128 Sue Entlicher R 92%
MO State House-129 Sandy Crawford R 92%
MO State House-130 Jeff Messenger R 92%
MO State House-131 Sonya Anderson R 83%
MO State House-132 Charlie Norr D 17%
MO State House-133 Eric Burlison R 100%
MO State House-135 Lincoln Hough R 92%
MO State House-136 Kevin Austin R 67%
MO State House-137 Lyndall Fraker R 92%
MO State House-138 Donald Phillips R 92%
MO State House-140 Lynn Morris R 83%
MO State House-141 Tony Dugger R 92%
MO State House-142 Robert Ross R 92%
MO State House-143 Jeffrey Pogue R 42%
MO State House-144 Paul Fitzwater R 92%
MO State House-145 Shelley Keeney R 92%
MO State House-146 Donna Lichtenegger R 92%
MO State House-148 Holly Rehder R 92%
MO State House-152 Todd Richardson R 92%
MO State House-153 Steve Cookson R 92%
MO State House-154 Shawn Rhoads R 92%
MO State House-155 Lyle Rowland R 92%
MO State House-158 Scott Fitzpatrick R 58%
MO State House-159 Bill Lant R 92%
MO State House-160 Bill Reiboldt R 92%
MO State House-161 Bill White R 92%
MO State House-162 Charlie Davis R 92%
MO State House-163 Tom Flanigan R 92%
MO State Senate-1 Scott Sifton D 0%
MO State Senate-3 Gary Romine R 92%
MO State Senate-7 Jason Holsman D 0%
MO State Senate-9 Shalonn Curls D 17%
MO State Senate-10 Jeanie Riddle R 100%
MO State Senate-13 Gina Walsh D 0%
MO State Senate-15 Eric Schmitt R 42%
MO State Senate-17 Ryan Silvey R 92%
MO State Senate-19 Kurt Schaefer R 92%
MO State Senate-21 David Pearce R 92%
MO State Senate-22 Paul Joseph Wieland R 92%
MO State Senate-23 Tom Dempsey R 92%
MO State Senate-24 Jill Schupp D 0%
MO State Senate-25 Doug Libla R 92%
MO State Senate-26 Dave Schatz R 92%
MO State Senate-27 Wayne Wallingford R 92%
MO State Senate-29 David Sater R 92%
MO State Senate-31 Edgar Emery R 92%
MO State Senate-33 Mike Cunningham R 92%
MO Attorney General Chris Koster D 92%
MO Secretary of State Jason Kander D 0%
MO Alderman-Ward 27 Chris Carter D 0%
MO Commissioner-At-Large Ron Schieber 92%
MO Treasurer Clint Zweifel D 42%
MS U.S. Senate-Jr Roger Wicker R 100%
MS U.S. House-2 Bennie Thompson D 0%
MS U.S. House-3 Gregg Harper R 92%
MS U.S. House-4 Steven Palazzo R 92%
MS State House-40 Pat Nelson R 92%
MT U.S. Senate-Sr Jon Tester D 83%
MT U.S. Senate-Jr Steve Daines R 92%
MT Governor Steve Bullock D 58%
MT State House-1 Gerald Bennett R 92%
MT State House-2 Mike Cuffe R 92%
MT State House-3 Zac Perry D 17%
MT State House-4 Keith Regier R 83%
MT State House-6 Carl Glimm R 92%
MT State House-8 Steve Lavin R 33%
MT State House-9 Randy Brodehl R 83%
MT State House-14 Nick Schwaderer R 92%
MT State House-17 Christy Clark R 75%
MT State House-18 Rob Cook R 58%
MT State House-20 Steve Fitzpatrick R 33%
MT State House-21 Tom Jacobson D 33%
MT State House-22 Robert Mehlhoff D 83%
MT State House-23 Wendy McKamey R 75%
MT State House-24 Jean Price D 8%
MT State House-27 Roy Hollandsworth R 67%
MT State House-29 Bill Harris R 92%
MT State House-30 Ryan Osmundson R 100%
MT State House-34 Austin Knudsen R 100%
MT State House-36 Alan Doane R 83%
MT State House-37 Lee Randall R 100%
MT State House-40 Tom Berry R 42%
MT State House-42 Carolyn Pease-Lopez D 8%
MT State House-43 Clayton Fiscus R 83%
MT State House-45 Daniel Zolnikov R 92%
MT State House-46 Don Jones R 92%
MT State House-49 Kelly McCarthy D 50%
MT State House-50 Virginia Court D 8%
MT State House-51 Margie MacDonald D 8%
MT State House-52 Dave Hagstrom R 75%
MT State House-53 Sarah Laszloffy R 92%
MT State House-59 Alan Redfield R 92%
MT State House-61 Kathleen Williams D 17%
MT State House-64 Kerry White R 92%
MT State House-67 Tom Burnett R 75%
MT State House-70 Kelly Flynn R 92%
MT State House-71 Ray Shaw R 92%
MT State House-72 Jeffrey Welborn R 58%
MT State House-73 Edith McClafferty D 17%
MT State House-74 Pat Noonan D 8%
MT State House-75 Kirk Wagoner R 92%
MT State House-77 Kathy Swanson D 8%
MT State House-80 Mike Miller R 100%
MT State House-83 Chuck Hunter D 8%
MT State House-86 Ron Ehli R 75%
MT State House-87 Nancy Ballance R 92%
MT State House-88 Edward Greef R 67%
MT State House-90 Ellie Hill D 8%
MT State House-91 Bryce Bennett D 8%
MT State House-92 Doc Moore R 83%
MT State House-93 Daniel Salomon R 75%
MT State Senate-2 Dee Brown R 75%
MT State Senate-3 Bruce Tutvedt R 83%
MT State Senate-4 Mark Blasdel R 100%
MT State Senate-6 Janna Taylor R 92%
MT State Senate-7 Jennifer Fielder R 83%
MT State Senate-10 Rick Ripley R 58%
MT State Senate-13 Brian Hoven R 50%
MT State Senate-14 Kristin Hansen R 75%
MT State Senate-15 Bradley Maxon Hamlett D 75%
MT State Senate-16 Jonathan Windy Boy D 0%
MT State Senate-17 John Brenden R 92%
MT State Senate-18 Matt Rosendale R 92%
MT State Senate-20 Duane Ankney R 33%
MT State Senate-21 Sharon Stewart-Peregoy D 8%
MT State Senate-22 Douglas Kary R 92%
MT State Senate-23 Roger Webb R 75%
MT State Senate-24 Mary McNally D 8%
MT State Senate-25 Robyn Driscoll D 8%
MT State Senate-26 Elsie Arntzen R 92%
MT State Senate-27 Cary Smith R 100%
MT State Senate-28 Taylor Brown R 92%
MT State Senate-29 David Howard R 42%
MT State Senate-31 Mike Phillips D 8%
MT State Senate-33 Jennifer Pomnichowski D 17%
MT State Senate-34 Gordon Vance R 100%
MT State Senate-35 Scott Sales R 92%
MT State Senate-36 Debby Barrett R 92%
MT State Senate-37 Jon Sesso D 8%
MT State Senate-38 Jim Keane D 17%
MT State Senate-39 Gene Vuckovich D 17%
MT State Senate-40 Christine Kaufmann D 0%
MT State Senate-43 Pat Connell R 92%
MT State Senate-44 Fred Thomas R 92%
MT State Senate-45 Dick Barrett D 8%
MT State Senate-46 Sue Malek D 8%
MT State Senate-47 Clifford Larsen D 17%
MT Attorney General Tim Fox R 92%
MT Commissioner of Labor and Industries Pam Bucy 58%
NA Commissioner-3 Kitty Jung 92%
NC U.S. Senate-Jr Thom Tillis R 100%
NC U.S. House-1 G.K. Butterfield, Jr. D 17%
NC U.S. House-2 Renee Ellmers R 92%
NC U.S. House-3 Walter Jones, Jr. R 92%
NC U.S. House-4 David Price D 0%
NC U.S. House-5 Virginia Foxx R 92%
NC U.S. House-7 David Rouzer R 92%
NC U.S. House-8 Richard Hudson R 92%
NC U.S. House-9 Robert Pittenger R 92%
NC U.S. House-10 Patrick McHenry R 92%
NC U.S. House-11 Mark Meadows R 92%
NC U.S. House-12 Alma Adams D 0%
NC U.S. House-13 George Holding R 92%
NC Governor Patrick McCrory R 92%
NC Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest R 92%
NC State House-1 Bob Steinburg, Sr. R 92%
NC State House-3 Michael Speciale R 75%
NC State House-6 Paul Tine D 92%
NC State House-8 Susan Martin R 83%
NC State House-10 John Bell IV R 92%
NC State House-13 Patricia McElraft R 92%
NC State House-14 George Cleveland R 100%
NC State House-15 Phil Shepard R 92%
NC State House-16 Christopher Millis R 75%
NC State House-17 Frank Iler R 92%
NC State House-18 Susi Hamilton D 33%
NC State House-19 Robert Davis, Jr. R 92%
NC State House-20 Rick Catlin R 92%
NC State House-21 Larry Bell, Sr. D 0%
NC State House-22 William Brisson D 75%
NC State House-24 Jean Farmer-Butterfield D 8%
NC State House-25 Jeffrey Collins R 92%
NC State House-26 Leo Daughtry R 92%
NC State House-27 Michael Wray D 67%
NC State House-28 James Langdon, Jr. R 75%
NC State House-29 Larry Hall D 0%
NC State House-30 Paul Luebke D 0%
NC State House-31 Mickey Michaux, Jr. D 0%
NC State House-33 Rosa Gill D 17%
NC State House-35 Christopher Malone III R 83%
NC State House-36 Nelson Dollar R 75%
NC State House-37 Paul Stam, Jr. R 33%
NC State House-39 Darren Jackson D 17%
NC State House-40 Marilyn Avila R 92%
NC State House-42 Marvin Lucas, Jr. D 67%
NC State House-43 Elmer Floyd D 17%
NC State House-45 John Szoka R 92%
NC State House-47 Charles Graham D 42%
NC State House-48 Garland Pierce D 33%
NC State House-52 James Boles, Jr. R 92%
NC State House-53 David Lewis, Sr. R 92%
NC State House-55 Mark Brody R 75%
NC State House-56 Verla Insko D 0%
NC State House-57 Mary Harrison D 0%
NC State House-59 Jonathan Hardister R 92%
NC State House-62 John Blust R 92%
NC State House-63 Stephen Ross R 75%
NC State House-64 Dennis Riddell R 83%
NC State House-66 Ken Goodman D 17%
NC State House-67 Justin Burr R 92%
NC State House-68 Craig Horn R 92%
NC State House-69 Larry Arp R 67%
NC State House-70 Patricia Hurley R 92%
NC State House-74 Debra Conrad R 58%
NC State House-76 Carl Ford R 92%
NC State House-77 Harry Warren R 83%
NC State House-79 Julia Howard R 75%
NC State House-81 Rayne Brown R 92%
NC State House-82 Larry Pittman R 92%
NC State House-83 Linda Johnson R 92%
NC State House-84 Rena Turner R 83%
NC State House-86 Hugh Blackwell R 92%
NC State House-88 Robert Bryan III R 75%
NC State House-89 Mitchell Setzer R 92%
NC State House-90 Sarah Stevens R 92%
NC State House-92 Charles Jeter R 92%
NC State House-93 Jonathan Jordan R 92%
NC State House-94 Jeffrey Elmore R 83%
NC State House-97 Jason Saine R 92%
NC State House-99 Rodney Moore D 17%
NC State House-100 Patricia Cotham D 0%
NC State House-101 Beverly Earle D 0%
NC State House-102 Becky Carney D 0%
NC State House-103 William Brawley R 83%
NC State House-107 Kelly Alexander, Jr. D 58%
NC State House-108 John Torbett R 92%
NC State House-109 Dana Bumgardner R 92%
NC State House-110 Kelly Hastings R 92%
NC State House-111 Timothy Moore R 92%
NC State House-112 Mike Hager R 92%
NC State House-113 Chris Whitmire R 67%
NC State House-114 Susan Fisher D 0%
NC State House-117 Chuck McGrady R 58%
NC State House-118 Michele Presnell R 92%
NC State House-119 Joe Queen D 67%
NC State House-120 Roger West R 92%
NC State Senate-1 Bill Cook R 92%
NC State Senate-2 Norman Sanderson, Jr. R 92%
NC State Senate-4 Angela Bryant D 8%
NC State Senate-5 Don Davis D 42%
NC State Senate-6 Harry Brown R 92%
NC State Senate-7 Louis Pate, Jr. R 92%
NC State Senate-8 William Rabon R 92%
NC State Senate-10 Brent Jackson R 92%
NC State Senate-11 Buck Newton R 92%
NC State Senate-12 Ronald Rabin R 83%
NC State Senate-14 Dan Blue, Jr. D 17%
NC State Senate-16 Joshua Stein D 33%
NC State Senate-17 Tamara Barringer R 75%
NC State Senate-18 Chad Barefoot R 92%
NC State Senate-19 Wesley Meredith R 92%
NC State Senate-20 Floyd McKissick, Jr. D 17%
NC State Senate-24 Richard Gunn, Jr. R 92%
NC State Senate-26 Philip Berger, Sr. R 92%
NC State Senate-27 Trudy Wade R 92%
NC State Senate-28 Gladys Robinson D 17%
NC State Senate-29 Jerry Tillman R 92%
NC State Senate-33 Stan Bingham R 100%
NC State Senate-34 Andrew Brock R 100%
NC State Senate-35 Tommy Tucker, Sr. R 83%
NC State Senate-36 Fletcher Hartsell, Jr. R 100%
NC State Senate-39 Robert Rucho R 92%
NC State Senate-41 Jeff Tarte R 83%
NC State Senate-43 Kathy Harrington R 92%
NC State Senate-44 David Curtis R 92%
NC State Senate-45 Daniel Soucek R 92%
NC State Senate-46 Warren Daniel R 92%
NC State Senate-47 Ralph Hise, Jr. R 92%
NC State Senate-48 Thomas Apodaca R 92%
NC State Senate-50 Jim Davis R 92%
NC Attorney General Roy Cooper III D 92%
NC Commissioner of Agriculture Steve Troxler R 92%
NC Mayor-At-Large Daniel Clodfelter 92%
NC Commissioner-6 Timothy Karan 75%
ND U.S. Senate-Jr Heidi Heitkamp D-NPL 92%
ND U.S. House-At-Large Kevin Cramer R 92%
ND Governor Jack Dalrymple R 92%
ND Lieutenant Governor Drew Wrigley R 92%
ND State House-2 Robert Skarphol R 83%
ND State House-4 Glen Froseth R 67%
ND State House-4 Kenton Onstad D-NPL 0%
ND State House-6 Dick Anderson R 92%
ND State House-6 Bob Hunskor D-NPL 33%
ND State House-7 Ricky Becker R 75%
ND State House-7 Jason Dockter R 67%
ND State House-8 Jeff Delzer R 92%
ND State House-8 Vernon Laning R 75%
ND State House-10 Charles Damschen R 100%
ND State House-10 David Monson R 100%
ND State House-12 Jessica Haak D-NPL 67%
ND State House-12 Alex Looysen R 92%
ND State House-14 Jon Nelson R 83%
ND State House-14 Robin Weisz R 92%
ND State House-16 Ben Koppelman R 92%
ND State House-18 Eliot Glassheim D-NPL 0%
ND State House-18 Marie Strinden D-NPL 75%
ND State House-19 Gary Paur R 92%
ND State House-19 Wayne Trottier R 92%
ND State House-20 Rick Holman D-NPL 0%
ND State House-22 Wesley Belter R 100%
ND State House-22 Peter Silbernagel R 0%
ND State House-24 Dwight Kiefert R 92%
ND State House-26 Bill Amerman D-NPL 33%
ND State House-26 Jerome Kelsh D-NPL 92%
ND State House-28 Michael Don Brandenburg R 92%
ND State House-28 William Kretschmar R 42%
ND State House-30 Diane Larson R 83%
ND State House-30 Mike Nathe R 100%
ND State House-32 Mark Dosch R 92%
ND State House-32 Lisa Meier R 92%
ND State House-34 Todd Porter R 100%
ND State House-34 Nathan Toman R 83%
ND State House-36 Mike Schatz R 92%
ND State House-38 Larry Bellew R 92%
ND State House-38 Dan Ruby R 92%
ND State House-40 Robert Frantsvog R 92%
ND State House-40 Matthew Klein R 92%
ND State House-42 Corey Mock D-NPL 67%
ND State House-44 Blair Thoreson R 100%
ND State House-46 Kathy Hawken R 17%
ND State House-46 James Kasper R 92%
ND State Senate-2 David Rust R 83%
ND State Senate-4 John Warner D-NPL 75%
ND State Senate-6 David O'Connell D-NPL 100%
ND State Senate-7 Nicole Poolman R 83%
ND State Senate-8 Howard Anderson, Jr. R 83%
ND State Senate-10 Joe Miller R 100%
ND State Senate-12 John Grabinger D-NPL 58%
ND State Senate-14 Jerry Klein R 100%
ND State Senate-16 Tyler Axness D-NPL 0%
ND State Senate-18 Constance Triplett D-NPL 83%
ND State Senate-19 Tom Campbell R 75%
ND State Senate-20 Philip Murphy D-NPL 58%
ND State Senate-22 Gary Lee R 92%
ND State Senate-24 Larry Robinson D-NPL 67%
ND State Senate-26 Jim Dotzenrod D-NPL 92%
ND State Senate-28 Robert Erbele R 92%
ND State Senate-30 Ron Carlisle R 100%
ND State Senate-32 Dick Dever R 100%
ND State Senate-34 Dwight Cook R 100%
ND State Senate-36 Kelly Armstrong R 92%
ND State Senate-38 David Hogue R 58%
ND State Senate-40 Karen Krebsbach R 92%
ND State Senate-42 Mac Schneider D-NPL 92%
ND State Senate-44 Tim Flakoll R 83%
ND State Senate-46 George Sinner D-NPL 83%
ND Commissioner-At-Large Nancy Guy 0%
NE U.S. Senate-Sr Deb Fischer R 92%
NE U.S. House-1 Jeff Fortenberry R 92%
NE U.S. House-3 Adrian Smith R 92%
NE State Senate-1 Dan Watermeier Other 92%
NE State Senate-2 Bill Kintner Other 92%
NE State Senate-5 Heath Mello Other 92%
NE State Senate-11 Ernie Chambers Other 0%
NE State Senate-13 Tanya Cook Other 67%
NE State Senate-17 Dave Bloomfield Other 92%
NE State Senate-19 Jim Scheer Other 0%
NE State Senate-21 Ken Haar Other 67%
NE State Senate-23 Jerry Johnson Other 92%
NE State Senate-25 Kathy Campbell Other 67%
NE State Senate-27 Colby Coash Other 92%
NE State Senate-29 Kate Bolz Other 92%
NE State Senate-31 Rick Kolowski Other 0%
NE State Senate-35 Mike Gloor Other 92%
NE State Senate-37 Galen Hadley Other 92%
NE State Senate-39 Beau McCoy Other 92%
NE State Senate-41 Kate Sullivan Other 92%
NE State Senate-43 Al Davis Other 92%
NE State Senate-45 Sue Crawford Other 92%
NE State Senate-47 Ken Schilz Other 92%
NE State Senate-49 John Murante Other 92%
NE Auditor of Public Accounts Charlie Janssen R 92%
NH U.S. House-1 Frank Guinta R 92%
NH Governor Maggie Wood Hassan D 17%
NH State House-Belknap 3 Donald Flanders R 42%
NH State House-Belknap 3 Robert Luther R 83%
NH State House-Belknap 3 Franklin Tilton R 92%
NH State House-Belknap 4 Dennis Fields R 42%
NH State House-Belknap 6 Mike Sylvia R 92%
NH State House-Belknap 7 Guy Comtois R 92%
NH State House-Carroll 1 Gene Chandler R 92%
NH State House-Carroll 2 Thomas Buco D 17%
NH State House-Carroll 2 Frank McCarthy R 92%
NH State House-Carroll 2 Karen Umberger R 75%
NH State House-Carroll 3 Mark McConkey R 92%
NH State House-Carroll 4 Glenn Cordelli R 92%
NH State House-Carroll 5 Bill Nelson R 67%
NH State House-Carroll 6 Stephen Schmidt R 83%
NH State House-Carroll 7 Ed Butler D 42%
NH State House-Carroll 8 Ted Wright R 92%
NH State House-Cheshire 1 Tara Sad D 17%
NH State House-Cheshire 1 Lucy Weber D 17%
NH State House-Cheshire 3 Daniel Eaton D 67%
NH State House-Cheshire 7 Gladys Johnsen D 17%
NH State House-Cheshire 8 Cynthia Chase D 17%
NH State House-Cheshire 11 Susan Emerson R 42%
NH State House-Cheshire 11 John Hunt R 92%
NH State House-Cheshire 13 Henry Parkhurst D 17%
NH State House-Cheshire 14 Franklin Sterling, Jr. R 42%
NH State House-Cheshire 15 Bruce Tatro D 17%
NH State House-Cheshire 16 Kris Roberts D 17%
NH State House-Coos 1 Larry Rappaport R 75%
NH State House-Coos 3 Robert Theberge D 17%
NH State House-Coos 3 Yvonne Thomas D 17%
NH State House-Coos 4 Herbert Richardson R 67%
NH State House-Coos 5 John Tholl, Jr. R 67%
NH State House-Coos 6 William Hatch D 17%
NH State House-Coos 7 Leon Rideout R 92%
NH State House-Grafton 4 Rick Ladd, Jr. R 67%
NH State House-Grafton 5 Edmond Gionet R 92%
NH State House-Grafton 8 Mary Cooney D 0%
NH State House-Grafton 9 Jeff Shackett R 42%
NH State House-Grafton 11 Charles Townsend D 17%
NH State House-Grafton 12 Sharon Nordgren D 0%
NH State House-Grafton 13 Susan Almy D 17%
NH State House-Grafton 13 Andrew White D 17%
NH State House-Grafton 15 Paul Ingbretson R 92%
NH State House-Hillsborough 1 Marjorie Porter D 17%
NH State House-Hillsborough 1 Gilman Shattuck D 17%
NH State House-Hillsborough 2 Daniel Donovan R 83%
NH State House-Hillsborough 2 Gary Hopper R 83%
NH State House-Hillsborough 2 Neal Kurk R 83%
NH State House-Hillsborough 5 William O'Brien R 92%
NH State House-Hillsborough 7 Keith Murphy R 92%
NH State House-Hillsborough 8 Jeffrey Goley D 42%
NH State House-Hillsborough 10 Jean Jeudy D 8%
NH State House-Hillsborough 10 Patrick Long D 17%
NH State House-Hillsborough 11 Robert Walsh, Jr. D 17%
NH State House-Hillsborough 12 Ted Rokas D 17%
NH State House-Hillsborough 13 Larry Gagne R 92%
NH State House-Hillsborough 13 William Infantine R 67%
NH State House-Hillsborough 15 Thomas Katsiantonis D 0%
NH State House-Hillsborough 16 Barbara Shaw D 67%
NH State House-Hillsborough 17 Tammy Simmons R 67%
NH State House-Hillsborough 17 Timothy Smith D 42%
NH State House-Hillsborough 20 Ralph Boehm R 92%
NH State House-Hillsborough 20 Frank Byron R 92%
NH State House-Hillsborough 21 Richard Barry R 92%
NH State House-Hillsborough 21 Richard Hinch R 92%
NH State House-Hillsborough 21 Jeanine Notter R 92%
NH State House-Hillsborough 21 Tony Pellegrino R 83%
NH State House-Hillsborough 22 Peter Hansen R 75%
NH State House-Hillsborough 22 Robert Rowe R 75%
NH State House-Hillsborough 22 Stephen Stepanek R 92%
NH State House-Hillsborough 23 Shawn Sweeney R 83%
NH State House-Hillsborough 24 Peter Leishman D 42%
NH State House-Hillsborough 25 James Coffey R 83%
NH State House-Hillsborough 25 Jim Parison R 92%
NH State House-Hillsborough 26 Jack Flanagan R 42%
NH State House-Hillsborough 27 James Belanger R 92%
NH State House-Hillsborough 27 Carolyn Gargasz R 50%
NH State House-Hillsborough 28 Carl Seidel R 92%
NH State House-Hillsborough 29 Donald McClarren R 67%
NH State House-Hillsborough 30 Cindy Rosenwald D 17%
NH State House-Hillsborough 30 Lisa Scontsas R 42%
NH State House-Hillsborough 31 David Cote D 17%
NH State House-Hillsborough 31 Mary Gorman D 17%
NH State House-Hillsborough 32 Don LeBrun R 42%
NH State House-Hillsborough 32 David Murotake R 92%
NH State House-Hillsborough 33 Ken Gidge D 67%
NH State House-Hillsborough 34 Edith Hogan R 92%
NH State House-Hillsborough 34 Timothy Soucy D 33%
NH State House-Hillsborough 34 Timothy Twombly R 67%
NH State House-Hillsborough 35 Pete Silva R 92%
NH State House-Hillsborough 36 Michael O'Brien, Sr. D 33%
NH State House-Hillsborough 36 Bill Ohm R 92%
NH State House-Hillsborough 37 Lars Christiansen R 83%
NH State House-Hillsborough 37 Robert Haefner R 83%
NH State House-Hillsborough 37 Shawn Jasper R 50%
NH State House-Hillsborough 37 Lynne Ober R 83%
NH State House-Hillsborough 37 Russell Ober III R 83%
NH State House-Hillsborough 37 Charlene Takesian R 0%
NH State House-Hillsborough 37 Jordan Ulery R 92%
NH State House-Hillsborough 38 Frank Edelblut R 92%
NH State House-Hillsborough 39 John Burt R 92%
NH State House-Hillsborough 41 Laurie Sanborn R 92%
NH State House-Hillsborough 42 Daniel Sullivan D 17%
NH State House-Hillsborough 43 Benjamin Baroody D 17%
NH State House-Hillsborough 43 Kathleen Souza R 67%
NH State House-Hillsborough 44 André Martel R 92%
NH State House-Hillsborough 44 Mark Proulx R 83%
NH State House-Hillsborough 45 Carlos Gonzalez R 67%
NH State House-Merrimack 3 Gregory Hill R 83%
NH State House-Merrimack 5 David Kidder R 17%
NH State House-Merrimack 6 Barbara French D 0%
NH State House-Merrimack 10 Mary Wallner D 17%
NH State House-Merrimack 11 Stephen Shurtleff D 17%
NH State House-Merrimack 13 June Frazer D 17%
NH State House-Merrimack 14 James MacKay D 17%
NH State House-Merrimack 17 Dick Patten D 17%
NH State House-Merrimack 20 Dianne Schuett D 42%
NH State House-Merrimack 20 Brian Seaworth R 92%
NH State House-Merrimack 21 Dan McGuire R 92%
NH State House-Merrimack 22 Alan Turcotte D 83%
NH State House-Merrimack 23 JR Hoell R 92%
NH State House-Merrimack 23 John Martin R 92%
NH State House-Merrimack 24 David Hess R 17%
NH State House-Merrimack 24 Frank Kotowski R 83%
NH State House-Merrimack 24 Thomas Walsh IV R 92%
NH State House-Merrimack 27 Mary Gile D 17%
NH State House-Merrimack 27 Chip Rice D 17%
NH State House-Merrimack 29 Carol McGuire R 92%
NH State House-Rockingham 2 Joe Duarte R 67%
NH State House-Rockingham 2 Kyle Tasker R 83%
NH State House-Rockingham 3 Kathleen Hoelzel R 83%
NH State House-Rockingham 3 Lawrence Kappler R 92%
NH State House-Rockingham 4 James Devine R 92%
NH State House-Rockingham 4 Joseph Hagan R 92%
NH State House-Rockingham 5 Al Baldasaro R 92%
NH State House-Rockingham 5 Bob Introne, Jr. R 83%
NH State House-Rockingham 5 David Lundgren R 83%
NH State House-Rockingham 5 Betsy McKinney R 67%
NH State House-Rockingham 5 Sherman Packard R 92%
NH State House-Rockingham 5 Daniel Tamburello R 92%
NH State House-Rockingham 6 Brian Chirichiello R 67%
NH State House-Rockingham 6 Beverly Ferrante R 83%
NH State House-Rockingham 6 Robert Fesh R 83%
NH State House-Rockingham 6 John O'Connor R 67%
NH State House-Rockingham 6 Jim Webb R 92%
NH State House-Rockingham 7 Mary Griffin R 92%
NH State House-Rockingham 7 Walter Kolodziej R 92%
NH State House-Rockingham 7 Charles McMahon R 83%
NH State House-Rockingham 8 Gary Azarian R 83%
NH State House-Rockingham 8 Ronald Belanger R 83%
NH State House-Rockingham 8 Robert Elliott R 67%
NH State House-Rockingham 8 John Sytek R 67%
NH State House-Rockingham 10 Daniel Itse R 92%
NH State House-Rockingham 12 Elisabeth Sanders R 83%
NH State House-Rockingham 13 Kenneth Weyler R 92%
NH State House-Rockingham 14 Debra DeSimone R 42%
NH State House-Rockingham 14 Norman Major R 83%
NH State House-Rockingham 15 Mary Allen R 92%
NH State House-Rockingham 17 Marcia Moody D 0%
NH State House-Rockingham 17 Adam Schroadter R 58%
NH State House-Rockingham 19 Patrick Abrami R 83%
NH State House-Rockingham 21 Tracy Emerick R 92%
NH State House-Rockingham 21 Fred Rice R 92%
NH State House-Rockingham 22 Michele Peckham R 67%
NH State House-Rockingham 23 Pamela Tucker R 67%
NH State House-Rockingham 24 David Borden D 33%
NH State House-Rockingham 25 Laura Pantelakos D 0%
NH State House-Rockingham 30 Jackie Cali-Pitts D 0%
NH State House-Rockingham 34 Jeffrey Oligny R 83%
NH State House-Rockingham 36 Patricia Lovejoy D 17%
NH State House-Strafford 2 Joseph Pitre R 83%
NH State House-Strafford 3 Kurt Wuelper R 83%
NH State House-Strafford 4 Len Turcotte R 83%
NH State House-Strafford 5 Naida Kaen D 0%
NH State House-Strafford 6 Timothy Horrigan D 17%
NH State House-Strafford 6 Judith Spang D 0%
NH State House-Strafford 6 Janet Wall D 17%
NH State House-Strafford 9 Steven Beaudoin R 92%
NH State House-Strafford 10 Warren Groen R 92%
NH State House-Strafford 11 Sue DeLemus R 83%
NH State House-Strafford 18 Roger Berube D 17%
NH State House-Strafford 18 Deanna Rollo D 42%
NH State House-Strafford 19 Peter Schmidt D 0%
NH State House-Strafford 21 Kenneth Ward D 33%
NH State House-Strafford 24 Laura Jones R 92%
NH State House-Sullivan 1 Andrew Schmidt D 17%
NH State House-Sullivan 2 Sue Gottling D 33%
NH State House-Sullivan 5 Raymond Gagnon D 17%
NH State House-Sullivan 6 Skip Rollins R 92%
NH State House-Sullivan 8 Thomas Laware R 92%
NH State House-Sullivan 9 Virginia Irwin D 8%
NH State House-Sullivan 10 John Cloutier D 17%
NH State House-Sullivan 11 Steve Smith R 83%
NH State Senate-2 Jeanie Forrester R 83%
NH State Senate-3 Jeb Bradley R 83%
NH State Senate-4 David Watters D 42%
NH State Senate-5 David Pierce D 17%
NH State Senate-6 Sam Cataldo R 92%
NH State Senate-9 Andy Sanborn R 92%
NH State Senate-10 Molly Kelly D 17%
NH State Senate-11 Gary Daniels R 92%
NH State Senate-12 Kevin Avard R 92%
NH State Senate-13 Bette Lasky D 0%
NH State Senate-14 Sharon Carson R 83%
NH State Senate-16 David Boutin R 83%
NH State Senate-17 John Reagan R 92%
NH State Senate-19 Regina Birdsell R 92%
NH State Senate-20 Lou D'Allesandro D 17%
NH State Senate-21 Martha Fuller Clark D 0%
NH State Senate-22 Chuck Morse R 67%
NH State Senate-23 Russell Prescott R 92%
NH State Senate-24 Nancy Stiles R 42%
NH Alderman-Ward 3 Patrick Long 17%
NH Alderman-Ward 3 David Schoneman 92%
NH Alderman-Ward 8 Thomas Katsiantonis 0%
NH Alderman-Ward 9 Barbara Shaw 67%
NH Alderman-Ward 12 Keith Hirschmann 83%
NH Council Member-Ward 2 Sandra Keans 0%
NH Commissioner-2 Chuck Weed 0%
NH Commissioner-3 Richard Burchell 92%
NH Commissioner-At-Large Kevin Saint James 33%
NH Councilor-Ward 4 Dorothea Hooper 17%
NH Councilor-Ward 9 Candace Bouchard 17%
NH Councilor-At-Large Stephen Shurtleff 17%
NJ U.S. Senate-Sr Bob Menendez D 0%
NJ U.S. House-2 Frank LoBiondo R 92%
NJ U.S. House-4 Chris Smith R 50%
NJ U.S. House-5 Scott Garrett R 92%
NJ U.S. House-6 Frank Pallone, Jr. D 0%
NJ U.S. House-7 Leonard Lance R 83%
NJ U.S. House-8 Albio Sires D 0%
NJ U.S. House-9 Bill Pascrell, Jr. D 0%
NJ U.S. House-11 Rodney Frelinghuysen R 58%
NJ State Senate-13 Joe Kyrillos, Jr. R 42%
NM U.S. Senate-Jr Martin Heinrich D 67%
NM U.S. House-2 Steve Pearce R 92%
NM U.S. House-3 Ben Lujan, Jr. D 67%
NM State House-2 James Strickler R 92%
NM State House-3 Paul Bandy R 92%
NM State House-4 Sharon Clahchischilliage R 92%
NM State House-6 Eliseo Alcon D 92%
NM State House-7 Kelly Fajardo R 92%
NM State House-8 Alonzo Baldonado R 92%
NM State House-9 Patricia Lundstrom D 92%
NM State House-14 Miguel Garcia D 0%
NM State House-16 Moe Maestas D 83%
NM State House-18 Gail Chasey D 50%
NM State House-19 Sheryl Williams-Stapleton D 50%
NM State House-22 James Smith R 92%
NM State House-23 Paul Pacheco R 92%
NM State House-24 Conrad James R 92%
NM State House-27 Lorenzo Larrañaga R 100%
NM State House-28 Jimmie Hall R 100%
NM State House-30 Nathaniel Gentry R 100%
NM State House-31 William Rehm R 100%
NM State House-32 Dona Irwin D 92%
NM State House-33 William McCamley D 67%
NM State House-36 Andrew Nuñez R 92%
NM State House-37 Terry McMillan R 92%
NM State House-38 Dianne Hamilton R 100%
NM State House-39 John Zimmerman R 92%
NM State House-40 Nick Salazar D 92%
NM State House-41 Debbie Rodella D 100%
NM State House-42 Roberto Gonzales D 92%
NM State House-43 Stephanie Garcia Richard D 42%
NM State House-44 Jane Powdrell-Culbert R 100%
NM State House-45 Jim Trujillo D 67%
NM State House-47 Brian Egolf, Jr. D 67%
NM State House-48 Luciano Varela D 17%
NM State House-49 Don Tripp R 100%
NM State House-51 Yvette Herrell R 92%
NM State House-53 Ricky Little R 92%
NM State House-55 Cathrynn Brown R 92%
NM State House-56 Zach Cook R 100%
NM State House-57 Jason Harper R 92%
NM State House-58 Candy Ezzell R 100%
NM State House-59 Nora Espinoza R 92%
NM State House-60 Tim Lewis R 92%
NM State House-61 David Gallegos R 92%
NM State House-63 George Dodge, Jr. D 92%
NM State House-65 James Madalena, Jr. D 75%
NM State House-66 Bob Wooley R 92%
NM State House-67 Dennis Roch R 100%
NM State House-68 Monica Youngblood R 92%
NM State House-69 Ken Martinez D 67%
NM State Senate-1 William Sharer R 100%
NM State Senate-2 Steven Neville R 100%
NM State Senate-3 John Pinto D 67%
NM State Senate-4 George Munoz D 100%
NM State Senate-5 Richard Martinez D 67%
NM State Senate-6 Carlos Cisneros D 92%
NM State Senate-7 John Woods R 92%
NM State Senate-8 Pete Campos D 92%
NM State Senate-9 John Sapien D 67%
NM State Senate-10 John Ryan R 100%
NM State Senate-11 Linda Lopez D 17%
NM State Senate-12 Gerald Ortiz Pino D 17%
NM State Senate-13 William O'Neill D 92%
NM State Senate-15 Daniel Ivey-Soto D 92%
NM State Senate-16 Cisco McSorley D 8%
NM State Senate-17 Mimi Stewart D 17%
NM State Senate-18 Lisa Torraco R 92%
NM State Senate-19 Sue Wilson Beffort R 92%
NM State Senate-20 William Payne R 100%
NM State Senate-21 Mark Moores R 92%
NM State Senate-23 Sander Rue R 92%
NM State Senate-24 Nancy Rodriguez D 17%
NM State Senate-25 Peter Wirth D 17%
NM State Senate-27 Stuart Ingle R 100%
NM State Senate-28 Howie Morales D 92%
NM State Senate-29 Michael Sanchez D 17%
NM State Senate-30 Clemente Sanchez D 92%
NM State Senate-31 Joseph Cervantes D 83%
NM State Senate-32 Cliff Pirtle R 92%
NM State Senate-33 Bill Burt R 92%
NM State Senate-34 Ron Griggs R 92%
NM State Senate-35 John Smith D 92%
NM State Senate-36 Lee Cotter R 92%
NM State Senate-38 Mary Papen D 83%
NM State Senate-40 Craig Brandt R 92%
NM State Senate-41 Carroll Leavell R 92%
NM State Senate-42 Gay Kernan R 92%
NM Auditor Tim Keller D 75%
NM Commissioner of Public Lands Aubrey Dunn 92%
NM Commissioner-At-Large Mimi Stewart 17%
NV U.S. Senate-Jr Dean Heller R 92%
NV U.S. House-1 Dina Titus D 58%
NV U.S. House-2 Mark Amodei R 92%
NV U.S. House-3 Joe Heck, Jr. R 92%
NV U.S. House-4 Cresent Hardy R 92%
NV Lieutenant Governor Mark Hutchison R 92%
NV State Assembly-1 Marilyn Kirkpatrick D 92%
NV State Assembly-2 John Hambrick R 100%
NV State Assembly-4 Michele Fiore R 92%
NV State Assembly-6 Harvey Munford D 42%
NV State Assembly-7 Dina Neal D 42%
NV State Assembly-11 Olivia Diaz D 67%
NV State Assembly-12 James Ohrenschall D 92%
NV State Assembly-13 Paul Anderson R 92%
NV State Assembly-14 Maggie Carlton D 33%
NV State Assembly-15 Elliot Anderson D 92%
NV State Assembly-18 Richard Carrillo D 100%
NV State Assembly-19 Chris Edwards R 92%
NV State Assembly-20 Ellen Spiegel D 42%
NV State Assembly-22 Lynn Stewart R 67%
NV State Assembly-23 Melissa Woodbury R 92%
NV State Assembly-25 Pat Hickey R 100%
NV State Assembly-26 Randy Kirner R 92%
NV State Assembly-27 Teresa Benitez-Thompson D 42%
NV State Assembly-30 Mike Sprinkle D 92%
NV State Assembly-32 Ira Hansen R 100%
NV State Assembly-33 John Ellison R 100%
NV State Assembly-36 James Oscarson R 92%
NV State Assembly-39 Jim Wheeler R 92%
NV State Assembly-42 Irene Bustamante Adams D 67%
NV State Senate-1 Patricia Spearman D 0%
NV State Senate-3 Tick Segerblom D 42%
NV State Senate-4 Kelvin Atkinson D 83%
NV State Senate-5 Joyce Woodhouse D 33%
NV State Senate-7 David Parks D 92%
NV State Senate-9 Becky Harris R 67%
NV State Senate-13 Debbie Smith D 92%
NV State Senate-15 Greg Brower R 92%
NV State Senate-18 Scott Hammond R 92%
NV State Senate-19 Pete Goicoechea R 92%
NV Controller Ron Knecht R 92%
NV Commissioner-A Steve Sisolak 83%
NV Commissioner-C Larry Brown 42%
NV Commissioner-D Lawrence Weekly 42%
NY U.S. Senate-Jr Kirsten Gillibrand D 0%
NY U.S. House-1 Lee Zeldin Other 92%
NY U.S. House-2 Pete King R 17%
NY U.S. House-3 Steve Israel D 0%
NY U.S. House-5 Gregory Meeks D 0%
NY U.S. House-6 Grace Meng Other 0%
NY U.S. House-7 Nydia Velázquez D 0%
NY U.S. House-8 Hakeem Jeffries D 0%
NY U.S. House-9 Yvette Clarke D 0%
NY U.S. House-10 Jerry Nadler D 0%
NY U.S. House-12 Carolyn Maloney D 0%
NY U.S. House-13 Charlie Rangel D 0%
NY U.S. House-14 Joe Crowley D 0%
NY U.S. House-15 José Serrano Other 0%
NY U.S. House-16 Eliot Engel D 0%
NY U.S. House-17 Nita Lowey D 0%
NY U.S. House-19 Chris Gibson R 92%
NY U.S. House-20 Paul Tonko D 0%
NY U.S. House-22 Richard Hanna R 92%
NY U.S. House-23 Tom Reed II R 92%
NY U.S. House-25 Louise Slaughter D 0%
NY U.S. House-26 Brian Higgins D 58%
NY U.S. House-27 Chris Collins R 92%
NY Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul Other 92%
NY State Assembly-1 Fred Thiele, Jr. Other 0%
NY State Assembly-3 Dean Murray Other 83%
NY State Assembly-4 Steve Englebright D 0%
NY State Assembly-5 Al Graf Other 83%
NY State Assembly-6 Phil Ramos Other 0%
NY State Assembly-7 Andrew Garbarino Other 83%
NY State Assembly-8 Michael Fitzpatrick Other 75%
NY State Assembly-9 Joseph Saladino R 42%
NY State Assembly-12 Andrew Raia Other 83%
NY State Assembly-13 Charles Lavine D 0%
NY State Assembly-14 David McDonough Other 17%
NY State Assembly-15 Michael Montesano N/A 75%
NY State Assembly-16 Michelle Schimel Other 0%
NY State Assembly-17 Tom McKevitt Other 0%
NY State Assembly-18 Earlene Hooper Other 0%
NY State Assembly-19 Edward Ra Other 0%
NY State Assembly-21 Brian Curran Other 75%
NY State Assembly-23 Phillip Goldfeder D 0%
NY State Assembly-24 David Weprin D 0%
NY State Assembly-25 Nily Rozic Other 0%
NY State Assembly-26 Edward Braunstein Other 0%
NY State Assembly-27 Michael Simanowitz D 0%
NY State Assembly-28 Andrew Hevesi D 0%
NY State Assembly-30 Margaret Markey D 0%
NY State Assembly-31 Michele Titus Other 0%
NY State Assembly-32 Vivian Cook Other 0%
NY State Assembly-33 Barbara Clark D 0%
NY State Assembly-34 Michael DenDekker D 0%
NY State Assembly-35 Jeffrion Aubry Other 0%
NY State Assembly-36 Aravella Simotas Other 0%
NY State Assembly-37 Catherine Nolan D 0%
NY State Assembly-38 Michael Miller D 92%
NY State Assembly-39 Francisco Moya Other 0%
NY State Assembly-41 Helene Weinstein Other 0%
NY State Assembly-44 James Brennan Other 0%
NY State Assembly-45 Steven Cymbrowitz D 0%
NY State Assembly-47 William Colton Other 0%
NY State Assembly-48 Dov Hikind D 0%
NY State Assembly-49 Peter Abbate, Jr. Other 0%
NY State Assembly-50 Joseph Lentol D 0%
NY State Assembly-51