A Proposal to Amend the State Constitution to Establish a Standard for Renewable Energy

Michigan Ballot Measure - Proposal 12-3

Election: Nov. 6, 2012 (General)
Outcome: Failed

Yes: 1721279  (37.72%)
No: 2842000  (62.28%)


Measure Text

This proposal would:

- Require electric utilities to provide at least 25% of their annual retail sales of electricity from renewable energy sources, which are wind, solar, biomass, and hydropower, by 2025.

- Limit to not more than 1% per year electric utility rate increases charged to consumers only to achieve compliance with the renewable energy standard.

- Allow annual extensions of the deadline to meet the 25% standard in order to prevent rate increases over the 1% limit.

- Require the legislature to enact additional laws to encourage the use of Michigan made equipment and employment of Michigan residents.

Should this proposal be approved?