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Date State Title Outcome
11/04 AR Amendment 3: A Constitutional Amendment Authorizing the General Assembly to Establish, Operate and Regulate State Lotteries to Fund Scholarships and Grants for Arkansas Citizens Enrolled in Certified Two-Year and Four-Year Colleges and Universities in Arkansas Passed 11/02 AR Proposed Constitutional Amendment 1: Amending The Arkansas Constitution To Create a Constitutional Right To Hunt, Fish, Trap, And Harvest Wildlife. Passed 11/02 AR Proposed Constitutional Amendment 2: Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Arkansas Concerning The Interest Rate Limits. Passed 11/02 AR Proposed Constitutional Amendment 3: To Amend Amendment 82 of the Arkansas Constitution to Authorize the General Assembly to Establish Criteria Before Authorizing the Issuance of Bonds for Prospective Employers Planning an Economic Development Project Passed 11/04 AR Issue No. 1 - SJR 7: An Amendment to the Arkansas Constitution Providing that Administrative Rules Promulgated by State Agencies Shall Not Become Effective Until Reviewed and Approved by a Legislative Committee of the General Assembly Passed 11/04 AR Issue No. 2 - SJR 16: Proposing an Amendment to Article 5, Section 1, of the Arkansas Constitution Concerning Initiative and Referendum; And Providing Certain Requirements for the Correction or Amendment of Insufficient State-Wide Petitions Passed 11/04 AR Issue No. 3 - HJR 1009: To Amend the Arkansas Constitution Concerning Elected State Officials; Prohibiting Members of the General Assembly and Elected Constitutional Officers of the Executive Department From Accepting Gifts from Lobbyists , and Defining Key Terms Relating to that Prohibition; Prohibiting Members of the Passed 11/04 AR Issue No. 4: A Proposed Amendment to the Arkansas Constitution to Provide That, Effective July 1, 2015, the Manufacture, Sale, Distribution and Transportation of Intoxicating Liquors is Lawful Within the Entire Geographic Area of Each and Every County of this State; That "intoxicating Liquors" is Defined for Pur Failed

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