Ballot Measures


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Date State Title Outcome
9/18 AL Act No. 2012-490: To Propose an Amendment to the Constitution of Alabama of 1901, to Provide a New Procedure for Distributions Made from the Alabama Trust Fund Beginning with the 2012-2013 Fiscal Year; to Provide Further for Distributions Made from the County and Municipal Government Capital Improvement Trust Fund... Passed 11/06 AL Statewide Amendment 11: Proposed Statewide Amendment Number 11 Passed 11/08 AL HB459: Statewide Amendment 7 Passed 11/06 AZ Proposition 114: Proposed Amendment to the Constitution by the Legislature Relating to Crime Victim Protection from Liability for Damages Passed 6/03 CA Proposition 99: Eminent Domain. Acquisition of Owner-Occupied Residence. Constitutional Amendment. Passed 11/04 CA Proposition 9: Criminal Justice System. Victims' Rights. Parole. Constitutional Amendment and Statute. Passed 11/04 CA Proposition 6: Criminal Penalties and Laws. Public Safety Funding. Statute. Failed 11/04 CA Proposition 5: Nonviolent Offenders. Sentencing, Parole and Rehabilitation. Statute. Failed 11/06 CA Proposition 36: Three Strikes Law. Repeat Felony Offenders. Penalties. Initiative Statute. Passed 11/06 CA Proposition 35: Human Trafficking. Penalties. Initiative Statute. Passed 11/04 CA Proposition 47: Criminal Sentences. Misdemeanor Penalties. Initiative Status. Passed 11/08 CA Proposition 62: The Justice That Works Act of 2016 Failed 11/08 CA Proposition 66: Death Penalty Reform and Savings Act of 2016 Passed 11/04 CO Amendment 53: Criminal Accountability of Business Executives Pending 11/02 CO Proposition 102: Criteria for Release to Pretrial Services Programs Failed 11/08 GA Amendment 2: Safe Harbor for Sexually Exploited Children Fund; Provide that General Assembly by Law May Impose Additional Penalties or Fees for the Offenses Passed 11/06 ID Senate Joint Resolution 102: Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of the State of Idaho, Relating to the Control Over State Prisons; to Provide that the State Board of Correction Shall Have the Control, Direction and Management of Adult Felony Probation and Parole Passed 11/04 IL HJRCA 1: Proposed Amendment of Section 8.1 of Article I of the Illinois Constitution Passed 11/02 KS Constitutional Amendment Question No. 2: A Proposition to Amend Section 2 of Article 5 of the Constitution of the State of Kansas, Relating to Qualification of Voters Passed 10/01 LA Ballot Measure 2: Supplement Police Officer Pay Passed 11/02 LA Proposed Amendment No. 10: Act No. 1053 - Criminal Defendants Trial by Jury Waiver Passed 11/06 LA CA NO. 9 (Act 876 - SB 410): Providing Notice for Laws Creating Special Security Districts Passed 11/06 LA CA NO. 5 (Act 868 - HB 9): Forfeiture Retirement Benefit Pubic Officials/Convicted Felon Passed 11/04 LA Act No. 870: Proposed Amendment No. 6 Passed 11/02 MD Question 2: Trial by Jury Passed 11/06 MD Question 3: Suspension and Removal of Elected Officials Passed 11/02 MI Proposal 10-2: A Proposal to Amend the State Constitution to Prohibit Certain Felons from Holding Elective Office and Specified Types of Public Employment Positions Passed 11/02 MO Proposition B: Dog Breeding Regulations Passed 11/06 MO Proposition A: Relating to Control of Law Enforcement Passed 11/04 MO HJR 16: Constitutional Amendment 2 Passed 11/08 MT Initiative Number 116: Ensure that Crime Victims' Right and Interests are Respected and Protected by Law Passed 11/02 NC Constitutional Amendment: Constitutional Amendment Providing that No Person Convicted of a Felony May Serve as Sheriff Passed 11/04 NC SB 399: An Act to Amend the Constitution to Provide that a Person Accused of Any Criminal Offense in Superior Court for Which the State is Not Seeking a Sentence of Death May Waive the Right to Trial by Jury and Instead be Tried by a Judge Passed 11/06 ND Initiated Statutory Measure No. 5: Relating to the Prevention of Animal Cruelty Failed 11/08 ND Initiated Constitutional Measure Number 3: Initiated Constitutional Measure to Preserve and Protect the Right of Crime Victims to Justice Passed 11/08 NM Constitutional Amendment 1: A Joint Resolution Proposing an Amendment to Article 2, Section 13 of the Constitution of New Mexico to Protect Community Safety by Granting Courts New Authority to Deny Release on Bail Pending Trial for Dangerous Defendants in Felony Cases While Retaining the Right to Pretrial Release for Non-Dang Passed 11/03 NY Proposal 2 - Constitutional Amendment: Allowing Prisoners to Voluntarily Perform Work for Nonprofit Organizations Passed 11/06 OK State Question No. 762: Measure Amends Section 10 of Article 6 of the Oklahoma Constitution. It Changes Current Law, Decreasing the Power and Authority of the Governor by Removing the Governor from the Parole Process for Persons Convicted of Certain Offenses Defined as Nonviolent Offenses Passed 11/08 OK Initiative Petition 404: State Question 780 Passed 5/20 OR Measure 53: Amends Constitution: Modifies Provisions Governing Civil Forfeitures Related To Crimes; Permits Use Of Proceeds By Law Enforcement Passed 5/20 OR Measure 52: Amends Constitution: Enables Crime Victims to Enforce Existing Constitutional Rights in Prosections, Delinquency Proceedings Passed 11/04 OR Measure 61: Creates Mandatory Minimum Prison Sentences for Certain Theft, Identity Theft, Forgery, Drug, and Burglary Crimes Passed 11/04 OR Measure 57: Increases Sentences for Drug Trafficking, Theft Against Elderly and Specified Repeat Property and Identity Theft Crimes; Requires Addiction Treatment for Certain Offenders Passed 11/02 OR Measure 73: Requires Increased Minimum Sentences for Certain Repeated Sex Crimes, Incarceration for Repeated Driving Under Influence Passed 11/04 SC Constitutional Amendment 1: Age of Consent Passed 11/08 SD Constitutional Amendment S: An Initiated Amendment to the South Dakota Constitution to Expand Rights for Crime Victims Passed 11/01 TX Proposition 13: Denial of Bail in Felony and Family Violence Cases Passed 11/08 TX Proposition Number 9 (SJR 9): Authorizing the Governor to Grant a Pardon to a Person Who Successfully Completes a Term of Deferred Adjudication Community Supervision Passed 11/01 WA SJR 8212: Inmate Labor Passed 11/02 WA Engrossed Substitute House Joint Resolution 4220: Concerning Denying Bail for Persons Charged with Certain Criminal Offenses Passed 11/03 WA : Initiative Measure No. 1401 Passed 11/08 WA Initiative Measure 1501: Seniors and Vulnerable Individuals' Safety and Financial Crimes Prevention Act Passed 11/06 WV No. 1: Repeal The Two Consecutive Term Limitation for Sheriffs Amendment Failed

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