Florida Ballot Measures

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Date State Title Outcome
1/29 FL Amendment 1: Property Tax Exemptions; Limitations on Property Tax Assessments Passed 11/04 FL Constitutional Amendment 1: Relating to Property Rights/Ineligible Aliens Failed 11/02 FL Advisory Referendum 1: Balancing the Federal Budget. - A Nonbinding Referendum Calling for an Amendment to the United States Constitution. Passed 11/02 FL Constitutional Amendment 2: Homestead Ad Valorem Tax Credit for Deployed Military Personnel Passed 11/06 FL Ballot (12): Appointment of Student Body President to Board of Governors of the State University System Failed 11/06 FL Ballot (10): Tangible Personal Property Tax Exemption Failed 11/06 FL Ballot (5): State Courts Failed 11/06 FL Ballot (3): State Revenue Limitation Failed 11/06 FL Ballot (4): Property Tax Limitations; Property Value Decline; Reduction for Nonhomestead Assessment Increases; Delay of Scheduled Repeal Failed 11/06 FL Ballot (6): Prohibition on Public Funding of Abortions/Construction of Rights Failed 11/06 FL Ballot (9): Homestead Property Tax Exemption for Surviving Spouse of Military Veteran or First Responder Passed 11/06 FL Ballot (1): Health Care Services Failed 11/06 FL Ballot (11): Additional Homestead Exemption; Low-Income Seniors Who Maintain Long-Term Residency on Property; Equal to Assessed Value Passed 11/06 FL Ballot (2): Veteran's Property Tax Discount Passed 11/04 FL Amendment 1: Water and Land Conservation - Dedicates Funds to Acquire and Restore Florida Conservation and Recreation Lands Passed 11/04 FL Amendment 2: Use of Marijuana for Certain Medical Conditions Failed 11/04 FL Amendment 3: Prospective Appointment of Certain Judicial Vacancies Failed



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