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Gifts of Securities, Life Insurance Policies, Real Estate and Retirement Plan Benefits

If you are interested in making a gift of securities, life insurance policies, real estate, or retirement plan benefits contact the membership department at 406-859-8683 or

Project Vote Smart accepts gifts of publicly traded stocks, bonds and mutual funds. If a broker holds the securities, inform the broker that you wish to donate securities to Project Vote Smart. Your broker should contact Project Vote Smart to transmit the details of the gift and obtain the Project's brokerage account information.

Life insurance policies may provide a significant gift at minimal cost, since the death benefit received is always greater than the premiums paid. Both existing and new policies make appropriate gifts.

Gifts of real estate can be made outright or as a bequest in your will. The Project would sell the property and record the proceeds as a Legacy Gift in your honor.

Project Vote Smart can be named primary or contingent beneficiary on retirement programs such as IRAs, annuities, Keoghs, 401(k) plans, and other pension and profit sharing plans. Any funds remaining in these accounts at the participant's death would revert to Project Vote Smart.

Each of these gift options may provide reduced taxes at the time of the gift or to your estate. This is intended to provide an overview of several valuable gift options. Project Vote Smart cannot render tax or legal advice and this information is not intended as such. It is recommended that donors consult with their tax counsel or legal adviser prior to finalizing a bequest or major gift other than cash or securities.

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