Oregon Ballot Measures

Issue Category

Agriculture and Food

Animals and Wildlife

Business and Consumers

Campaign Finance and Elections

Civil Liberties and Civil Rights


Date State Title Outcome
5/20 OR Measure 52: Amends Constitution: Enables Crime Victims to Enforce Existing Constitutional Rights in Prosections, Delinquency Proceedings Passed 11/04 OR Measure 62: Amends Constitution: Allocates 15% of Lottery Proceeds to Public Safety Fund for Crime Prevention, Investigation, Prosecution Failed 11/04 OR Measure 55: Amends Constitution: Changes Operative Date Of Redistricting Plans; Allows Affected Legislators To Finish Term In Original District Passed 11/04 OR Measure 56: Amends Constitution: Provides that May and November Property Tax Elections are Decided by Majority of Voters Voting Passed 11/04 OR Measure 54: Amends Constitution: Standardizes Voting Eligibility For School Board Elections With Other State And Local Elections Passed 5/18 OR Measure 69: Amends Constitution: Continues And Modernizes Authority For Lowest Cost Borrowing For Community Colleges And Public Universities. Passed 5/18 OR Measure 68: Revises Constitution: Allows State to Issue Bonds to Match Voter Approved School District Bonds for School Capital Costs. Passed 11/02 OR Measure 72: Amends Constitution: Authorizes Exception to $50,000 State Borrowing Limit for State's Real and Personal Property Projects Passed 11/02 OR Measure 76: Amends Constitution: Continues Lottery Funding for Parks, Beaches, Wildlife Habitat, Watershed Protection Beyond 2014; Modifies Funding Process Passed 11/02 OR Measure 70: Amends Constitution: Expands Availability of Home Ownership Loans for Oregon Veterans through Oregon War Veterans' Fund Passed 11/02 OR Measure 71: Amends Constitution: Requires Legislature to Meet Annually; Limits Length of Legislative Sessions; Provides Exceptions Passed 11/06 OR Measure 82: Amends Constitution: Authorizes Establishment of Privately-Owned Casinos; Mandates Percentage of Revenues Payable to Dedicated State Fund Failed 11/06 OR Measure 77: Amends Constitution: Governor may Declare "Catastrophic Disaster" (define); Requires Legislative Session; Authorizes Suspending Specified Constitutional Spending Restrictions" Passed 11/06 OR Measure 78: Amends Constitution: Changes Constitutional Language Describing Governmental System of Separation of Powers; Makes Grammatical and Spelling Changes Passed 11/04 OR Ballot Measure Number 86: Amends Constitution: Requires Creation of Fund for Oregonians Pursuing Post-Secondary Education, Authorizes State Indebtedness to Finance Fund Failed 11/04 OR Ballot Measure Number 89: Amends Constitution: State/Political Subdivision Shall Not Deny or Abridge Equality of Rights on Account of Sex Passed 11/08 OR Measure Number 94: Oregon Judicial Retirement Measure Failed 11/08 OR Measure Number 95: Oregon Public University Diversification of Investments Passed 11/08 OR Measure Number 96: Oregon Portion of Lottery Proceeds for Support of Veterans Passed 11/08 OR Measure Number 100: Wildlife Trafficking Prevention Act Passed




Employment and Affirmative Action

Entitlements and the Safety Net


Executive Branch

Finance and Banking

Food Processing and Sales

Gambling and Gaming

Government Budget and Spending

Government Operations

Health and Health Care

Higher Education

Housing and Property



Judicial Branch

K-12 Education


Legislative Branch

Marijuana Legalization

Military Personnel

Minors and Children



Unemployed and Low-Income



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