Public Record of Votes in the Legislature

Texas Ballot Measure - Proposition 11

Election: General Nov. 1, 2007 (General)
Outcome: Passed

Yes: 886742  (84.51%) Argument For
No: 162514  (15.49%) Argument Against



HJR 19 would require a vote taken in either house of the legislature to be recorded by record vote, if the vote was on final passage of a bill, other than local bills, a resolution proposing a constitutional amendment, or any other resolution that is not purely ceremonial.  The record vote must be archived and available for public viewing on the Internet for at least two years.

Measure Text

The constitutional amendment to require that a record vote be taken by a house of the legislature on final passage of any bill, other than certain local bills, of a resolution proposing or ratifying a constitutional amendment, or of any other nonceremonial resolution, and to provide for public access on the Internet to those record votes.